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 One hooked scammer to give away.

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2007 6:35 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Well I decided to take one of them on myself.
This is how far I have gone.
and am now tired of this mother he is pure to the textbook and I really don't have the time.
It has been a week since My last contact if anyone wants to take this mother further Go for it.
The password is here.

Original invitation. ( Can be skipped LOL )
Please I will be honored if you can respond to this great request, I know
it's not easy, but by the will of God you can do something, my name Lazar, I
am 61years old, born in Belgrade, I have been successful in business this
past years, married but divorced, now I am living with my adopted daughter
Angela, couple of months back I was diagnosed with Leukemia, and the doctors
said, the virus have eating deep into my system, the sad news is that I was
told that I have only two months to live, dying is not what I am scared of,
because at 60 I have lived my life, I am only concern about my 16years old
girl, what will become of her after I am gone, I am writing this letter of
trust to you, based on my ignorant of who you are, but I believe if you are
in my shoes, someone will show compassion on you, but I pray God will not
put you in this situation, I am not soliciting for financial aid, what
seeking, is a new life for my daughter in the hands of a responsible and
honest individual or family, if you are have receive this message, please
respond as soon as possible, to save a young girls future, do not worry about
what it will cost to take care of this girl, I have over five million dollars in a private
account, this money will be kept in your trust for investment, and the income
generated will be used for her feeding, education and other material things,
you will be rewarded greatly for this kindness. Please if you can help in this
regards, please write to me as soon as you can, or just a word of prayer and
comfort will help me, until I hear from you

Now they want to give me a 16 year old girl to go along with the money.

Wow this just gets betterer and betterer dosent it.


I sent this to the scammer. from [email protected]
Dear Lazar,
It appears that you have been guided to my email by Gods hand.
Because you have contacted the very correct person to help you in your dilemma
at this unfortunate time in your life.
I have a sympathy for leukemia victims because my wife died 11 years ago of this
dreaded disease. I have been very fortunate as I inherited a very successful
importation business from my late father and have been able to donate substantial
funds to the leukemia foundation. This has bought me some satisfaction however to
help you in your plight over the future of you daughter Angela would make me feel
that I am doing more in the area of helping victims in this unfortunate circumstances.
My name is Mathew James Conner and I live in Broom Western Australia .
I am 55 years of age and would look forward to the company of your daughter
who I would treat as my own. I was not fortunate enough to have any children
and would treat her as the daughter that I never had. I must emphasize that my business
would only remain as successful as it is if I continue to operate from my home country
Australia , and that your daughter would have to be prepared to travel to here and
become a Naturalized citizen of Australia . I have the appropriate contacts to insure
that this could take place without any hesitation. You have not mentioned exactly what
country you reside in at this time and this would be an important factor in arranging
Australian citizenship for your daughter. I think it is fair that I include a picture
of myself just to cement personal relationship between us and would be grateful if you
could supply a picture of your daughter Angela so I can prepare myself for the day we
may possibly meet. Although I am in a position to care for your daughter very adequately
and supply a very good education of her choice, I am also aware that she would feel more
confident knowing that the funds you can supply for her future would be available at any
time she choose to live independently. These funds I would place in a trust fund for her
that would be available at any time she choose. I hope this contact brings you some relief
in your plight and I look forward to further communication with you. I look forward to
being of future assistance to you in this matter and am awaiting further reply.
Yours in all sincerity.
Mathew James Conner.

Here I just had a pic choosen randomly from the web.
This was his reply. LOL.

Dear Mathew James Conner

Thank you, for the message, I am sorry for your loss, I can clearly understand the pain that
she went through before passing away, I am in the same situation now, and it is a life
tormenting situation, I appreciate your thoughts towards me and Angela, and I strongly
believe that when I passed into the life beyond, she will find a place she can call home,
and a new family, I am originally from Yugoslavia, I migrated into Australia couple of
years ago, I am now Australian citizen, because I naturalized there, my wife divorced me
because I was a bad gambler and alcoholic, I lost everything after the divorce, I move to
South Africa as a mining Engineer with Anglo-Gold Company, here I adopted Angela, a beautiful
girl whose mother left on the street of Soweto at the age of 6 months, she is everything to me,
I cannot afford to leave her behind, but I don’t have any will power anymore, if you can take
care of her as you have promised, I will be more than happy to give away the sum of five
hundred thousand dollars as a good will, to help your effort to care for victims of leukemia.
I will appreciate if you enroll her into a good school, see that she achieve her dreams,
she must not be exposed to hard drugs, smoking, or any other illegal substance, this is my
heart desire, to be my trustee over my legacy will be a thing of joy when I pass on, she must
not have access to the funds at any time, you invest the funds and use the income to take care
of her education and other material needs, you take charge over the funds, less she falls into
the hands of bad lovers who will only want her because of her inheritance, sure you understand
me, I will write more to you as soon as I get hold of my attorney who will be flying back from
New York, take care my friend, will attach copy of my identification and documents in the next

