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 I've got my first proper scambait going

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2007 6:32 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Ok, the first one i posted did not go too well, I never got a response, but thankfully, another mugu was silly enough to cross my tracks, this one even more greedy, i have learned from my first try, so heres my progresss to far after 1 week of hooking my catch. The Scammer will be in black, im going for red.

Mrs Rosemary needs my help it seems. This is your typical dying person/Orphanage scam. I hate people like this, trying to use those less fortunate as a method to pluck my heartstrings, the wording is just awful. Keep your eyes out for father Lance, I intend to use him in another scambait Wink

From Mrs Rosemary,


I am Mrs Rosemary 69 years old, from Ivory Coast I am married to late Mr Ferdinand Koffi of blessed
memory who worked with Ivory Coast government for
years before he died in the year 2005. We were
married for years without a child. he died during the
political crisis that lasted for only four days.
Before his death we were both married and , Since
his death I too have been battling with cancer and
fibroid problems. When my late husband was alive he
deposited the sum of $ 3.5 Million United States
Dollars with a Bank IN SPAIN BANK .

Recently, my Doctor told me that I would not last for
the next two months due to Cancer problem. Though what
disturbs me most is my stroke sickness. Having known
my condition l decided to donate this fund to either a
orphanage organization or devoted individual that
will utilize this money the way l am going to instruct
here in. I Want this organization or individual to use
this money in all sincerity to fund orphanages,
widows and also propagating the word of God and to
ensure That the society upholds the views and beliefs
of the holy book of bible.

The holy Bible emphasized so much on God benevolence
and this has encouraged me to take this bold step. I
took this decision because l don't have any Child that
will inherit this money and my husband relatives
two of them died in the war in my country I don’t
want my husband’s hard earned money to be misused by
people . I don’t want a situation where this money
will be used in a bad way manner. Hence the reasons
for taking this bold decision.

As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the
contact of the bank I will also issue you a letter
of authority that will prove you as the original-
beneficiary of this fund. I want you and the Christian
community where you reside to always pray for me.

My happiness is that I lived a life of a true devoted
worthy of mulation. Whoever that wants to serve the
God must serve him in truth and in fairness. Please
always be prayerful all through your life. and please
don't give any delay in your replying me soonest,With
your tele /fax number and address


Mrs Rosemary

By an amazing chance. Director James Matthews is on hand, he gets another chance to show how generous he is. Wink

Hello Mrs Rosemary

I just found your e-mail, of which I have quoted bellow, and let me be quick to mention how sorry I was to hear of your plight and how touched I was to read about how you wish to donate it to a worthy cause before you pass on to the next life. I will indeed inform my best friend, and the practicer of God, Father Boyle Lance of TWAT, rest assured our church will pray for you.

I might now take this time to introduce myself, I am director James Matthews, head of my division of the BPC, (British Photo Corp). If you have not heard of us then no need for concern, we are not widely known as we prefer to work behind the scenes and out of the view of publicity, to allow us to get our work, which involves identifying talented photographers around the world and trying to develop thier talents. Usually our grants can range up to 10,000 (Ten Thousand Pounds Sterling).

Sadly I need to report I am unable to give you a telephone number, this is because of a tragic circumstance of when i served in the Terittorial Army several years back, during a training routine a grenade went off right by my face, i lost 85% of my hearing, it;s tragic I know, father Lance was instrumental in my return to health, minus my hear. I do also regret that I do not use fax, i rely on E-Mail as i find it much more reliable, cheaper, quicker and I can get my attachments ensured them.

So please reply back and we can try and get this whole business settled. I would dearly love to help

Best wishes in God

Director James Matthews
CEO: British Photo Corp
London, England

And bingo, thier greed has gotten them on board, but whats this, they are already asking me to phone her bank and come and meet them.

Dear James Matthews,

I am indeed delighted to read from you knowing fully
well that the hand of God is upon my contacting you
and as you've red through my proposal mail concerning
the nature of this transaction and what i would like
you to do after you must have this funds secured in
your care.
I would wish to inform you that I have orded my late
husband attorney here to write the bank official
concerning this fund release to you as it is not just
something i could tell them with mouth and it will
take I will like you to contact the bank in
the person of my late husband's account manager

Mr.Oscar Mcdowell.
bank name: la caixa
Barcelona Spain.
email: [email protected]

Write them or call requestion for their procedures and
requirments to release this fund to you .If need be
ask them to fix an appointment for you to visit them
in Spain for speedy conclusion of the fund release to
you as i do not hold my life so that everything could
be concluded while am still alife.
How's life with you and your good family?hope the good
lord is still faithful to his children please always
put me in your prayers.
And as soon as you contact them do please keep me
informed to know if there is any problem or questions
that could need my consent.
Remain bless.


