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 I'm Gettin Hitched to a Princess

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Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2007 9:35 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Out of surplus - One princess Mariam, 12 year old brother, dead father who was king of Gambia. King dude dies but put his money into a bank in Senegal $7,3000 000 dollars (SEVEN MILLION THREE HUNDRED US DOLLARS). Thats not me being drunk, thats how they typed it. Anyway, she and brother have run to a Senegal refugee camp and are in need of help transferring the $$$$$. I do think I can help. Laughing

My first response
I am Huck T. Finn, a Senior Elder with O&S Ministries.

I was truly delighted to receive you e-mail. You see I am in search of my 7th wife. As a 23 year old princess from Gambia, an African country, I know that are quite nubile and would make an excellent addition to my stable. In addition to my 6 wives, I have 37 children, which shows that I am quite stable financially.

If you will consent to becoming my 7th wife, I would be most interested in helping you with your financial troubles. I would only ask that you abandon your brother as I am not in the habit of helping males.

Please respond soonest with your picture. A picture with you in a sexy dress would be nice.

Huck Finn

She accepts my proposal
Hello my dear Huck Finn,

I thank you for your mail,Your mail have really gave me hope to live again,because No body has cared about me since I came to this refugees camp,But I am still wondering why you want me to be your seventh wife,You have 37 children already and I guess that you might even have a child of my age mate.But I have vow to do anything in other to make sure that my late father's kinsmen did not claim what rightfully belongs to me and my younger brother and i have vowed that i will not be alive and watch what rightfully belongs to me and my brother being taking away by another person,in this situation i have made up my mind to accept what you said.If making me your seventh wife will be the only way you can help me in this situation,I accepted what you said and i promise to always remain royal to you and to be a good wife to you.

In brief introduction of myself,I am princess Mariam Ousman Jammeh from Gambia the daughter of late King Ousmik Abel Jammeh,my father's palace is located at no.57 Alpha Avenue Serekunda, Gambia.I believe that the above introduction will give more confidence to confide on me.

Since my father died,my father's kinsmen are trying all they can to revert this money into their own private account because i am the only surviving child of my parents.And my brother is still too young to handle my late father's wealth.

Presently I am in a country known as Republic of Senegal in the coast of west africa I am in a refugees camp seeking asylum as a refugee because my late father's kinsmen threatened to kill me in our country in other to have access over my late father's deposited fund in the finance firm.I quickly ran out of my country Gambia to a neighbouring country called Senegal were i am presently seeking assylum in the refugee camp.I ran out of my country with the file containing all the documents that my late father used in depositing this money in the finance firm.

Here in the refugees camp I am living a life of tick and tack no food to eat no good water no medical attention, So I decided to lay a mere trust on you to transfer the money my late father left for me in a bank, I guess trying to seek your help in transfering the money into your bank account even if we dont know each other is giving me a hope to live a better life in the future, Because I have in the back of my mind that you will not betray me in the cause of this transaction,

This is what you have to do for me after the transaction has been completed.

1) You will help me to get my traveling documents to join you over there in your country to continue my education then you will manage the money for me in any good investment

2) After the transaction you will withdraw some money and send to me to pay for my flight ticket to you country.

3)When i arrive in your country for the disbursement of the money on agreed ratio you will withdraw 20 percent of the total money for your effort,and 5 percent for any expencies that you may encounter during the transfer process.

In other for me to introduce you to the finance firm as my foreign next of kin in which this money will be transfered into his account,I want you to send this information to me so that I will send it to the bank.


As soon as I received your next email indicating your willingness to help me by sending the above mentioned information, I will instantly send to you all the necessary information to commence the transaction so that you can get me out from this refugees camp as soon as possible.
You can get me through the office telephone number of Rev.Richard Brownman,He is the presiding Rev. in the camp and his telephone number is +221-2543832.whenever you call him,tell him that you want to speak with princess Mariam and he will instantly send for me.The attached below is some copy of my pictures.

I hope you will not betray the trust that i bestow on you.
Have a lovely day and i am waiting to hear from you.
Princess Mariam

And now I proudly present my betrothed

I respond back
It was such a pleasure to find you answered me in such a timely manner. I find this to be a fault with women. But as a Princess I know you understand the importance of such things.

Yes, I have 37 children and 5 of them are older than you. I truly hope this is not a problem for you. It is written that is the duty of a man to be fruitful and multiply. As my seventh wife; a truly sanctified position, you would be expected to do so as well.

Yesterday was so hectic here. Three burials, and then a virgin preconsecration ceremony. As an Elder I have no free time, but the duties make it worth while. But enough about me.