Regards, Lazar and Angela


Dear Lazar and Angela,
I am not at home all the time and just received your last letter.
Do you mean that you are in Australia now.?
That would be wonderful because I would be able to come see you.
I could find the time to travel to where ever you are in Australia
and we could arrange what we have to arrange.
In your first letter you mentioned that you had over five million dollars
in a private account, and that this money would be kept in my trust for investment,
and the income generated will be used for Angela`s feeding, education and other
material things. However in your last letter you have stated that you would give
away the sum of five hundred thousand dollars as a good will,
to help my effort to care for victims of leukemia.
Dose this mean that you would still be putting the five million dollars in my trust ?
Of course I would not give Angela the money until she is old enough to make very
wise decisions. I understand what you mean about bad lovers and I am sure there
is even some of them in Australia. But fear not I would protect her and I never
drink or smoke anything. Drugs are definitely out of the question.
I would make sure that she grows up to be a very good girl.
Not knowing any bad people, sometimes I would just take her on a fishing picnic,
and drinking nothing stronger than weak tea. I would still like to see a photo of
Angela. Where about in Australia are you now, or did you mean that you were in
Australia before and have left and are in another country now. Which country.?
I need to know what arrangements we must make if Angela isn’t in Australia now.

I am awaiting your pleasant reply.
Your trusted friend Mathew James Conner.

I have already done a WhoIs?? on him
They use Yahoo and Hot mail however certain programs
have the power to look further than just where the email was relayed from.
Looky see here.

Mod edit - image changed to link, images should be no larger than 600 pixels width - SP

Gauteng is much lower down than Nigeria but they are all tarred with the same brush.
Besides look what he wrote now.


Dear Matthew,

I am very happy to read your mail, and this makes me stronger and stronger each day,
there is a little misunderstanding in our last email, I mean I am Australian citizen,
but now I am residing in South Africa , and this is where Angela was born, so clearly
we are in South Africa now.
I have attached a copy of my last statement to this email; this will help you understand
my last email before this, my last statements states, the sum of USD$5.3M, as I said in
my earlier mail, USD$500,000.00 will go to the victims of leukemia, and the balance thereof
will be put in trust for investment, and the profit will be used for Angela’s care, she is
happy sitting right beside me reading your mail, she loves fishing, picnics and short trips
to beautiful place, I believe I can trust in your promises, I spoken to Mr. Smith about the
whole affair, he is a very reliable young lawyer, he took over his father, who was my long
time attorney, he is brilliant and hard working man, he will prepare all the papers that will
be needed to finish this job, while I am still here, and even when I am not around anymore,
I have asked him to prepare a promissory note concerning the good will, he said he will need
your full details to prepare the document, this includes your residence address, I mean where
Angela will be staying.
Now this is very important information, I have a property in cape town, it worth around R2.6M,
but there are still some documents to be finalized with the ABSA bank here, before the documents
will be handed over to my attorney, he will tell you more about it, this will be included in the
legacy, I must go for now, Angela want to say something to you,
I know who my dad is, I have always love him, and I still love him, whatever happens to him, I
believe god has arranged it,
I hope I will find the love he has in me from you, I trust all your promises will come to pass
I will talk to you later; you take care and have a nice time

Lazar and Angela

Mod edit - image changed to link, images should be no larger than 600 pixels width - SP
When I received this pic it was 2500 X 3500 pixels over 1.5 Megs
That shows you what a moron he is .
I haven't made you suffer the same.
He has to admit to South Africa because that is where he will want the money sent.
Oh hang on isent he sending me the money.
Yes but first he will introduce me to his lawyer and then we will see how they operate.
I will answer him tonight and If I don't get a pic of Angela next time I am gonna be pissed off.


