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 Why I don't tell them they've been baited

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2007 5:39 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Just a short snip out of the ten months we've been "playing" Wink

This is how it can end and as you all know an ending is also a new start, getting ready to go around for the third time, I changed the names to protect the innocent Twisted Evil

We’ve been to the bank (Alan got his share of course) and I send him a transfer denied form through my “helper” Ch4nt4l
25 June
Dear Bill2,
How are you and Barb today, hope fine.
Please be informed that the bank not been able to confirm the transfer yet thereby slowing things down and I will suggest that you should send Ch4nt4l to the bank ascertain what is holding the transfer from reaching the receiving bank.
I tried to call you this morning and the phone was ringing without any response.I need to round this issue as soon as possible.
Waiting for your update.
(My Lad).

So I give it a day, he doesn’t phone VPManchester to check so he’s a bit pissed and thinks I’m fooling him, I guess.
RL supplies the reason why and I hand him the “truth” Wink

26 June

Hello (My Lad),

Have a look at this Mother Nature showing off. Telephones are out and the ones working aren't reliable yet, I emailed Ch4nt4l and she'll talk to the bank manager and write you back, we are trying to get to another hotel, but lots of people are looking for a place to stay, so no luck yet. I don't know if the hotel phone is working, we send this from London again when we finally could get there. I added a picture of our hotel neighbour, he lost his car in the flood. Down South it should be better and we might move there, near Plymouth or so. Do you need us in England, if not, then we could just fly to the continent and see what's that all about. We might even visit our new friends in Africa, but because of the phone problems we lost them a bit for the moment. They are black alright, but good people, don't believe what you read in the papers.
Ch4nt4l is taking care of business, don't worry she is good, works secure and has all the right papers to handle everything you might need.
We'll see if we can make it back to the hotel, else we stay in London for the night.


No answer from him for a week, he is on to me (again) So I write him

02 July

Dear (My Lad),

Was it only the money you were after? I haven't heard from you for a week, so I guess you got what you wanted. We have left England and are touring Europe , thanks for the idea of this nice trip, just what we needed. I will not try to get you behind bars for stealing my $29.000, I think of it as learning money. I'll write it of the taxes of the ranch, so you never hurt me financially, but that a nice guy like you goes around fooling people for money that's real low.
Why not use your brain to help people, apparently you're not that stupid at all, if you would come to Canada you could be anything you want and be very good at it. Now you're just acting as a little ludicrous boy, cheating on his brothers for an extra cookie from the cookie jar. I almost feel sorry for you, why don't you get a real man's job and make an honest buck or two?
Thanks for the fun times and the travel to Europe tip, we're having a blast and still two months to go until we need to be back. By the way, we already spent more on this vacation than you conned out of me, so you're just a little boy to me, running off with a stolen quarter.
Cowboy up and take your responsibilities like a real man. Ch4nt4l has been warned and orders not to answer any emails from you or from that Mr. Lawson in England .

Have a life and grow up to be a real man.

Bill2 & Barbara

Then it’s very quiet for an few days, he doesn’t go for it, not for a second time, I lost my ten month friend for good. Crying or Very sad

Then today 04 July happy crowd

Bill2 Orthon,

Please i want you take me as you see me ok, I don't know how to tell lies to my wife,So there fore i will not tell you lies on this business.i did not receive any money from you or the bank receive money from you ok. i want you to help out on this business not to have two mined in it .But i know that God in heaven know the true in this business ok.So i cannot fus you to do it with me but if you are not interested again then thanks for your past help and God bless.

(My Lad)

So he’s going for the third time all the way, first let him beg a bit more, good for his soul. Twisted Evil

That's why I like to keep my "friends" beers!

He is now trying to establish contact with the first character I used before I joined here, it's an open email account so I'm not writing him from there Exclamation I'll have to find a "trick" to get him to another (save)addy and bait him twice Twisted Evil I almost feel sory form him, almost Wink

Edit2 17 July 2007
He tries again, but my character is still on vacation and might even visit Africa Twisted Evil
Bill2 Orthon,

How are you today ?Are you back home? Please i want you to help me in this business of transfer this money to your account as we procss ahead in this business ok,I don't have two mine in this business i know that God will help us because i cann't lie to you.Please my big brother don't have two mine in this business ok thanks for your help.

My lad

Is this what they call hook line and sinker? He wants to be fooled Laughing
I'll give him another week or so and then I might drop him a note from El-Jazair, capital of Algeria , just because I like the name Laughing

I don't do bling, I just do lads Evil or Very Mad
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