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 Anyone Interested in Wholesale Electronics

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I went through a period a month or so back of having very few ongoing baits so I then started some serious recruiting. Now I have the opposite problem. I have more lads than I can effectively manage. This one has serious possibilities but I won't be able to do him justice.

Dear Bros,

Thank you for your mail.There is something you forgot so soon.In your first mail to me you cause me after that you ask me question which i did answer you.Here in LOME/TOGO I have no shop of my own i told to help me to open a shop.You say that if i have good business proposal that you will enter partnership with me.Only one word you said that day bring me and you together today.I have told my friends that a friend of my from america want to send goods for me to sale here in africa.All are happy with me and they will help me sale the goods if it comes.Now i want to know the kind of assurers you want from me.In my mail to you i have told you everything about me pls help me as you promise don't peoples advice.In the word today there are good and bad people i don't want the bad people character to destroy our relationship.

Does anybody want to work with this lad and 'help' him enter the retail electronics business????? There are plenty of good possibilities with him but I've a couple of baits that I'd rather progress than this one. If you want him then PM me and I'll send you the emails that we've already exchanged. I've already changed addresses with him so another change shouldn't worry him.

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I actually work for a company that is a reseller for high end electronics, which is why we get hit every day with credit card scammers Mad . Projectors, screens, plasmas, LCDs, Matrix switchers, JBL speakers, Bose, etc.
Here's a few of our manufacturers:
Hitachi, Epson, Sanyo, Toshiba, Plus, Optoma, InFocus, ASK/Proxima, Mitsubishi, Sharp, NEC, LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Eiki, Sony, Da-Lite, Draper, Stewart, Christie, Extron, Crestron, AMX, Polycom, Tandberg, SmartBoard, Numonics, etc.
I can give you enough technical knowledge to be a tad dangerous if you need it.
Can your mugu do a reverse burn on a plasma? Does he know how to program an orbiter? How do you set up either a wired or wireless LAN on a projector? For a 60x80 screen with a throw distance of 20ft - what lens ratio does he need? What's the difference between Pal, Secam, NTSC, Pal2? Is XGA better in it's non native 16:9 aspect ratio than a native WXGA? LCD versus DLP or LCos?
I'm a fountain on knowledge if you want to take him on and baffle him with science - and ultimately - bullsh*t!!! Twisted Evil
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