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 My scambaiting so far

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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 21 Aug 2007
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 2:09 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi I'm new here Very Happy OK so this was the original post, looks similar to the Nigeria scam but it's from Algeria
Edit: This is my 1st try BTW
From Donald Richmond Boka
Presidentail Ave.
Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire.

Compliments Of The Season, Grace And Peace And Love From This Part Of The Atlatic To You, I Hope My Letter Does Not Cause You Too Much Embarrassment As I Write To You In Good Faith,Excuse My Intrussion Into Your Private Life.I Got Your Email Contact In A Site During My Search For A Faithful And Honest Person Who Can Use This Funds Accordly And I Prayed To Almighty God And He Directed Your Contact To Me And I Believed That Almighty God Whom I Serve Will Not Direct Me To A Wrong Person.

May The Almighty God Give You The Wisdom To Understnd Me.I Am Donald Richmond Boka, The Eldest Surviving Child Of Late Mr.Richmond Boka of Algeria,[May His Soul Rest In Peace] At The Present Time I Am In Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire, I Hereby Solicit For Your Help To Me And My Sister.

My Late Father [Mr.Richmond Boka ] Was A Presidential Aide And Chairman Of The Algerian Railway Corporation Before He Was In The Air Crash Khalifa Airlines Flight Which Took Off From The Algiers International Airport,On The 22nd Of October 2005 With 108 Passengers And Six Crew Members On Board. Before The Dying Day Of My Father, He Confessed To Me Of About $5.Million[ Five Million US Dollars]Kept In A Finance Security Company And He Directed Me To Transfer This Money To A Foreign Account Before The
Government Knows Of It Because They Are Against His Political Reforms In The Country.

I Have A Proposal For You Which I Hope By The Special Grace Of God Will Be Beneficial To You And Me. This Is Not An Illusion But Achievable If Giving Your Maximum Support And Co-operation.

I Have To Assure You That This Is Risk Free.I Am Left With No Other Option Than To Invest This Money Outside The Country Where It Will Be Safe Since Our Father Is Now Dead And The Cause Of The Crash, Government Has Sworn Never To Make know To The Public.
I Hereby Propose This To You If I Can Count On You.

(1)That You Take 25%Of The Money .

(2) 5% Of The Money Would Be Used In The Building Of Places Of Worship And An Institute of Studies .

(3)I Will Take 70% Finally,You are Going to Help Us Also In Investing This money,You Will Be Incharge Of The Investment While We Contiune Our Education,We Give You 20% Interest Gain On Any Profit Made From Investment Each Year, What I Need From You Is That You Forward Your Telephone Number Including Your Contact Address

Note : Any Delay In Your Reply Will Give Me Room In The Sources Of Another
Person. I Seriously Count On Your Support And Cooperation.

May God Bless You.

Donald Richmond Boka.

Then I asked him if he could make it a 35% share then I would be interested, so he sent the exact same email but with 35% in place of 25%, then I pretended his instructions were too complicated and asked him to simplify them and he sent me this, looks like an auto-response email and the 25% figure is back.
Dearest one,

Thanks very much for your message and your words, it was nice hear from you i believe with the almight and with your sincerity to assist us out of this stuation, i will want you to know that it your silent was what make me to resend you this mail hope to receive a reply from you as you did not reply to me after a very long time that i email you i will want you to know that i am so happy to read from you today, i hope we shall soon meet face to face and join together as one family, I am 22 years old but i am a university undergraduate, Presently i stay in a refugee camp, due to the fact that when we came here i don't know anybody and the only place that i feel that we can be save by then was at the refugee camp, and now that i have known you i believe that our day here are numbered.

I will want you to know that what i told you in my other mails means is real and this means my life, how i which that you can be able to come down here and if we meet face to face i believe that by then you can believe me, i will want you to know that i and real, and that is why i said in my last mail, that the Almight should give you the wisdom to design what is real and what is not real, i know that it is skeptical to send this kind of mail to someone that you have never met before, but i believe that the almight that i call upon willl not led me to a wrong hand.