Dear Angela and Lazar,
I hope you are feeling good today.
I have received your last email and I am now enclosing my full address and a couple of pictures of my house. I was impressed by your bank statement, It indicates you are a very intelligent man.
Because as you lost everything after the divorce and now have that much money you are a very successful man indeed. My father was successful but not that successful as you..
I live at
12 Faressel Street Broome,
Western Australia,
Post Code 6725
The photos I have included are of my house and two bedrooms within,
Angela could choose which bedroom she would like to have for herself.
I said before there is no drinking at my place, so the broken brick at the front of my house was someone done when I wasn't home. I didn't do it.
If Angela doesn't like the house we can buy another one.
Why cant I have sent a picture of Angela. Please.

Your true and trustful friend Mathew






Dear Mathew,

thank you for the email, you got a nice home, and my daughter really likes the room,
i don't think there is need to get another house, may be sometime in the future, i will
send you some picture of Angela, she is trying to get some of it, as i cannot find extras,
but in my next mail i will sure send you couple of them ok.

I will have to go for now, i will talk to you as soon as i get the promisory note from my lawyer.
Take cares
Lazar and Angela


Dear Lazar and Angela.
I received your last letter and am looking forward to a picture of Angela.
I want you to understand why I need that. It is not because I would want to look on young girl.
God perish the thought. I would never look to Angela as woman.
It is because Angela said a nice thing to me and I should say something very nice to her. What
can I say, If I say she is a lovely girl, then she would think how dose he know because he has
not ever seen me. So I really need to see her so I can say something nice about her.
This would make her feel more comfortable about me. Also the business that I own here is not just
for myself, my father left this business to me and his brothers. I would prefer to keep this between
us and for it to have nothing to do with my business, it is not their business. I would like to do
this with you without involving them brothers.
Has Angela been to Australia before on visa. Or was she with you when you were nationalized in Australia, was Angela nationalized as well. If not we will make arrangements for her to enter the country and I can make arrangements that she can stay here without worry from the government.
I know how to do this in Australia.
I feel we should do all this as quickly as possible because if your health deteriorates more quickly
there may be not enough time and I fear Angela would then fall into the hands of the no good lovers.
I am awaiting pictures of Angela and money documents.

Your true and very trustful friend Mathew James Conner.
Being that I spelt my name wrong on every occasion.
I will now have to tell him that is how to spell my name and my name isn't in the bible.
I also spelt Broome wrong on the first occasion.
Do you think this fish is still on the hook.
My bet is he is now searching for some pictures of Angela to send.
If he sends pictures I bet we can find them on a black model site.


Dear Friend,
I read your email and it make me laugh, I don’t have any problem sending you her picture, and please
mind you, I am not having any ulterior motive about it, I trust in your words, and I know you will not
do anything contrary to what you have said, attached is her recent picture, see how beautiful she is,
I adore her so much, anyways, concerning the business with your brothers, I take your idea, it is better
you keep this business confidential and private, you need to protect all that I am leaving behind for my
daughter and yourself, my lawyer is working tirelessly on the whole thing, and he promise to be quick as

I wait to hear from you again, do you have any private numbers where you can be reached at anytime?
Please do send that to me as soon as you can ok.

Take care,
Lazar and Angela

Dear Lazar and Angela,
First let me say that I received the picture of Angela OK.
Now I can see why you worry about her, she is a very pretty lady. She looks very lovely.
I must also say that in your second email you called me Matthew I can understand why but that is not correct, the true spelling of my name is Mathew, it is not spelt the same way as in the bible. It doesn't really matter I have this happen many times but if we are going to transfer money and make other arrangements it would be a very important thing.
My name would have to be spelt absolutely correctly because otherwise the banks would be confused. So it is very important to get the name spelling absolutely correct it is . Mathew James Conner. --- NOT Matthew
Another thing is that them brothers are not my brothers, they are my fathers brothers. they are my uncles.
They don't really want me in the business because I am deaf, I have been deaf in both ears since I was very young, they still pay me money because my father left the business to us all. But they don't really let me do any of the business. They are very happy if I just stay away from the business. So at Home I do not have a telephone connected. What would I do with it.??
I have email and I am very good with sign language. However people think sign language helps deaf people a lot but it doesn't because it only works with other deaf people because the people who can hear don't know sign language. This is why I live a quiet life. Even though I am deaf I can still drive and you have to prove a lot to get our government to agree that you can drive while you are deaf. I can teach Angela sign language.
Has Angela decided which room she would like to stay in The brown room or the white room.

Your true trustful friend Mathew James Conner.


