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 My side bait with an AIDS sufferer. (tact is not my forte)

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2007 6:59 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Since joining up last month, I set out to bait just the one lad. He took his time and didnt respond til 3 days later. In the mean time I sent off another reply thinking the first one wasnt interested. i decided to keep the second one on as a bit of fun. Here's the story so far ...

Subject: God bless you and your family my dear God bless you and your family my dear
Your first reaction to this mail will be total rejection, scare and may
be unbelief, owing largely to the atrocities people committed these
days. But this mail comes from a devastated, sorrowful and emotional
ladened soul that needs compassion from a kind and good spirited person
to wipe away my tears, perhaps when i am gone beyond this sinful world.
As an international subject, therefore, with due respect and apology,
I want you to handle it very discreetly, confidentially and with utmost
For the sake of my children, who are the cardinal focus of this mail,
for their future survival and to avoid embarrassment, I do not want our
family name to be advertised or publicly discussed. Please, treat it as
and keep it permanently private. If you would not be in the position to
co-operate, please, forgive me for disturbing your peace. Ignore and
delete this message. I plead in the name of God.
My purpose of writing to you is to seek your assistance to handle and
manage my late husband\'s financial assets and take adequate care of
our young children, Duncan, 12years and Jennifer, 8years. They are both
studying in the American International School, Accra, Ghana.
My name is Mrs. R1ta h3ngs . I am a Ghanaian, a widow of circumstance,
married to an American Engineer who resided here in Accra, Ghana with
me before his untimely death. My husband died in plane crash while
to diagnose and seek medical attention for a sickness that defied
Presently, I am diagnosed to have a third degree HIV virus and
thereforen suffering a terminal sickness of ACQURIED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY
AIDS -. I may die any moment but wish you to assist in keeping the
family name and circle alive. This mail is written for me by the matron
this hospital, as I am too weak to engage in any other physical
Documented proofs for confirmation, on request, could be provided. I
have entrusted the sum of US$12,000,000.00 (twelve Million Dollars),
the accrued savings and life insurance gratuity of my late husband,
custody of a Security Company here in Accra. Ghana. Be informed that
this company does not know that the box I deposited with them ontained
raw cash. I only told them that it was personal belongings.
I want you to recover the money for your prudent care, management and
Use it to secure traveling papers for my children to leave Accra, Ghana
and train them as your adopted children.I place no conditions on your
management except taking good care of my children.I am not fearful of
death but I am seriously worried about the safety and future survival
my two children. I want this transaction to be handled with dispatch
before I give up the ghost. I will appreciate it the more if you give
your reply no
matter your state of mind, negatively or positively, it is all right.
Please, reply back to my private mail box( [email protected])
Thanks and God bless.
Mrs. R1ta H3ngs
Christian General hospital,
Accra, Ghana

blah blah blah. I reply accordingly :

Good Evening.

I received your email today and must express my sadness at your plight.
Please send to me further details as soon as possible so that I may be
of service to you and your family.


Mr D1rk D1ggler

And so :

Dear sir
I am very happy to receive your mail, now some part of my problem has been solved immediately I read your email, may the almighty god bless you.

First you will need to come down to Ghana to claim the fund which my late husband deposited with a security/finance company here in Ghana. When you receive the fund from the company you will immediately make traveling arrangement to take the children to your country as your adopted children and give them the best education.

you more. Send the following information to me by email immediately you receive this email;-
1) Your Full name as it shall appear in Banking Documents,
2) Your Contact Address, Company Name and Company Address
3) Your Bank Account Details for Transfer of this Funds
4) Scann and send to me by email attachment your International Passport for Indentification

I wait your response

Mrs. R1ta H3ngs

Again, a very standard reply :

Good Evening Mrs H3ngs

I hope you are feeling better today, I am very worried about you. Thank
you for your quick response to my email, I want you to understand that I
will do my best to help in any way I can.

I have read your email and also your first email to me and it is only in
your second email to me that you advised that I would have to fly to
Ghana. I am afraid this will not be possible. I have alot of commitments
at home and I also do not have a passport, as I am having problems with
renewing my old passport.

