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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 11:58 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

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Subject: Re: really mad here
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Hello Friend,

Hope you are doing fine? My name is ( SGT 1ST CLASS ) THOMAS ALLEN HOFF, I am an American soldier, serving in the millitary army's 3RD Infantary division.

I would like to entrust a sum of about $15 M. USD on you and I am ready to compensate you with 20% of the total money. It is no stolen money, it is a share I got from the money found by my partner and I, we found this money in a box in a Farmhouse near one of Saddam's old palace in TIKRIT-IRAQ during a rescue operation. I need you to help keep this fund as I do not want to keep the money in my possesion right now to avoid suspicions from our government.

Please check this below link;

I am still here in Iraq and I need to get out the fund from here as ASAP for security reasons, I can transfer it to you and as soon as I leave here, I'd come over to meet you. Only attend to a message from me due to the various kind of risk/fraud that could arise from Internet fraud. So let me know as soon as possible if this is possible , reply via my email contact: [email protected]

Sgt.Thomas Alen Hoff

My response

Thank you for your email.

I am very interested in your proposition as I am always looking for further investment opportunities. However unless you are able to come to meet with me in the UK then you will have to provide me with some guaranteed proof of identity before I am prepared to proceed any further. I am afraid that a passport or other ID will not be suitable as I know how easily such things are forged.

I am sorry if I appear rude to you, this is not my intention, but when it comes to matters of serious business I do not have time for niceties. I am by nature a friendly and generous woman, but where business is involved you will find me deliberate and serious.

As I have indicated, I am very interested in your proposition, but before I would be willing to proceed or give out any private information I will require that you are able to send be some definite proof of your identity on some manner that cannot be faked. As I have stated previously, a passport or other ID will not be acceptable, as we have previously had some dubious people contacting us to send us false information and passport details, so I am afraid that such identification cannot be accepted.

I am happy to help you financially in this respect if needed as being experience in business I do know that transfers of such large amounts of money may require substantial processing fees, but first you will have to prove your identity to me. I am afraid that without proof of your identity I will be unwilling to proceed. My terms above are absolutely non negotiable. I do apologise if this offends you but I have to be extremely careful when dealing with such large amounts of money and with people I have never met. I am a very wealthy woman, and sadly some people try to take advantage of this fact.


Hello Friend,

Hello Angelique,

Thanks for your immediate response and for appreciating me as a Soldier here. I must tell you here isn't easy at all. We almost lost the battle but thanks to God it didn't happen. I was here with my younger brother, we both came here but he died about 2 months ago in a bomb detonation. I am aware of such internet scams too and we have to becareful as such people also hack people's conversation online too. And as for evidence, I am convinced as I do not know what I can provide as evidence or proof but I do have a Millitary ID here, although new Millitary ID card has not been issued yet, the one I have here expires last September, if you wouldn't mind I'd send it. I also have a picture of the box containing the fund as it was found.

This money is in a box as it was found, all we need to do is to take it off here as quickly as possible, we need to do is to locate a courier service so that they can pick it up. I talked to a diplomatic courrier already and they would deliver it.

Now, send your receiving information, that is Your name, address and phone to enable the courrier pick up the box for an immediate delivery to you. Please once again, we need to hurry up as the condition here isn't friendly at all. I need your assurance on the safety of the fund till I'd come over, a little bit worried on that as I never met you. please I need your assurenace
Sgt. Thomas


Hope you are doing well over there? I am worried never heard from you since 2 days now, I am not trying to hurry things but the condition here isn't allow slow process on this task, I just want the box to leave here as quickly as possible for safety and security reasons. Below attached are some proof, my ID card and a copy of the box. I beleive this should be enough. Please get back to me quickly with your details I need to send the box to you that is, your name, your address, direct phone contact and also would like to know your occupation and age. I'm worried please get back to me quickly.

Hello Sgt. Thomas:

Sorry for the delay, I have been really busy and haven't been able to converse. Please don't worry about this deal. I want it to succeed more than anything. Please I will do whatever you require in order to have a success lucrative deal.


Thom is beginning to get impatient

Hi Angelique,

Thanks very much for your response. I appreciate your courage too. Please you need to send me your personal info so that I can send the box to you quickly. I will use a diplomatic delivery service. Please send your name, address and phone contact quickly. I'm really worried about the safety of the box here, it is not very safe here, pls quickly so that I can send it immediately. I can't even concentrate here anymore, pls get back to me quickly. And please I wouldn't want you to tell anyone else about this deal as you know it is suppose to be highly confidential, I don't want anyone else to hear or get involve in this transaction. And please I need your assurance on the safety of the box when it gets to you till when I'd come over.
Sgt. Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your kind email. Here is my contact info. Full name:
Angleique Thorington

Address (private home):
65 Northumberland Street Edinburgh Midlothian EH3 6JQ United Kingdom

