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 First Bait: Puppy Scam =D

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 01, 2007 4:55 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This is a straight bait i did (and my first) a wile back but due to commitments, got busy and had to drop it. Just wnated some feedback for my first attempt, and hope you enjoy reading much as i liked baiting it .

We begin with a harmles e-mail of a young indivdual looking to sell some puppies, its preety standard shit, and i responded with my own standard “hey im interested” blah blah, this is the e-mail i got in return. Attatched was a picture of a little cute black labradore.

Hi ,
Thanks for your interests in my grandmas puppies,Dolly is one of my grandmas puppies,she is so sweet, playful and very smart! she likes to cuddle and she is soft you won't want to let her go! she has a wonderful personality and would make the perfect pet!. she is good with kids and other pets and will really get to your heart....she will be a wonderful addition to any family
Registration-AKC Registered
Health-100% ok de-wormed (+1 year health Guarantee)
Shot: 1st shots, and vaccinated.
Breed- labradore
Age- 8 weeks
Life Expectancy: 8 - 10 years.
Raised in a loving home not a Kennel
Housebroken and potty trained
My grandma just called the British Heathrow airline london,They told me that it would cost $320 for my lovely dolly to be shipped to korea
if that is
okay by you then get back to me with the following.
names in full.......
home address........
phone number........
the name of the airport you will like dolly to be shipped to............
i will be waiting to read from u soon
Best Regards

So of course i respond...looks like a meal is comeing my way!
Mr Webber,

Im sorry, i was so excited of the news about recieiving a tender new delecious puppy, i forgot my details!

I must inform you that i am uncontactable by the phone, i live in an area that has limited phone reception, it is much easier to converse via internet, when i go to the majar city to pick up ingrients i will call you ok? whats your number?

Full Name; Markiiying Lustofyong

Address: Tender Kaynine Deleciousy Resteraunt,
1178 Kumyong Road,
Jeju Hill lands,
South Korea,

Please send the dog to Seoul airport, i can pick her up from there!

Thanks Paul.


Hello Markiiying Lustofyong ,
Thanks for loving my little baby. Wow!!! I can see you really want her and I know she is going to a lovely home and I want you to promise me that you will take a very good care of her, very well and make her one of the best spoil baby in your area. But I will be happy if you will email me her pictures as she grows up.Pls make the payment Via western union money transfer.

She will arrive safely since i will have to insure her and nothing will happen to her and the shipping will only take 24hrs to get to Seoul airport and I've your full name and address which i have used to complete the shipping process .

I will not have the Flight details now until she depart from here and I will email you the flight details and when and what time you will have to go pick her up.

And I just called the Agent now and he said all is set to leave and her can still depart from here first thing tomorrow if you can still wire the money today and I will be shipping her to you with her playing toys and all her toys are new one's so you don't need to spend more money on toys again along with her water bed and am given all to you for Free.

And do let me know if you have found any western union outlet around you so that I can email you the info to send the money to.

Looking forward to hear from you
Thanks a lot

For those of you who dont know, Kim-Chi is a koreon side disg with cabbage and stuff, its preety tasty!


I am very excited i am going to be getting my lil puppy dog! but can i give her a different name, i think Kim-Chi is better, i like the name Kim-Chi Very Happy What do you think?

And dont worry, i will make sure she is the most boiled puppy ever! She is the best! and ill take lots of before and after photos too!

I am sorry though, i have never had to use western union...what is this? and how do i use it?

Why can you send lil Kim Chi first, then i pay?

Ok, i look foward to getting my lil puppy!!!

Thank you Very Happy


And of course resonse...looks like there are no problems boiling the poor lil puupy dog!!

Thanks a lot for Reply it would be so lovely if you change her name to Kim-Chi and i would appreciate if you make her the most boiled puppy ever,You can locate Western Union in an bank near you,Just go to a bank and tell them you want to make a western union money transfer.they would ask for the information you want to send it to and you would give them these
Name:Oluwaseun Bamigbose
You would be given a 10 digit number with a security would send that to me.
So that i would pay for the shipping and Dolly would get to you by tommorow .
Here is the shipping status:
Carrier Airline:FedEx Shipping Sevices
Receivers Name:Mark lustuf
Receivers Adress: Tender Kaynine Deleciousy Resteraunt,
1178 Kumyong Road,
Jeju Hill lands,
South Korea,
Looking forward to hear from you
Thanks a lot
Paul weber

Its time to throw in some buggery, look dumb, and ask some irreleevant questions.