Please understand that i want you and your children to have a happy
life, however I did not know about travelling to Ghana until your second

I must presume that this arrangement has now ended our deal.

If there is any other way you think we can unite and help your children,
please do not fail to contact me.


Mr D1rk D1ggler

Then i got this :

Dear Beloved Mr D1rk D1ggler

May the peace of the Almighty Lord be with you and you family. I received your mail with thanks anyway. Sequel to your last mail, I am still suggesting you should claim this said fund from Ghana so that things will be lesser for us and how you will get to Ghana will never be a barrier to us because no matter what it will take us to Ghana I believe with God we will recover it back. So if you will renew your passport for traveling to Ghana that is fine I know very much about the time factor but let it get behind first till our transaction is concluded we can now then face our life.

Secondly, my children are very much feeling about their daddy and since their daddy died they have not been have the kind of joy their daddy brings to them even to see what they will has eat been a problem to me and their school fees as well so according to your mail to me if there is any help which you will render to me, if you will be able to send me some amount of money to help myself and my children so as soon as the payment transfer is done we can now settle every expenses make during transaction.

Please I will like you to get back to me with the fellows detail for easy communication.

THIS is the day that the lord has made that U and ME will rejoys and be glade in it and there is nothing that will make us not to rejoys AND HE a clean heart, renew and rise a spirit weaden US

before this week comes to an end, Beloved God will open the windows and the doors of favour and financial blessings for you like never before... if you believe say a big Amen and send to all ur friends including me....

Name In full__
Zip code:__
Phone Number____
Sex ____

Mrsrita H3ngs

Super ! Of course, I cant go to Ghana, and act unhappy about it.


I am pleased to hear from you, are you feeling well ? It fills my heart with great sadness to learn that your children miss the joy that their daddy brought to their lives. It is truly awful to know that you soon will also be dead from AIDS. Shocked

I can not fly to Ghana, or indeed anywhere in the world without my passport. For this I wish that the great God Almighty take a shit on the government who think people should have a document to travel somewhere !

I will consider sending you money, but I need your address so that I can send it to you. Forward me these details as soon as possible, also please advise on how much you think you would need to live a good life while my passport is processed.

Thank You and may God have mercy on you

Mr D1rk D1ggler

I got his back :

Dear D1ggler

Every day can be a beautiful day. Just take a look around you and think about all of the wonderful things you have to be thankful for... the sunshine, roses, laughter, close friends, family, music, and beautiful dreams. The storm is never half as bad as it seems. Don't let the rain ruin your day. When the dark clouds move in just smile, because the good times are on the way.
u will reign to the glory God in ur Family, in ur compound, in ur street, in ur church, and in anywhere u go in the name of Jesus Christ,Amen
What is life? Life is a gift, learn to treasure it. Every moment is precious , learn to cherish it. It is important to utilize the time we get, So that latter on we don抰 have to regret. God is there to look after us, We must be happy and never fuss.
Please my very good friend, kindly send to me the following information about yourself so that I will know you more. Send the following information to me by email immediately you receive this email;-
1) Your Full name as it shall appear in Banking Documents,
2) Your Contact Address, Company Name and Company Address
3) Your Bank Account Details for Transfer of this Funds
4) Scann and send to me by email attachment your International Passport for Indentification.
Let me have these information immediately you receive this email. Send them to me as quickly as possible so that we proceed to this transaction.
Immediately I receive these information ,
Mrs R1ta H3ngs

I thought I had made my passport situation clear. obviously not ....

Amen ! My the Lord Jesus Christ bless all of your family and neighbours !

Thank you for your email, your words of Christ have rejuvinated my spirit and made me dance to the music of the soul !

I am pleased you have stopped harping on about Ghana, as you know I cannot travel in the near future. I am however concerned that you insist on obtaining my personal details, especially such delicate information as my Bank Details. Also, why must you persist on a scan of my passport when you know that I do not have one ?