I will like to give you more information about us, I am from Algeria my father is an Algerian mother is from Ghana, and my younger sister name is Yvette Zara Boka we were both born in Universty Teaching Hospital Accra Ghana. I started my elementary school in Ghana in 1991 and i finished my primary school in 1997. i gained admission to St John Bosco college in South Africa 1997 but after my second term i came back to Algeria when my mother died, and i have to countinue my secondray school Education in Algeria.

Our father died on 22nd of October 2005 and since then things have not been the same but i manage to finished my secondray school in 2005 of which i gained admission to higher institution the same year but my younger sister could not. When we realised that we are in danger and that was why we ran away from them and till present they do not know our whereabout and that is why i seek your help to get out of here with my younger sister to a safe and,better place for our future, and most especially the retrivement of this fund from the security company. As i told you we are presently in Abidjan capital city of Ivoriy Coast at the refugee camp.

My late father told me before he gave up the ghost,that i should look for a foreign partner to help get this fund out from the security company. He gave me the file that contains the deposit of the box with the security company, as you know my late father cannot lie to me,or will my father want to put me into trouble?.

It was when we came here that i visited the security company and after verifing the deposit with the deposit informations, they made me to understand that the box is with them but can only be retrive by a foreign partner due to the nature of the deposit,though the company did not inspect the content as my father declear the content as family valuable that belongs to a foreign partner, this is the reason why i need your help,i am so happy to know you are a person of God this has really give me more trust in you, and as you said trust is what really matter most in this kind of transcation.

I thank the almight God you are much ready to assist us, there is no trouble in doing this in only you will keep the confidenciality of it all. I will give you all the details information and the contact of the security company, but as you said we will have to get to know each other first i want us to have asurance from you that you will help me and not decived me or betray me when this fund get to you, as you have said we can trust you and i will want you to trust me too.

Moreover,I am willing to offer you 25% while 5% is for any expencie you may spend on this transcation all was what you will remove from the total sum as compensation for your effort/input after ther successful transfer of this fund to your country. furthermore, you can indicate your option towards assisting me as i believe that this transaction would be concluded without any problems.

Upon your responce i will send you the full contact details of the company so as for you to contact them for the retrivement of this box, as soon as we are sure that they will be delivering the box to you i will meet with a traveling agent so as to know who and what it will take us to come to your country, also i will want you to please send me your full contact details and your picture to know you more. Kindly put more understanding to my situation and i pray the almight will guide you in helping us out of this situation, upon your reply i will send my picture my refugee attestation for you to see my face and to know me more better.

I hope meet you soon.
Thanks and God bless.
Your sincerely

I then reminded him about the % and he sent this
Dearest One,

Thanks for your message, well that is know problem, we will offer you the 32% and i am sure this will not bring any problem between us i will want you to tell me more about you and more you can let me have you phone number so that i can call you for us to telk more on this.

Expecting from you soon,

Then I told him he could call me David (not my real name) and to give me more information and he sent this (the latest one). I've ran out of ideas on how to keep this going and he wants my number. Any ideas?
Dear David,

Thanks for your mails how are you and your family? i really need to know more about you, and i will like to have your phone number so that we can talk more on this.

This is how you are going to help, you will contact the company, You will be ask them to delivery this box to you through there deplomatic courrier service, When you contact the just introduced yourself and explain what you want from there company.
And do not forget that the company does not know the real content of the box as it was been deposited as family valuabe that belongs to a foreign partner.

I will give you the full contact of the security company and all other information for you to contact them.As i earlier told you in my proposal and other mail to you, this box was been deposited with the company by my late father in my name(DONALD RICHMOND BOKA)and it was deposited as family valuable that belongs to a foreign partner and tag BONDED SHIPPMENT, which mean the deposited box is to be deliver to a foreign partner who is the beneficary.

I will want you to let me know any question that you have, and if there is something that is not clear you can let me know so that i can be able to clear it, i will be expecting to hear from you, we shall be waiting for your reply.

Thanks and God bless,

I read the hints and tips section and decided to ask him a couple of Qs and sent this:

Hi Donald,
Myself and my family are OK thanks we are in the UK.
This is legal isn't it? And how much will this box weigh and can I trust this security company?
Regards David

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Master Baiter

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2007 4:18 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I'm no expert, but judging from what i've read around here, you are doing fine.

