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 Scambait tactic

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 11, 2007 3:37 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Here is an e-mail that I sent to a Nigerian romance scammer named Caroline Frankson. She fell for it because I sent her an e-mail from another account telling her that Western Union would not send her money and asked her to explain and she gave me her friends name. I have 3 scambaits going on with this woman at the same time and all 3 were to have sent her money vis western union tonight. Here is the original e-mail sent from [email protected]:

Ms. Frankson

We regret to inform you that you will no longer be able to send or receive money using our services. We recently received an inquiry from the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding your transactional history and they supplied us with their file that they have recently opened regarding your fraudulent activities over the internet and which were propogated in part by our services. We also recieved a phone call from several individuals over the past year stating that you obtained wire transfers by false pretenses, which is construed as criminal activity in the United States. Since you are a citizen of Nigeria and there was not an applicable international statute at the time, we were unable to prevent you from using our services. But a recent clause in the cyber technologies criminal code that was ratified recently by the Nigerian government has enabled us to suspend you from using our wire transfer services with the proper legal authority. We are considering suspending all wire transfers to Nigeria that are not business related as Nigeria is currently the world's leader in cyber criminal activity and currently 70% of personal wire transfers that received complaints have been deemed to be fraudulent. We should ideally have suspended you from using our services when the legistlation in Nigeria was passed, but due to a database server proximity error our system was not automatically updated. Our IT Security team has been working around the clock and has resolved this issue. For your information other wire transfer services such as Moneygram and Wells Fargo are following our lead and are suspending services for similar security violations. Our goal is to broker honest wire transactions and promote honesty and integrity within the industry. If you have any questions about this suspension do not hesitate to contact me at your conveinence.


Mary Daly

Manager for Western Union Security Policy and Implementation

Here is an e-mail that I sent to her from another e-mail address:


I just got back from Western Union and they said that you were unable to recieve money from wire transfers using their services. They said something about a fraudulent transaction in your name having occured with the past 12 months and an open investigation by the FBI. I asked but they said they could not legally give me any more details. What is up with that? I hope that this is just a mix up or something like that. Can I just buy you a ticket or mail you a cashier's check ? Send me your home address and I will send it overnight mail to your house and you can take it to a bank and cash it immediately. Please write back soon as I want you to be here as soon as possible.



I went back to western union and was going to send the money to Josphine Clench and when I gave them the information they said that they had a comment in their computer screen saying someone else was going to send money to her tonight and was warned not to because of a investigation into you and that she was associated with you. Apparently they said another person in MN was trying to send you money and they told him what they told me earlier about you being suspended from WU and then he asked about sending it to Josphine so they put a flag on her name. They also said that someone in Africa tried to send her money tonight but that they blocked it also. What is going on with you? I thought that you had quit dating and using web sites? Why then is another man in my country trying to send you money when you are suppossed to come here and be with me? I tried to get details on the other two transactions but they said all that they could tell me was the locations because of disclosure laws. Please explain your self. I had forgiven you for trying to deceiveme before and will not allow it to happen. Also what happened to the ticket that you bought last year but could not use because you went to jaill after the hotel fire? Did you use it to visit the United States in the meantime? Please, if you really want to come and be with me let me know what is going on with you. I am worried.


Another e-mail from another acoount and supposedly differnt person:


Well I went to the Western Union office near my house and forgot to print out your friend's information. I had your contact information so I was going to send it to you and they said that you have recently been prevented from receiving money through them. I asked why and the manager took me in a back room and told me that they were contacted by the American FBI and that you are under investigation for taking money from people. They also said that several people had called them and claimed that you ripped them off. What is all this about? Are you really who you say you are? Are you really planning on coming over here to marry me or are you just another Nigerian cyber scammer? They told me that under no circumstances should I attempt to send you money because you would just keep it and never come and be with me. I told them that there must be a mix up and that they must have you confused with someone else but they asked me what the test question and answer were and they matched a previous transaction that occurred last year with an individual who complained about you. I told them about your friend and they asked me her name and I told them Josephine Clench and they said that they did not have any information or complaints on her. I asked them if I could send the money to her and they said yes but they would not be responsible if I lost it. So please offer me an explanation and a vert detailed one if you still want to come here and marry me. I am very scared and worried about this now and do not know if I can trust you after this but if you can offer me a reasonable explanation and are honest I might accept it and send the money to your friend or send you a ticket. Another thing that bothers me is that your writing skills are not consistent for a college graduate and native English speaker. My 6 year old nephew writes more legibly that you do and he is only in the first grade! I though maybe you were just lazy or semi-retarded becuase of African blood or using slang but now I am not convinced that you are an American after all. Please write me back and explain this to me as I probably will not be able to sleep tonight as I am so upset by all of this. I was so looking forward to you being my wife. I also have not had the heart to tell Elmo yet as he would cry and poop all over himself.


I have been e-mailing her for about a week now from 3 different addresses. She claimed to be in love with 2 of them within 24 hours and after about 5 messages and was ready to come to the United States and get married. The third I posed as an internet cafe manager in Benin looking for Nigerian woman to help me in romance scams. I used the alias Bin Salim. This took more work but she finally bit when I offered to send her $1250 just for considering the offer. I sent her a fake mtcn # and purposely mispelled the name. She wrote back saying that I mispelled the name and I did it like 3 more times and when she got so frustrated I told her that I suffered from cataracts and had a boy write down the name for me to take back to Western Union. so in the morning she will be making her fourth trip. I also made up many funny stories which only an idiot would believe and degraded her repeatedly and got her to agree to doing some pretty skanky shit with my semi-retarded fictitious cousin Elmo. I also mentioned latex and gag balls and assorted depraved activities to which she agreed to participate in although she is a "virgin". I made this gril work so hard for her money (not). I wish that I could post some of my e-mails on this site because they are very comedic but the language and content might offend someone and get removed from the site. All in all, I have been having a blast scambaiting lately.

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You could email them to a fella that wouldn't be offended...You know, like ME.

I am interested in this type of baiting.
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snickerbilly wrote:
All in all, I have been having a blast scambaiting lately.

Sure becomes addictive. There are a lot of members partners and spouses who formed the 'Eater Lonely Hearts Club'.

As for your crude and rude baits, I tend to agree. I've been know to be quite foul, yet classy, and I tend to keep those baits to myself and a few others. Some lads really deserved to be embarrassed in the most humiliating way possible.

Good luck and play nice. Very Happy

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