I was shocked to hear you have been forced to flee to a refugee camp. Surely, you must have family or friends who can help you out of the predicament. Please tell me more about how I might be of assistance in this matter. I do not have any first hand experience with refugee camps, but I understand they can be very dangerous places to stay. Please do not let anyone know that you are a Princess as this would only make you a target for the unscrupulous. Please keep this information to yourself.

My dearest, I will do everything within my meager abilities to assist you in getting your traveling documents. To this end I am giving you the information you requested.

Full Name: Huck Thomas Finn
Address: Pier 8703, Flotsom Point, Mississippi 87104
Phone: (80) 31-946-1-1381 (This is a scorch phone by satellite)
Occupation: Elder, O&S Ministries
Nationality: Polygamite
Age: 74

Yours to Be,
Huck Thomas Finn

Ok, now were getting down to business, but she's my baby!
My Dearest Huck Finn,

I am very glad to hear from you,Once again thanks for all the effort your making to see that i might regain a new life.I have seen the contact you sent to me,i appreciate it so much and i believe that everything will work out well for us.

Since the law of this country didnt permitt me to make the claims on my plans because of my refugee status,I want you to contact the bank as my foreign partner and inform them that i have contacted you to transfer the money into your account. Secondly, immediately you receive the money into your account, you will send me some amount to process my travelling documents which I will use to come and join you in your country to start our life.

You will also, help me to invest the money in a profitable business venture maybe we can open a company of our own and become a partner in the venture.I find it very interesting to become a partner in your company since I have found out that you have a good heart.

I went to the bank after reading your mail and introduced your person properly to the director of Bank Standard Coperative du Senegal as my appointed foreign beneficiary to my late father's deposited fund with them,and they promised to comply fully with you in respect of the transfer into your account.However below is a sample of an application letter I will like you to send to them immediately via their email address below to enable them start processing the transfer of the money with your name into your account.Remember to ask them how many days it will take to effect the transfer into your account.
Your baby,
Princess Mariam.
Attn: Mr.Dickson Leo Pima
Director of Foreign Operation.
Bank Standard Coperative du Senegal.
Subject: Fund belong to late Col.Philip Onovo.

Dear Sir,
I would like to state that my name is Mr.Huck Thomas Finn, my Address= Pier 8703, Flotsom Point, Mississippi 87104 Nationality Polygamite,phone (80) 31-946-1-1381.I am the foreign beneficiary trustee to Princess Mariam,I apply officially as it was directed by Princess Mariam in respect to her late fatherís deposit Late Chief Ousman Jammeh in account No:000056884711BH003 in your institution under your management.

Being the co-beneficiary to the deposited fund in your Bank,May I pleased know what is required of me and from Princess Mariam in order that the said deposit will be transferred into my Bank Account Number as desired by Princess Mariam.

Let me know as soon as possible.
Respectfully submmit.

Yours truly,
Mr.Huck Thomas Finn
Here is the contact of the Bank.
Bank name= Bank Standard Coperative Du Senegal
Adress= Km 7 Rue Des Javelier Escale Dakar, Senegal
Contact Person :Mr.Dickson Leo Pima
(Fax:+221-8262257 )
Bank E-mail : [email protected]
OR : [email protected]
Contact person= Mr Dickson Leo Pima.
Director of Foreign Operation.
Bank Standard Coperative Du Senegal.
Please do not fail to update me with every development from the bank for a better advice and to know when the transfer is done. Confirm to me as soon as you receive this mail.

Yours in Love,
Princess Mariam.

I respond
My Dearest Chocolate Sundae,

I hope that my referring to you in that manner does not offend. Looking at your picture just sends shivers up and down my spine. I cannot wait to wrap up this business and have your beautiful neck in my hands. Just thinking about the multitudes of children we will produce gives me great joy.

As for investing our money, I propose using it to grow the Orgasmalicious & Sapphic Ministries. There are so many young lost souls in this world that could truly benefit from our services. Tell me what you think of this.

I tried calling the number you provided for Mr. Pima to let him know that I would be sending the letter as you requested, but I got a recording saying the number was incorrect as dialed. Is that a good phone number? I do not have access to a fax machine here, so I cannot try that.

I will send him a mail in any case.

Your Daddy
Huck Finn

I sent bank guy the letter, but since I just copy and pasted no point in making this any longer. I didn't ask how many days this would take. Just slipped my mind I guess.

So tell me. Am I off on the left foot here and what do you think of my trophy wife?

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Obi-Wan Knievel
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2007 4:33 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Good work so far. Your trophy is most likely just a pic of the first hot chick your lad found on the web, but you're doing fine. You are taking up a scammer's time and gaining their trust. Looks like you're saying the right things and playing it cool, because he hasn't twigged yet.