Please stop asking for this information as I will not be forwarding such information to you now or in the future. I am not interested in your 12 million dollars, I only want to help you survive for the sake of your children. For this you will need to give me your home postal address, please give me these details upon your response so that I can send some money to you to buy your children some food and clothes.

This is my offer to you. Please accept it or forget that we have spoken to eachother.

Praise be to God Almighty on High !

D1rk D1ggler

Now were getting somewhere Smile

Dear D1rk
It shall be well with you from this forth on. No matter how much your enemies try this year, they will not succeed. You have been destined to make it and you shall surely achieve all your goals this year. For the remaining months of the year, All your agonies will be diverted and victory and prosperity will be incoming in abundance. Today God has confirmed the end of your sufferings sorrows and pains because HE that sits on the throne has remembered you. He has taken away the hardships and given you JOY. He will never let you down. I knocked at heaven's door this morning, God asked me... My child! What can I do for you? And I said, Father, please protect and bless the person reading this message... God smiled and answered... Request granted, in JESUS NAME Amen.Infact I'm happy to have you
Thanks for your mail and also for the concern for my kids,i am really moved by it and i pray that God should be with you and bless you in all you do.
Below is the informations which you requested to use in sending the money for my kids through western union and when you send it do mail me with the informations on the payment slip so that they can go pick it ok because i am at the hospital now for treatment. when you send the money let me know an tell me how much you send to him


WHAT !? Shocked You were in heaven speaking to the big JC !? Shocked If thats the case, could you do me a small favour ?

Good Evening R1ta

Thank you for your delightful email. I am extremely elated that you have put in a good word for me with God. I am not a very religious man, but I do believe in God. I have tried talking to God but he does not talk back to me. Please could you ask God next time you speak to him the following three questions.

1. Why is there so much suffering in the world.

2. Who shot J.R. ?

3. When sign makers go on strike, is anything written on their signs ?

Please answer the above questions as clearly as possible, as they have long been a splinter in my mind and have kept me awake for many many nights.

Please tell me more about your condition and your health, as I am very concerned. Also please explain what you mean by a western union. I do not understand what you mean. I asked for your address so I could send you cash via post. Please reply as soon as possible. Also, I was thinking of including some gifts for you and your children. I will of course pay for the postage.

Please email me back as soon as possible


D1rk D1ggler

Typical Mugu - Cue the old Western Union line !

Dear D1rk D1ggler
A kid asked jesus how much do u love me? jesus replied. I love you this much and he stretched his arms to the cross and died for us if you belive in god you will I like you because of who you are to me. I treat you as a true friend.
wish u 12 mths of happiness 52 wks of peace365days of laughter 6256000mins of joy 31536000seconds of success
you can not send it to via post address only want you can do is to send it to THE WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER you can not get cash in via post address only in THE WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER
Here is the information you will use for sending the money and send me the informations which you used in sending the money ,dont forget to send it along with text question and answer and also send down your ID

Then soon after, I got this unprovoked email.

Dear Mr D1rk D1ggler
How are you today when you send the money let me know thsi is my new e mail box

, I ask You to bless my friend, relatives and those I care deeply for, who are reading this right now. Show them a new revelation of Your love and power. Holy Spirit, I ask You to minister to their spirit at this very moment. Where there is pain, give them Your peace and mercy. Where there is self-doubt, release a renewed confidence through Your grace. Where there is need, I ask you to fulfill their needs. Bless their homes, families, finances, their goings and their comings. In Jesus' precious name. Amen. (If the Lord lays upon your heart to send this to more than four people, you are truly blessed
Mrs R1ta H3ngs

A DHL address. Tsk ! Also you may see the answers to my questions have been ommited.

The Lord is my Shepherds Pie ! Laughing

How are you today my dearest Rita ? I pray to God that your impending painful demise will hold for the time being.

