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 Marriage Cancel advice from a British priest

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 1:22 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi all, I've only been at this for a week, but I've already gotten some good laughs. A lotto scammer, Rev. Lukas George, emails me and tells me that I've won a ton of dough, but I have to donate 5% to his church. I email him back:

Howdy, Reverend George! Or may I call you Lukas? I've never been too close to men of the cloth, so to speak, so I'm kind of uncomfortable communicating with a Reverend! But it is a pleasure! I've never been what you might call a religious man, so my first question is: You have said that there's a percentage that's going to your church - what kind of church is it, and what are you going to do with the money? Understand, I'm not opposed to the work of the kingdom, I'm very much in favor of it, as a matter of fact, but the fact is, any yahoo with an internet address and an email account can call himself a minister and set up a church, and I'm not too keen on supporting some kind of cult or irreverent religion that calls into question all that is true and beautiful about true religion.

So before I proceed any further, I need to have some documentation on your church. I'm very excited about the prospect, the certificate is wonderful, and I will keep it confidential, by my word. This is exciting, and the fact is, I wouldn't care too much where that five percent is going except for the fact that I don't want it falling into the hands of any Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons or Church of the Painted Breast, or anything like that. I need to know what kind of religion it is you represent, since I am a believer, and do not want to help any miscreant who's spreading lies about religion. Not that I'm accusing you, or anything, please understand, my first impression is to be trusting of reverends. But I just want to be sure, is all.

Thank you very much, and since it's Saturday night here, I wish you a very pleasant Sunday as you perform your services on the day of rest. Since it is the day of rest tomorrow (Sunday), I don't assume that you'll be checking your email, but if you are, I will respond as soon as I am able. I usually come into the office on Sunday nights, it's the only place I can get any peace and quiet since my house can be such a madhouse with the kids and grand-kids running around, the ex-wives calling on the phone, etc.

Thanks again, Lukas (may I call you Luke?), and I appreciate all you've done!


So he emails me back and tells me he's a catholic priest, but please be assured that the 5% donation isn't mandatory, especially if I already tithe at my church! He attaches a picture, and I email him back:

Good evening, George!

Thanks for the email, you guys are fast, it's quite amazing. I have trouble with businessmen and shippers getting a hold of me so quickly, even with all of this technology. And here you are, just racing along. I must say, I'm impressed by this work ethic and attention to detail.

Now, I have been doing some thinking about this situation. This is going to be difficult for me. I don't want this to be traced to me, like I said before, ex-wives and shark-toothed lawyers being what they are. How will the payment be transferred to me? How can I do this without being traceable? I don't mind paying taxes; Render to Caesar that which is Caesar's, I'm sure you know all that as a man of the cloth. But lawyers and ravenous ex-wives are a different matter altogether. So we need to find a way to make this untraceable.

One more thing, I really need to make sure that this is on the up-and-up. Do you have a piece of identification that you could send to me, just for the sake of clearing that concern from my mind? Not that I don't trust you, mind you, despite the fact that you are a Catholic. By the way, it must be a real hassle for you to not get married as a priest, I could never understand that. Although my wives have caused more trouble than they're worth. However, to spend your life without being married? Must be tough. What's it like?

Anyway, I'm getting off topic, sorry about that, I'm getting older, and they tell me that us old folks tend to ramble.

Be that as it may, I look forward to talking to you tomorrow. I hope to be in the office most of the day. There's always a chance that I'll be out, but if I am, please leave a message. Speak loudly, because I am hard of hearing, and these hearing aids don't work well with phones.

Regarding the business opportunities I'm looking for, please remember - it's _fish_ oil, not petroleum.

Have a good night, Luke, and I hope to talk to you tomorrow.

May the force be with you!


Today he emails me again, very concerned about my wife and ex-wife situation:

We acknowledged your email and the content is well understood. Like you did Demanded for wire transfer of your winning fund. Yes is 100% posible and more confidential as I will advice you to open an off-shore online bank account here with either Barclays Bank or HSBC. With this new off-shore bank account that you will open here which I will assist you to supervice only you will have your account PIN CODE. with your online account number and pin code you can transfer your winning fund bit by bit to any account of your choice in United State without any of your Ex-wifes and their Lawyers being aware that you have such a fantastic amount of money. Is very fast to open and easy to access any where in the World.

Mr. Yogi, I think at your age you have to resolve your problem with your wife to have a happy rest when you must have pass aware. I have settled more difficult cases like your's so I believe that if you believe that you can still have a more happy life with your ex-wife's is posible. I would have love to see you one on one and give you some good family cancelling. But since you have some business to attend over there I can still assist you to make sure that your off-shore online bank account is open here in any bank of your choice.

I dont know if they have contacted you on when you are to come to London for the signning and releasing of your winning fund but since you preffer to have this wire to a safe account I can still call them to order and make sure I have it done on your behalf. I am still yet to hear from them today as I was so busy in my office. Call me so I know what you have concluded with them.

Reverend Lukas George.
Tel : +44 70457 45412

And I email him back:

Hi Reverend Father,

Thanks for putting up with an old man. I've contacted your friend Phil, and let him know my situation. He's quick on the draw - wanted me to come out on the 5th already, which is way too early... I won't be able to make it until the 15th at the earliest, unfortunately, with business commitments; Phil could fill you in on the details if necessary.

And thank you ever so much for you offer of marriage cancel. I could really use it, and I could think of no one better to give marriage cancelling advice than a Catholic priest. I really would love forward to discussing this further with you, as this problem with women has caused me a great deal of trouble in my life.

By the way, as I told Phil, I will be out of the office tomorrow for a minor medical procedure (getting a mole removed from my neck - one of the drawbacks of a life spent working in the sun - don't worry, it's not malignant or anything, just a minor procedure). But I will get back to you on Thursday if I hear from you before then.

Take care, Lukas, and thanks again! You have a pastor's heart!


So he's willing to offer me some marriage cancelling advice! Just what I always needed! Very Happy

So where do I take it from here? I now have him emailing me under two names, and I wanted the day off to regroup so I gave them the operation story.


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PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 10:20 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

You will, no doubt, need a Barrister to help you with the Marriage Cancelling. Don't try to do it yourself... Shocked Laughing

Welcome and bait safe. Very Happy

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 10:34 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Look about 5 posts down, you can use that as a general road map. Adapt it as needed, wash, rinse, repeat.

Welcome to Eater.

(Props to NN for the great list)

Edit: Just skip 1-4 (That script was made to play with a recovery scam) But I am sure you will get the idea.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 10:43 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I guess he doesnt get it........with all your exwives, it seems you've already had a lot of marriages cancelled!

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 11:40 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I think I have some family I would like canceled as well...

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