So far, so good.
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Lotta's Bitch

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2007 8:14 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Looks good so far. I would tend to concentrate on the love aspect, with only the occasional mention of the money/bank/lawyers. Ask about life in the camp. Ask for a pic ofthe 12 year old brother, of the late king. Concentrate of the lads personal life for the bulk of your mails with only a brief mention of the transaction at the end of it.

The aim at this point is to get the lad off script. If he has to make up lie after lie, you are taking up his time, and it could give you opportunities to slap.

Then of course you will need birth certs, medical certs (ready for the marriage). And forms. The lad will need to complete the application for a marriage liscence, apdoption of the 12 year old, entry to your country. import of money (tax office forms are great).

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2007 7:45 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I cannot wait to wrap up this business and have your beautiful neck in my hands.
I loved your line! hehehe Laughing Good luck!

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Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 2:48 am Reply with quoteBack to top

^^^^Thank you. Wink I thought there were a couple of others someone would've picked up on, but I guess my humor is kind of dry. Oh well.

Anyway, I'm getting ready to post an update. It's got a thing or two as well.

Hope you enjoy.

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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 15 Jan 2007
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 3:15 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I sent the email to the bank as she asked. Got a letter requesting info that mainly I have to get from a lawyer from you know where. Important points below.


I haven't responded as yet. Got to find an appropriate dll or something or other. Besides this email was quite long and totallly cornfused this old man.

In the mean time my Dearest Beloved and Betrothed sends this.

Princess Mariam to me

Hello Daddy,

Good-evening my beloved daddy,I hope all is ok with you.
Daddy many thanks for your care and effort to bring me out of this terrible situation,You are really a darling and I promise to make you happy all the rest of your life and take good care of you during the days of your old age.I know that you are a God sent to save me from this situation,and i promise to forever remain royal to you if you promise to take good care of my heart.

Daddy,I love you with all my heart and i cant wait to have you in my arms,i cant wait to make my first love to you and i am now imagining how our first night will be.It had been long that i have fun with a man because of my refugee status here and by the grace of God you are going to be the first man that will take control of my heart,my soul and my wholebeing.

Daddy,please kindly write to the bank and tell them that the phone number which they gave to you is not going through,I think the bank will be in a better situation to explain this and i believe that they will do something about that.

Daddy I strongly believe that by the special grace of God that before the end of this week,you will complete the transfer of this money into your account in your country so that i will start making arrangements on how i will be coming to your country because i cant wait to see you face to face to kiss a nice man that you are.Please try to inform me whenever you contact the bank so that i will know when the transfer is completed.
I love you Daddy.
I am waiting to hear from you.
From your baby.

Does anyone doubt her intentions? Rolling Eyes RL being what it is and the REAL thing badgering me, I had to make my response rather short. So here it is.

"Huck T. Finn"
to princessmariam.

My Dearest Baby Chocolate Sundae,

The joy your letter brought to me has left me befuddled. The speed at which this is unfolding is truly amazing. Can it really be true? I make this my solemn oath. "I Huck Thomas Finn do swear and affirm that I WILL TAKE CARE OF my betrothed Princess Mariam Ousman Jammeh".

Sweetest, the discussion of our betrothal came up with my other wives. They have many questions, as is the case with women. Primarily, they are interested in how many children you would like to bear. The consensus is that a minimum of five would be required. Is this acceptable? I am sorry that I did not ask this before, but they rule the roost as it is written. As far as the other questions, I have told them to write them down, and I will address them to you at a more appropriate time.

Sorry for the brevity of this letter, but there is an Elders meeting this evening.

Your dieing heart,
Huck Thomas Finn

P.S. Please send another picture or two. I want you to be prominent on my wall.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 18, 2007 4:58 am Reply with quoteBack to top

She's two timing you Laughing Well actually that pic is 46345 timing you. You would think a lesser known image would have shown more initiative!
Keep playing, looks good daddy. Shocked

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Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 2:29 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Time for an update I suppose. Got referred to a barrister Mvuana. He's the one that scared me with the McAfee Warning I posted a separate topic about. So without further ado I'll update.

Me to Princess (The bolding is sorry attempt at humor)
"Huck T. Finn"
to princessmariam.

My Dearest Chocolate Sundae,

I contacted O&S Ministry headquarters this morning for their assistance in getting your visa, as they assisted me with Hour, my second wife from Thailand, Youst, my fourth wife from Romania, and Gay, my fifth wife from Guacamole. They were kind enough to provide me the attached application worksheet. They will act as our approved representative to get your visa.

I have already filled out my part of the application, so please fill in yours and send it back to me soonest.

