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 Lad pretends to get scammed

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 7:05 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This lad is a scammer who fell in love with my character. I was conversing with a lad who is a cheque scammer and I think this lad might have found my Yahoo ID on this lads computer, meaning the first lad was careless enough to leave Yahoo running or something. He knows what my address is (fake of course) etc. He's pretty into my character and so far hasn't tried to scam me. Just to be sure I sent an ASEM to him from another character and he well and truly bit the bait.

Anyway, long story short, this lad decided to warn me in some reverse-mugu psychology way by claiming he was arrested.

The following is a chat log I had with a lad today:

lad to baiter wrote:
LAD: Something bad happened to me yesterday
LAD: I got home this morning
LAD: its Saturday morning here
Baiter: what happened?
LAD: Someone did me bad and I was arrested at the Bank
LAD: Becareful there Baiter
Baiter: what do you mean?
Baiter: someone did you bad and you were arrested at the bank?
LAD: Yes
LAD: Someine Sent me fake payment
LAD: And I tried to cash them at my bank
LAD: they found it fake Money Orders
LAD: So I was arrested
LAD: just this morning my lawyer bail me out
LAD: someone sent me fake payment
LAD: and I tried to cash them because I never knew it was fake
LAD: until my Bank found out
Baiter: why would someone do that?
LAD: My bank told me that it has been going on since last year
LAD: peope are sending bad money orders
LAD: but the money orders came as $850
LAD: they sent me like 6
LAD: someone in London
LAD: I dont know
LAD: My bank is investigating now
LAD: Make sure nobody pays you with that method
LAD: always accept cash from people you dont know
LAD: They contacted me, I dont know how they got my email
LAD: they asked me to cash it and send to someone
LAD: They contacted me, I dont know how they got my email
LAD: they asked me to cash it and send to someone
LAD: I was trusting them
LAD: until yesterday
LAD: Just be careful
LAD: and dont receive check or Money Orders from someone you dont know

As I said, he's lying through his teeth and I also think he is taking the mickey out of his victims Evil or Very Mad but seems odd to warn me off accepting cheques Rolling Eyes Obviously he wants to run a romance scam on me or something and doesn't want the original scammer to take all my money... ahhh mugu, you're going to be fun to play with Very Happy

It's this lad here:

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 2:01 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

He may ask for money to help pay his barrister. He is counting on your sympathy. There are so many directions to take this one. Have fun with it.

One of my romance scammers claimed to have been scammed while using an internet cafe. When I sympathetically asked about the problem, he said not to worry and forget about it. He mentioned it again then ignored my question again. This was in the first month of our still on-going 5 month relationship. He has not brought it up again.

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