Tel: +44 7017 416235

Bank name and address:
Barclays Bank PLC
54 Lombard Street
Account Name:
Angleique Thorington

Account Number:

Sort Code:
22 14 73

Bank Telephone:
+44 8916 562 2121

Kindest regards,

Angelique Thorington


I don't need your bank details, the money cannot be transffered via bank transfer. It could be risky given your bank details online because of hackers, you know? we have to be verycareful. The money is in a box as was found, I told you that. All I need to do is to ship the box to you via a diplomatic delivery means. You will receive the box as a delivery package. I have talked to a diplomatic delivery courrier here, they offer diplomatic delivery service, they do not know the content of your items unlike other courrier such as DHL, FEDEX.

I'd go and send it immediately to your address now, okay? but before then may I know your more details about you such as your occupation, age and a clear photograph picture would be appreciated too.

Sgt. Thomas

I give him what he wants and an attached pic. of Rihanna

Hi Thomas,

You would like some personal info. Currently I am an exotic dancer, but feeling the beast of middle age stalking me. I am engaged to a hot blooded all american boy who was my pimp at one time. I don't know why we are still together. All he thinks about is me having breast implants. Americans...

I attached my picture for you.


He is not taking the bait yet, so it is time to start some real foolishness

Ok. cool,

Thanks so much for your corperation so far, I really appreciate it. The box is on it's way to you, the courrier company name is Vander Vliet, they offer diplomatic delivery service, they do not have to know the content of your items once it is registered with them unlike DHL, FEDEX and others which they must know the content of the items. so I did not disclose the content of the box to the delivery agent, they do not know what we have in the box, this is for safety reasons. The courrier company told me England is not in their delivery cashment route so they could not deliver to England but they told me they deliver in some country close to England, I chose Holland since they told me it is very close to England, it takes less 2 hours from there to England, I was conviced and agreed with them. The box was picked some hours ago and hopefully to arrive tomorrow, the delivery diplomats will arrive tomorrow and as soon as they arrive Holland, they'd contact you and give you instruction on the delivery protocols. The Transaction number to confirm the status of the box is IQ/ND/029. I want you to know that I'd be solely responsible for any amount it may cost you to get the fund to your country, england from holland. I'd let you remove any amount you might spend during the process from the box as soon as you collect it. And when i come over to England, I'd be given you the 20% as promised you earlier. I also want you to ensure me of the safety of the fund till I come over, I beleive in you and I know you can handle the whole thing without a problem. Please, when the delivery diplomats contact you from Holland, do not tell them it is money we have in the box for safety/security reasons, we need to becareful, if they know, they may tamper with it, you know? Please we just need to be careful.

Sgt. Thomas

(Now enters my fiance- Paul Allen)

Dear Thom,

This is angelique's fiance. How dare you try and take her money from me? I know that you are not really a soldier in Iraq and I know that you are trying to take all of her money. Well I want to help you succeed. Angie is beautiful, but an complete idiot. We can go in together and rip her off and split the money. It would be like taking candy from a baby. She doesn't know about this and as far as she is concerned, she thinks that she is keeping a secret.

If you accept this proposal let me know. If you do not however accept, then I will tell her the truth and you will get nothing.


Hi Paul,

I ain't cheat on people, I am not like that. I was also a victim of scam and I know how painful it is to have been cheated by someone else. I am sorry paul, I can't do that. God has already blessed me with enough money here, the money I found here is already enough for me, instead of you to cheat on your wife just because of money, don't worry, I'd give you some money when I'd come over to meet your wife. I am sorry I don't cheat on people. I ain't tell your wife about this your proposal because I know if she gets to know she would be very mad at you and I ain't want trouble between you guys. Trust me I'd settle you well when i come over.
Sgt. Thomas
(Whatever...Time to turn up the heat)


You are really a piece of work...You must be a complete inbred moron. I know that this is a scam. How do I know? Your English is rudimentary at best, sort of like the language of a foreigner posing as a brit or american. Admit that this is a scam or I will not only tell Angie but I will tell the treasury department, the fbi and the department of homeland security.

(He Responds)

Hey Paul,

Why would you want to scam your wife? do you not really love her? I ain't do that. Period. I was brough up in Jamaica probably that was why my english sounds so.

(Yeah not really logical, I know...)

Dear Thom,

What does bing Jamaican have to do with your god awful english. Does the english language change when it is written? Perhaps the rules of English grammar does not apply on your computer or on your flea infested island. This is the last time that I am going to warn you. If you do not admit that you are a lying piece of gnats piss, then I will tell the FBI, CIA, Department of Homeland Security and the US Treasury Department. If you are in fact a member of military personnel, which I doubt, you in the very least will be court martialed and potentially tried for treason.

Your last warning,


(Finally he breaks)

I never lied to you. Fuck off.