Mr Weber,
I must apologise, i attempted to send an e-mail to you on Sunday, but i got a message saying you did not recieve it, so i am sending the e-mail again.
Please, tell me my young Kim-Chi is ok?

Thank you for letting me change the name to Kim-Chi, and believe me, i cant wait to boil this

I have the details reguarding the western union transfer, a 10 digit number, and secret question and answer with it, so all is well for you to pick it up.

A couple of points sir, remeber my name is Markiiying Lustofyong, and the dogs new name is kim-Chi not Dolly.

The kind girl at western union said i should send you a copy of the reciept, so as soon as i upload it, ill send it to you, and youll have all the details. Oh im also going out for dinner with her tomorow night. shes very cute! tell me mr webber, do you have a wife or girlfreind?

so, tomorow i will borrow my freinds scanner so i can upload the receipt for you to see the details.

Thanks Mr Webber



have you any more photos of Kim-Chi, i really like the first one!

What a boaring sap!!! Wheres my praise for getting a date! And wheres the answer the if he has a wife or trying to a build a rapport...tsk tsk..

Hello Mark lustuf
Thanks for the reply,She would really love the name you gave are :
Kim-Chi ,
You can just copy the 10 digit numbers,secret question and the senders and receivers name to me via email,instead of scaning the invoice.

Looking forward to hear from you

I was having some problems with e-mails, and sent some more than once, he replied to one of my e-mails twice, this time, he gave me some answers! Very Happy, he still didnt get my name right =(.

Hello Mark lustuf
Thanks for the reply,She would really love the name you gave are :
Kim-Chi ,i will start calling her that.....
You can just copy the 10 digit numbers,secret question and the senders and receivers name to me via email,instead of scaning the invoice.
I think thats onlhy the information i need to pick the money up.

i do have a girlfreind,hear name is Debby,i think i might get
married to her if God say so,Because i love her so much

Looking forward to hear from you


Hello Mark
Have been Looking forward to hear from you.Kmi-chi as been getting ready to live,Pls do get back to me with the details in other for me to proceed to the Airport Immediately.
And if you are having difficulties scanning the invoice to me ,You can just email me the 10 digit number,secret question and answer.

My delay in response sends him on a different tactic, looks like he wants to be pals, and looks like im getting a very smart dog! IT CAN TALK! =O

How was you dinner with her last night,Hope you had fun?
Kim-chi,told me to say hello too.
Looking forward to hear from you


I send a silly number, and some other silly stuff with it.
Hey Mr Webber,

Thanks for the info, i wasnt aware of this. I dont use western union.

the 10 dogit number is: 967868531

Question: how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood.

Answer: Not much.

You also said you would send another photo of Kim-Chi, i just want to see her again before she is shipped over.

Hows Debby? I had a really good dinner the other night! we ate sushi by the bay. Her name is Younngsoo, i am taking her too the movies tomorow, do you know of any movies out at the moment?

Thank you!

haha he tells me the error of my ways!

Hello Mark lustuf
The number you sent is not complete,You sent me a 9 digit number..
Pls correct this and get back to me with the 10 digit numbers and the Senders name and Receivers Name.

I would get back to you with some new pictures which i took with Kim-Chi

Looking forward to hear from you
I want some photos before i give another fake number!
Mr Webber,

I have asked for more pictures of my beloved Kim-Chi, or at least a sound recording of it saying hello to me!

Please, after you send me pictures, i will send the correct number...i am sorry to do this, but i am beginning to doubt if this puppy dog is real....and you did promise me more pictures...i believe in you Mr Webber, and trust you are a man of your word.

thanks Mr Webber!


And here is where, the story ends, the final e-mail with some photos, btw, WTF is wrong with the lady in that picture! LOL, and that dog looks way to big to be a puppy..ah well, after this e-mail i got preety busy in the real world...not the most exciting bait, but, was my first, oh and i just wanted to make a big thanks to 419weasel (my mentor) and foss, for giving me some ideas and all that, thanks guys!

i am sorry for the late reply,i just went to take some couple of kim-chis pics lately yesterday.Hope to hear from you soon



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PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2007 11:37 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Your puppy appears to have some kind of bug eyed growth in the first picture. I'd love to see if you can pick it up again at some stage because the puppy eater angle would be hilarious drawn out.
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