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 Love it when a lads makes a mistake

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alf roberts
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2007 3:05 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

After send a fake WU slip I got this from the lad...

Attn:Alfred Roberts,

Good Day Dear Valued Customer Alfred Roberts,
You are advise to note that your mail was read and well understood today. I will like to inform you to try and understand that i am a legal practioner and also a christian by religion. You are advise to note that Joel Peter our new Account Officer went to the bank to try and get the payment today again, but only for them to warn him enevr to come again, unless the details are fully correct.

I told you to before not to contact the Western Union Outlet where the payment was sent from in UK, so that they can give you the missing figures by themselves. they will not charge you any othe of form of charges, hence you are not making any re-payment again.

clearly he didnt mean a long rambling letter from me asking why not contact the bank...being totally confused and thinking that something illegal was afoot I slapped him....then this arrived today

You are advise to note that, the sentences was a mis-type of my keyboard keys. The correct sentence was for you to contact the agent and make a request for the digits. Do note that i am not too good in typing correctly. So i am very sorry for that mistakes. But you are to contact them for the missing digits, so as for Joel Peter to comfirm your payment, i will advise you to locate the agent and make a request, so that for you to be sure that the funds is still avaiable for pick-up, and that is not yet picked-up, due to the missing digits. Once more i do apologise for that mis-type. I await the digits now.
Do get back to us as soon as you get the missing digits from the Western Union Money Transfer agent, or better still re-make the payment and send us a hand writting of the payment information. God bless you as i await your reply with the needed information and also the requested informations.
Barrister Lewis Rita (Esq).

Time for Alfs wife to appear saying she isnt happy unless they hold a sign saying....let me think
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Obi-Wan Knievel
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2007 5:00 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi Alf;

I just love a lad who admits his mistakes... good work there. Thumbs up Just to kill some time, you could possibly tell your lad to just go ahead and collect the payment anyway, since the MTCN isn't required (which I think is true). See, all a recipient needs to do is go to WU, fill out their form, show 2 pieces of government-issued photo I.D. (which SURELY a banker, lawyer etc. would have) and bang-zoom the money is theirs! I like to explain that the MTCN is only for tracking purposes, yeah. And that the MTCN and question/answer thing is only used in emergencies when the recipient is too stoopid to bring their ID with them, which just can't be the case with your mugu. You can then get really suspicious and question the hell out of your mugu as to why they can't do it the "legitimate" way, and make them come up with all sorts of BS excuses. Might even provide a trophy opportunity for you.

Oh, and make sure your wife knows somebody who was scammed once on e-bay or at Wal-Mart or somewhere! You know how suspicious wives can be when they think their husbands are up to something.
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