Hope to see something funny in the futur. Wink
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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 21 Aug 2007
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2007 11:43 am Reply with quoteBack to top

(From here on the scammer will be in green I will be in blue)
It's looking good so far, I've got him deviated from his scripts and answering my specific Qs.

Hi Donald,
Myself and my family are OK thanks we are in the UK.
This is legal isn't it? And how much will this box weigh and can I trust this security company?
Regards David

A photo and some document are sent with next email
Dear David,

Thanks for your mail how are you toady?, is nice to hear from you today.

First and formost i will want you to know that this is legal and there is no risk in doing this, but i will want you to please keep this confidencial so that we don't have any problem when this fund get to you also, i want you to know that i don't have the intention to put you or myself into any trouble so i am not involving neither you nor i into anything illegal.

Second, i don't know the weigh of this box, the fact is that i have never seen this box before, but i believe one thing that my father can never lie to me or will he wants to put me into any trouble, but i have been to the company and have confirmed that this box is with the security company, that was when i meet with Mr Adama the Operational manager, who told me that the box is in there custordy explain to me on how and to get this box out and that i can't be able to retreive the box without my foreign partner, due to the nature of the deposite, and this box was be deposited with my name and a foreign partner as the beneficiary, as the box was tag BONDED SHIPMENTwhich means that the box can only be deliver to the beneficiary and he mades me to understand that the company has what they call deplomatic courrier service, which means that the box will not be open untill it get to it's destination, so i believe we can trust the company, as they don't know the real content of the box, You see this fund was been deposited in a trunk box with the security company as family valuables that belongs to a foreign partner and as you can see the company does not know the real content and for no reason must they know, when you contact him you can ask him to tell you more on the deplomatic service, as you don't want the box to neither open nor inspect.

I will be expecting to hear from you as soon as you receive this mail, I send you a copy of my picture and refugees attestation for you to see my face as to know me more better and i hope you will be able to help us as soon if possible.


Is it time to ask for a pic of him holding a sign up do you think?
Let's see

Hi Donald,
Thank you for answering my queries, and also for your photograph. I would like to ask you for another photgraph of yourself but holding up a sign containing my pass-phrase written on it. This is a new practice which provides your partner with solid proof of your ID. You can read more about it here:

My pass-phrase is SHEEPSHAGGER (a local tem meaning "trust"). After I recieve this I know I will be able to trust you and will be more than happy to continue business with you. Please ensure your photograph is of a reasonable size and not too small.

Hope to hear from you soon,

No pic, but he sent this:
Dear David,

How are you hope all is well with you, sorry for my late reply i was unable to write you yesterday since the cyber cafe close to the camp was not having connection so there was no way i am to write you, i saw your message and i will want you to know that i read it, but i will want you to know that you are right in whatever you said or what ever option you want for this, but i don't think i can be able to do this which you are asking me to do, i don't think we need to do through this before you can help me, this is the more reason why i said in one of my mail that i will like you to come down here so that we can do this together after we must have meet face to face, well i will really want you to make up your mind and tell me if you really want to help, you have never send me any of your details your picture or even your phone number so that we can talk on this i gave you my number so that you can call me, but you never call me, as for me my trust is in God as i know that he can't lead me to a wrong hand or someone that will cheat or betray me.

if you really want to help, help i will be expecting to hear from you soon.


Hi Donald,
Let me tell you a bit about myself, my name is David Timberland I'm 18 and I work for Nokia (a mobile phone company). I've attached a photo of myself from my job interview last year. Hope the photo reaches you OK, I can build mobile phones but I can't use computers well!

My number is 206-203-0xxx feel free to call, if you want to leave a message please say my passphrase (sheepshagger) at the start of the call. All of my business partners have their own passphrase as well it's really there for security.

I am feeling confident about all this and I'm sure it will turn out great for us both.

I've pretended I'm not good with computers to make him think I'm a vulnerable victim. Number I gave is from so any messages will get sent to my inbox.
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