My message to my dear soldier in Iraq:)

Dear Thom,

You brought this upon yourself.

(Angelique's desperate plea...)

Dear Thom,

You didn't tell me anything about my picture. Do you think I am ugly? You must... Why else haven't you said anything to me. Paul is right, I am worthless, completely worthless. I just should just go kill myself.

Please help me

Hi Babe,

You are simply beautiful, really beautiful. No one ain't dispute that. I'm sorry i didn't make comment on the picture yesterday, you are really beautiful and every man out there would surely want to have a pretty angel like you around them, you are really pretty.

Do you understand all i told you about the shippment, you may need to travel to Holland to meet the delivery diplomats, the box will arrive Holland today. You already have the Shipping code number to track the status of the box (IQ/ND/029). The box should have arrived Holland by now, please call this number to confirm the status of the box +31 624 862300. once you give them the Shipping code, they'd be able to tell you if the box has arrived or not. Please do that right away. And like I told you, the safety of the box is most crutial and vital to us, I don't mind any amount it costs you to get the box to your country, I'd be responsible for it, you may also try to convince the delivery agents in charge when you talk to them if they could help you bring it to your country, satisfy them with anything they need to be convinced. As soon as you have the box with you, I'd let you open the box and take off any amount you might spend, then when i come around I'd be given you your 20% as promised you earlier. I beleive you can handle this task without a problem.
Please call the delivery diplomats if they've arrived holland or not. okay?

Sgt. Thomas

(I let him stew for a while)


Have you heard from the Delivery diplomats from Holland? if not please call them immediately to know the status of the box. I'm worried, highly worried.
Talk to them and get back to me quickly.

ca you tell me what is going on overthere? or you want me to die in anxiety
?[/i](We can only hope)

Dear Thom,

I received some information from someone that has disturbed me greatly. I can no longer participate in this endeavour with you. This has caused me too much pain.


what information? what are you talking about? OMG, you don't even care about the safety of the box. you would have told me b4 I sent it, what do you think will happen to my box now. OMG, please you need to do something,,, who is disturbing you?
I have been able to convince the delivery diplomats and they told me they can help us to bring the box to London now. So let me hear from you quickly so that I can give them go ahed to do that immediately.
Sgt. Thomas

(Now enters Barrister Greg Brady)

Dear Mr. Allen,

A client of mine has forwarded several unsolicited emails to me claiming that you are attempting to scam his fiance. He has stated that you threatened to kill him and her if they did not assist you on the aforementioned deal. During this process of the investigation, simply put, I need your side of the story in order to avoid any further investigative procedures, or worse, police involvement. Please know that if you did in fact threatened to kill or kidnap them, then that is a very serious crime and you could spend the rest of your natural life in prison, not to mention be thrown out of the military on your arse. It would be in your best interest to contact me.

Barr. Gregory Brady

(My soldier responds...)

You client is a bloody lier. He wanted me to help him rip his wife some cash which I wouldn't do. He's a notorious thief which we must get rid rid, his kind shouldn't exist at all. I had a deal with his wife and he wanted to take that advantage to cheat on his wife.
He's a bloody lier.

(You see his English is a bit under par for an "American" and all...) Now it is Angelique's turn...

Hi Thom:

I have been able to verify that everything isd on the up and up. Paul, my finace is going to meet the couriers, so let me know, so that I may tell him to meet them. Where will they be. Verification must be given upon their arrival.

I have been thinking...I have been dreaming about you, ever since I saw that photo of you. You seem so vulnerable so scared that I just want to give you my bosom an comfort and console you. Hopefully after all of this business, you can think about a little you and me. Paul is making me so unhappy and I just want my crown to come and rescue me. Is that too much to ask. All Paul ever wants is to screw me up the arse and if I refuse, he beats me. Is that love? Am I even worthy of love? One night he took off his boot and beat me so hard across the leg that I was bruised for 3 weeks. I may slit my wrists tonight...

What? I don't want you to involve Paul. Never, the deal is between you and I alone. Paul is not honest, he's a piece of stigma. I hate him. I really want you and I on this deal alone. okay? Yeah, I'd help you in whatever way you need my help, paul is not a kind of guy you should live or share your life with. He's a bastard. we can make things happen within ourselves. Do not involve him in this deal, do you hear me? So let me know what you think so that I can notify the courrier agents. You have to receive it for me and as soon as you receive it, you keep it off Paul, okay?
Sgt. Thomas

What is going on? let me hear from you quickly. okay?

Hello Tom,

I don't know which bunch or retards are the couriers, but I haven't heard from them as of yet. Your couriers have definately dropped the ball. Apparently the phone is too difficult to work. Give them my email address.