I sent Mr Mvuna, the lawyer, a copy of what the bank sent to me so he can begin working on getting the required information for them. I added you and the bank as CC on the mail, so you should have already seen that.

Sweety, please reply soonest with another picture. I so want to see you twisting and turning from every angle.

Your daddy,

My pathetic slap at the barrista. (TSnerd your suggestion. How did I do?)
Mr. Mvuna,

In responding to your mail, I must point out the warning I received in it from McAfee Site Advisor. Sir, I will not tolerate any attempts to change anything on my computer or the installation of adware, spyware, or viruses as indicated by McAfee concerning the links in your mail.

Sir, to allow such things is unacceptable, and absolutely unprofessional. Please have your computer checked and do something about your email provider. If I receive any further warnings from McAfee or other scanners, I will immediately insist upon your termination of assistance concerning Princess Mariam.

See attachment 1 as to your email and the warning.

See attachment 2 for all the information you requested.

Informing her of what I sent barista, plus a simple request
"Huck T. Finn"
to princessmariam.

My Dearest Chocolate Sundae,

I received a mail from the barrister Mvuna requesting information he should have been readily able to obtain from the bank. More importantly his email included links to some bad things that can be received over the internet. I scolded him about this, but I did send a copy of the Marriage Visa Application Worksheet. That has all and more of the information he needed.

Sweety, we need to be very vigilant about the barrister. For a professional to so lax in computer security is absolutely unacceptable and I lack any faith in him that he maybe able to help. I am ready to insist that he be replaced if you wish it. But please do not open any links in his email if he contacts you.

Please hurry and respond that you have received this.

P.S. Please send some more pictures. They so brighten my day.

Your Daddy,

She's all a flutter. I'm going to get another picture Cool
Princess Mariam
to me

Hello Daddy,
Good-evening daddy,How are you today?I hope all is well with you.
Daddy many thanks for your care and concern towards my situation here,My God must surely bless you.I now believe that before the end of this week,This money will get into your account in your country so that I will start making arrangements on how i will be coming to your country.

Daddy,all other documents are with me here except the power of an attorney which the barrister have promised to assist us in providing.I will send the the other documents to you so that you can send the documents to the bank when the power of an attorney is ready.

Daddy,thanks for the marriage form,you really have a good heart and I promise to make you happy all the rest of your life.I will fill the form tomorrow,I would have done it today but there is no chance to do it today because we are using public computer in the refugee camp and every one of us is giving only 15 minutes to check her mail.Daddy you can see the type of critical situation that I am facing here.

I will snap some pic tomorrow and send it for you,maybe i will snap some revealing pics of myself and i believe by saturday the pic will be out and i will send the pic to you.

Daddy,will you like me to snap a pic where i wear only pant and bra,if you like it,you can tell me to snap it for you.You know that I loves you so much and i promised to do anything to make you happy.

Daddy,I dont know what to say about the barrister,but all that I can say is that He must be a nice man and that is why the bank recomend him to help us in providing the power of the attorney.

Bye with a lovely kiss daddy.
Your baby Princess.

My last response to her (I corrected her on pant vs. panties)
"Huck T. Finn"
to princessmariam.

My dearest Chocolate Sundae,

Baby, it was so good to hear from you. As I said, any professional barrister that would allow such malicious things to be sent via his mail account is not very professional. Being around this world as long as I have, one very easily becomes suspicious. I am not not doubting the sincerity of the bank, but one must realize that they too deal with many barristers. Some good and others bad. Barrister Mvuna maybe totally guiltless, but we are not the only the clients he deals with. He may just may be incompetent. I have learned this over the years, having lived a life outside the bounds of normal societal views.

Sweetest, the sooner you can provide the power of attorney and other documents to me, the better. The drama playing out inside me leaves me rolling on the floor thinking about your deplorable condition in a refugee camp. Please do hurry.

Oh baby, your offer of the picture in panties and bra would be wonderful. Please no totally nude pictures right now. Sometimes Jaded, my first wife gets into my account and looks at what I've received. She is a true witch when it comes to computers.

By the way, I expressed to all of them your views on children. They were quite taken aback that any woman would not discuss progeny. They are quite insistent, but I have dictated that your views must be respected for the time being.

Your Daddy,

Well one and all, how am I doing. Should I retreat to the back of the class? I always did like the view from behind anyway.[/b]

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Dog Dine
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 6:39 am Reply with quoteBack to top

H8DABS, I think you're doing great. You're leading her around by the nose, and your quirky sense of humor is very entertaining while going right over the head of the mugu. Perfect.
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Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 7:39 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi Dog Dine. Thanks for the compliment. I like the word "quirky". Might just add it to my sig. Not from a lad, but a compatriot. Now thats quirky. Laughing

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