Attention: Mr. Mathew Conner

Dear Sir,

I trust this letter gets through to you, my name is Michael Coleman, solicitor, and personal legal
advisor to Lazar Vukadinovich, I regret to announce to you that Dr. Lazar Vukadinovich passed away
this afternoon, 14:00hrs, at the Sunning hills hospital, it was a shocking experience, as I visited
the hospital this afternoon to have him sign the document I prepared, his death was expected, but we
did not expect it too soon, Angela is presently in my custody and will remain with me until we conclude
the legal matters to transfer her into your custody, as soon as you have been legally confirmed as the
deceased man’s trustee.

Please kindly forward any further correspondence to me via this email account, it will be my honor to
follow up what he has left behind, as the case stands now, we need to speedy up the process, I am sorry
for the incident, but that is how it stands now.

I look forward to hearing from you


Michael Coleman Esq.,

Faase chambers and associates
44 colt street rosebank mall building
Johannesburg South Africa
Tel: 0832440955

I don't answer a couple days so they send the girl in after me.

Dear Sir

I am writing you this letter, to inform you that my father passed away, he has finally left me, this is the second mail I send to you, I don’t know if you got the first one I sent, this the situation now, I am presently stayin with his lawyer, he said he tries to contact you by ermail, but no reply, I hope to hear from you soon

This is phase two of the whole plot.
This guy is one of two things .
He is either an old seasoned operator who wont change his ways
or he is a newly trained lad who is just learning and is running exactly according to the text book.
Either way he is definitely on the hook.
I say lets ice the cake.
First he knows I am stupid because I am more interested in the girl than the money.
He cant contact me because I am deaf .
He cant contact my business associates because they would steal the money.
He cant contact my wife because she is dead.
His next step is to have me pay thousands to have the millions transferred. Fine by me.
Being deaf means special arrangements for drivers license -- It also means special arrangements for dealing with banks and other associations.
So Why don't he be told that all my transfers are done through a special organization that protects the deaf. I will transfer the thousands and he will discover that the only way the transfer will go through is he must be a member of that organization.
Time is running short it is good to keep them waiting a little but not too long I guess.
Any body want this mother.
The email is Yahoo
Login = mathewjamesconner
Password = massidiot

Dose she look 16 to you .?????????
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Tommo Shanter
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2007 6:45 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I don't know about her being sixteen, but that Standard Chartered Statement Of Account is priceless. Adds a whole new dimension to the phrase 'double entry' Laughing


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PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2007 7:21 am Reply with quoteBack to top

just wondering why he left the branch telephone out?

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@gullibleman--welcome aboard--

Uhh--your lad says he is 61 and Belgrade born..Is he saying he is Serb or Yugo? The world has
changed in the process.
But I can tell you this--I wouldn't buy a car made there, in any event.

He's neither of course but it affords you the op to ask pertinent questions and put the leukemia
issue on the back-burner. Always stray off topic!

I especially liked his quote "...based on my ignorant of who you are"

What a FUCK, for doing this i will make sure by tomorrow i will be in Washington and send the FBI to pick you up where ever you are by all means just believe i must do this and use it as a prove that i am who i am. I give you just 1 hour to take my passport out from that page or eles when i get to Washington there will be no forgiveness just take my word. I will send all boxes and documents covering the boxes in your name to Washington and you will be asked so many question and if possible you will go to Jail with my power i PROMISE I MUST DO IT.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2007 2:59 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I'd be glad to take him, if he's not already claimed... Very Happy

...But you've done so much work, you really should keep your pet Cool

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^^^^^^^@Jervis Tetch
Well said Wink

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@gullibleman again--forgot to give my compliments to you on your great newb replies to that mugu. Great work there indeed by you. You've got 'the right stuff'.

Hi Mindfreak^

Thanx for the kind words.

One should always look deeper into just what the lads are saying--and oft-times there is your nugget of mis-information to work with and use against them. Wink

cheerz--jervis tetch/ mad hatter

What a FUCK, for doing this i will make sure by tomorrow i will be in Washington and send the FBI to pick you up where ever you are by all means just believe i must do this and use it as a prove that i am who i am. I give you just 1 hour to take my passport out from that page or eles when i get to Washington there will be no forgiveness just take my word. I will send all boxes and documents covering the boxes in your name to Washington and you will be asked so many question and if possible you will go to Jail with my power i PROMISE I MUST DO IT.
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