Tut tut, did you read my last post, thankfully Jimmy here is a bit cautious Razz

Dear Miss Rosemary

I did indeed read through your proposal carefully, since they say if you lose one sense the others improve Smile As my good father Lance told me. God is listening, but you need to help yourself, well I must admit his words are true. Seeing suck a lovely woman as you come into my life must surley be divine,

I am however concerned about those contact details, it;s not that I am suspicious, but I DID mention i am almost totally deaf, and therefore I am unable to take or make any phonecalls, and I do not trust fax machines. I have had nasty experiences with them and I just don't trust them.

However, I will try and e-mail them as soon as possible. I am sorry I can;t be swift, but remember I am handicapped. So i will try to do as fast as I can. But i do request you be patient. I would like to know what I ought to say to the people at the bank. As i sometimes say offensive things I don't mean. Some advice would mean a lot to me.

I'm not sure how long the E-mailing will take, as I am busy over the next few days as i help mark and judge new patches of photos which have came in, I need to decide which candidates will receive our 10,000 grant in time for the start of the new University year in September.

In response to your last question. I do not have a family besides my parents, who I don;t see much owing to them living their retirement aboard. I am not married and have had no kids. I guess women never give me the chance to show I am a loving man with a good job. I guess the good Lord never found my Eve.

Please reply soon

Director James Matthews

They are still on the script. Hmm, never mind, your just a little test to see how you react, no matter, lets keep you strung onto me. Wink

Dear James Mathews

Thanks for your mail.
I would like you to comply with the Bank because i trust the bank.
or you can make an Arrangements and go to Spain in Person so
that you can conclude everything within days.
But if you can not, you should continue with the Bank.
Believing God that everything will be ok.
For the Bible says that all worketh Good to those who love God.

Remain Bless,


Of course, james is hurt her her acting Wink

Dear Rosemary

I will get in touch with the bank later on today after work and hear what they have to say.

Although i am surprised and concerned at your suggestion I go and see them in person. Do you realise I am deaf! And the other problem is that I hardly know you, and I have never met them. So despite you might being able to trust them, to me they are complete strangers. I am a very busy many, especially at this time of year trying to help give these Undergraduates a chance. If i went to Spain now, I would find it very difficult talking to them. thats why I will do my dealings here by e-mail so I understand it.

As much as I have sympathy for your plight. I am shocked and upset by your ignorance for another persons problems. Remember im the person you need to do this, and I think you should respect my own problems in this. We will do things at my pace, and i would ask you try and show a bit more sympathy to me as well. I was upset my this mail.

So it seems they don't care, normally I would be irritated, but since im trying to waste thier time, lets pretend to get on with it.


Compliment of the day.
If you can not be able to comply with the bank
please kindly let me know so that i will seek for
someone else that will accomplished my will.



I can comply as much as possible, this will be limited to e-mails and once i have built up a rapport with them. I will then consider flying out, that will probably be once I have finished my work for the next University term which should take about 2 weeks. Plenty of time for us all. I will send an e-mail to them today.



Rosemary then sent another reply asking If I had sent a emssage to the bank, I won't bore you with the e-mail I sent, I just mentioned the situation. I Got an auto reply from them. I sent a message to rosemary

My dear

I sent the letter this evening, I'm sorry im replying so late. I just got back form a business get together. I told a couple of friends about you and they are touched by your plight, and they send their best wishes in the hope you pain might be eased. I prayed for you too in a meeting with Father Lance, who also sends his deepest regards. We are lighting a candle each day for you.

I'm not sure when I will get a reply from your bank, but rest assured as soon as I do, you will be the first to know Smile

Thinking of you in my dreams always


Rosemary then sends me a reply asking if the bank had got back to me

Dear James,

Compliments of the day.
What did the bank told you, since you have written to them.
any news from the bank?