On a more lighter note, you never said anything about my proposal. Why not? I anxiously look forward to seeing you. I have dreamed about it every night. Paul doesn't know what has gotten in to me, because our love making has been out of this mindblowing. Let me know if this dream may be possible.


(This response is precious)

Hi Angie,

Of course, I like you but we'd talk more on that when we meet. You are really beautiful, I love what i saw. Now, email cannot work, okay? You have to make your phone available because when the courrier agents arrive your country, they'd contact you and tell you where to meet them to receive the box. You have to be more careful, do not let them know what we have in the box until you receive it, okay? give me a more reliable phone contact if the former one isn't in good condition, okay? I'm really worried on safety of the funds... I really hope you'd take good care of it and I want Paul fully out of this deal, oaky? please reply me quickly. I love you.

(Time for Greg Brady- remember he claimed that paul was a liar)

Dear Sgt:

A liar indeed? I would like to know exactly how you came by these funds and how you mean to get them here to the UK.


(I don't think he like Greg Brady)

I don't wish to discuss this with you. thanks

(You are not getting off that easy)

I am sorry, Sgt. but this is really not an option. I am authorized by my mandate as a barrister to protect any and all British Citizens. A failure to cooperate will cause,how do you say, a great deal of unpleasantness. Answer my ques. and cooperate fully, I give you my word that I will bother you no longer. I operate on the authority of the parliament and the British Crown. Again, I would like to know exactly how you came by these funds and how you mean to get them here to the UK.

Barr. Greg Brady

(From Sgt. Thomas)

I insist ain't discuss it with you.

Then you force me to contact the local authorities as well as the minister of the interior. If you cannot accept the authority bestowed upon me by the British Crown, then perhaps you will respect a summons to come to court. Maybe you could be locked up in the Tower. I will file the necessary motions and my secretary will be getting in contact with you.


Barr. Gregory Brady

(My brave soldier replies)

Go ahead and do it. I don't care. I ain't get anything with you. You must be foolish...suck my dick

I would if you had one you little inbred monkey. You are a moron!

(Soldier Boy is Upset)

Hey Angie,

Who's Gregory Brady? he troubles me so much, how did he get my contact? he claims he's a lawyer to paul.. the both of them have been troubling me. I didn't want to tell you but they are going too far. Angie, let me know now.. do you really wanna do this transaction with me any longer or not? this too much delay from your end is getting on my nerves, I'm worried about the safety of the box, it's been with the agents for over a week now. What is going on? Are you ready to receive it or not? I'm really mad here, you make me to worry too much... do you have 4, 000 GBP the courrier agents request for to make the delivery so that they can come with the box as soon as possible. really worried here, i'm in lots of anxiety
Sgt. Thomas

My love,

I am sorry for the late reply, but I confronted Paul and he indeed contact a lawyer here in the UK. Paul thinks that because I am a woman that I am stupid. I am so unhappy here. When you come to get the money, will you take me with you? Please promise me. Your email that said that you loved me touched me so much that I have decided to end my situation with Paul and devote my self in its entirety to you. Please tell me that you want me as much as I want you...It was almost lyrical like Shakespeare. You have pulled the heart strings to my heart so effortlessly. Thank you for being my rock. Don't worry, I am here for you and will support you in all things till death do us part.



Good as you've done. I promise not to disappoint you too and I'd do anything you want for you. Now, let me know if you have 4,000 Pounds courrier agents wan readyily available with you so that they can start coming with the box quickly. And please give me your phone contact now, I've been waiting to all day to hear from you. Give me the information now, your direct phone number and also confirm the availability of the fee required.
Still waiting here to hear from you.
Love you,

(You saw it, he loves me)


Paul is here. I cannot allow you to call me now. He has threatened to kill me for leaving him for you. I am so scared. My love, please don't abandon me. Promise to be here for me as I will always be here for you.

Your soulmate,

(Out of fear of losing this clown, I sent this)

Hey Thomas:

This is Angie's friend Michaela. She told me to contact you and gave me all of her info. for me to log on and contact you. That dirty bastard Paul beat her up so badly that she is on the way to the hospital. They are putting her on the gurney as we speak. You know how beautiful she is, well she is almost unrecognizable. I knew that she should've walked away from this madness, but I felt that it wasn't my place. Hopefully she will be able to recover with little permanent damage and piece together her life and be happy with you. Please take care of her. She is very fond of you.

I will let you know what the doctor says.


(Is he dumb enough to believe this?)

Oh Shit! I wish I was there... I would just kill him. Well, I'm so sorry to hear of all these. tell her I care for her and I wais her a very quick recovery. I love her also and promise to spend the rst of my life with her. I also need prayer from you guys, 14 US Army were killed in the last 48 hours, who knows what could happen next? I really need your prayers. Let her contact me as soon as she leaves hospital and tell her not to go back to the bastard again. okay?
can't wait to hear from her.

Yup he is...

ME Smith
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