Time for me to mention im getting on it, but the bank have not replied. The Bank actually did, but they asked me for proof of ID, phone numbers, details, tax payments. Since im new to this, i decided to deliberatley ignore the bank. I will try to convince Rosemary her Bank seem incompetant Wink

My dearest rosemary.

Thank you for your compliments, I wish you a lovely sunny day, you won;t believe the amount of rain we are having here at the moment.

I am as puzzled as you are. I sent them a message on Saturday evening. So far all I have had is this auto reply which I have put bellow for you to read.

I am surprised at this. I understand you trust them, but if they are not going to comply themselves then I am ashamed and saddened by this. Are you sure they are as good as you say?

James xxxx

Shes got a bit cheesed off. So she lectures me.
Dear James,

Thanks for your mail, but i sugest why you got an auto reply from the bank depends on when you wrote to the bank, because you said that you sent an e-mail to the bank on saturday night.
Now try and send your message during working hours and see if the bank will not get back to you.


Time for me to lecutre her slightly, but play the obediant drone Wink

Dearest Rosemary

I can;t see why that would help. As the e-mail itself would be stored in thier computers E-Mail inbox and classed as unread. I can say that with definate confidence as i deal with that all the time. Trust me as I have worked with computers my whole life, and i do depend on them remember. Regardless, I will send them again just to be on the safe side.

I hope your day went well at least and that it was much easier going for you. It was still wet over here, and I went to my lonely hearts club to catch up, same Situation really as always. Tell me how your day went?

Love James.

Shes pleading already, but im trying to open her up somewhat

Dear James,

Thanks for your mail.
This morning, i am not feeling fine, but i will go to the hospital as my doctor instruct me.
James, everything is in your hand because i have decided that you are the one to accomplished my will, but try as much as possible to comply with the bank because if you dont comply with them, they can not be able to transfered the fund into your account.
Remember whenever you recieved reply from them, also update me, so that any time i check my box i will see your message.


Lets see if I can't tug on the heartstrings some more, and see the response. Obviously im not giving away any numbers or anything which requires me to take more risks, this is a test bait Wink

My Love

Thank you for your reply. I am sorry you are not good, but doctors are surely blessed by God to take care of you. I wish I was there with you, to hold you, to reassure you and t make you feel better, If i was not so deaf I would chat to yuo on the phone to hear your soft sweet voice. I love reading your mails.

Im aware everything is in my hands, i am complying with your request, but it's that bank which is holdiing us back, if they don't reply to me, or don't contact me, I can;t comply, it seems like it is them who are not complying with us. I can;t do anything untill they get off thier asses are check thier inbox, I sent my first message back to them. Im praying for you, for us

I miss you terribly, I wish I could see you

Jimmy xxxx

What im going to do now is let her dangle for 2 days and then reply later on this week, I know what im going to say to explain my absense, so stay tuned guys Smile

So our story picks up 2 days later as I promised. James has been 'away' so to speak. So lets continue

rosemary ferdinand <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear James,

Thanks for your lovely letter to me, and i appriciate it.
Do you mean that you have not got any mail from the bank?


I decide to reply, and attach some pictures, the first one is mock newspaper i did in paint Wink spot the 419 references. The other 2 are just pictures which came with my computer Razz Will she like them

Dear Rosey

I am sorry for my late reply. The reason was because I had to go away to attend a conference to help judge and allocate the grants for promising photographers for the autumn season. it went well and the quality was high. I even made the news! Which meant so much as you can imagine, I will attach a newspaper clipping i found online of myself via the papers website. I hope you enjoy seen my picture Smile I will also enclose some of the work i judged. I hope you have had a decent day too, I so wish I could hold you, stroke you, feel you and just try to cheer you up. You mean everything to me.

On a sadder note. The Bank still HAS not sent me any reply! I fired off another e-mail before I left 2 days ago, all I got was the auto message again. They are trying to stop us achieving your dream. =( I am doing my utmost best to comply with your wishes, but the bank still refuse to continue with relationship. You trust them more then I do, perhaps you can get in touch with them, I have had no luck, so maybe you can, you have known them longer and better, so I really would appreciate you trying to find out for me, you are in the better position. At the moment, our future depends on you getting in touch,

I hope to read from you soon

Jimmy xxxxx

NB: I need to try and get it uploaded first onto here. I can't use myspace for that. So bear with me on the artwork. Anyone who can help me upload it onto here properly is welcome to tell me
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