I have received some information from you, you say that you have a new email address, but then state it is a DHL Office. Please explain to me what you mean as I am confused. You stated that I could not post to you via postal service. Please let me be clear that you CAN send mail, as I am currently supporting a young Nigerian with his student fees. I have sent him a laptop computer and also 2 Mobile Phones and he has confirmed receipt of all packages.

I am extremely worried about your young children being left to fend for themselves while you are being treated in hospital. Please provide a clear and accurate postal address immediately as I intend to send out a donation to you and also some gifts for the children and yourself. If it is a DHL postal depot, please clearly set out the address in your reply in single lines.

As soon as you respond, I will travel to the city to buy some gifts. I also have a request. Please send to me a photograph of you and your children. I need this picture so I have an idea of what I need to buy.

Also please read my earlier email. I asked you 3 questions. Please answer these questions. By answering the questions, you will be releasing me from a great strain that I am under to understand the answers.

I await your urgent response.


D1rk D1ggler

And what do I get back for my charity ? More WU nonsense.

Dear D1rk,
What you have to do is end the gift to the stated address and the gift will be picked up,the information's which i sent to you is what the nurse attending to me gave me and he explained that he will pick up the gift at dhl office once you have sent it,that all you need do is mail me and tell me the content of items.You know that i am hospitalised and as such my kids can not pick up the gift as they are under aged.You should send the gift only through DHL but the fund send it through western union money transfer to the name i sent to you earlier,he has been very kind and understand to me since my stay at the hospital and i trust him.
I beleive this is clear to you now.
Mrs R1ta H3ngs

My Questions ??? Im starting to get a little impatient.


Dearest R1ta, I hope your feeling champion today. Thank you for your email.

You did not respond to my email properly. I asked you 3 questions to which I am desperate for the answers. This is the third time I have asked for the answers and my patience in this matter is wearing thin. You also did not supply me with a photograph of you and your children. And you also did not clearly state the appropriate posting address. Look below for example of how I need this address :

Name Of Recipient
DHL Office
Branch ???
Posting Code ???

I mentioned to you about my Nigerian friend who I am sponsoring. He has sent me some photo's and also some delightful poetry. In this life you have to give and take. You want to take everything and give nothing. You need to do 3 things by return email. then I can proceed to help you.

Things I need from you :

1 : A Photograph of you and your children

2 : Answers to my earlier questions.

3 : A clear address, written one line at a time.

I strongly urge you to do these 3 tasks as I have asked. It is not much for a dying woman to do. Consider your reply carefully.

Thanks and God Bless

D1rk D1ggler

Partial Success !

Dear D1rk

Name Of Recipient SUNNY 1YOR1OBHE
Posting Code 0233

Mrs R1ta H3ngs

There's a slight problem. You guessed it, its those damn questions ...

My Darling R1ta.

Thank you for your email. I am filled with joy to see that you have finally understood my request and have given me an appropriate postage address.

You seem to have forgotten to send me a photograph of you and your children. It is essential that you do this immediately as I would like to keep your picture so that I can see your faces. From this I can make good judgement on what to buy your young children as gifts. It is not essential that the photograph be taken for this reason, please feel free to send me an old photograph if it is more appropriate.

I will be heading into the city on Monday. Please send it before then as I will take it with me when I go to the shop to buy gifts for you and the kids.

Also, please answer my 3 questions. If you do not know the answers, please say this, as you have me thinking that you know the answers but are keeping them a secret. I will state them below one more time.

1. Why is there so much suffering in the world ?
2. Who shot J.R. ?
3. When sign sriters go on strike, what is written on their signs ?

I look forward to your response. Also, keep on fighting your horrible disease.

Chin Up !

D1rk D1ggler

Maybe this time ??? ...

Dear D1rk,
Thanks for your mail once more and i am happy that you finally understood the way to send to gifts you intend to with the address,well i must use this opportunity to explain a lot of things to you concerning the questions you have been asking.
I am using my lap top at the hospital to mail you now and i want you to put yourself in my position as someone bedridden and have been told by doctors that she's having a short time on earth,will you be concerned about pictures? i doubt.i don't want you to feel offended my dear but i am just letting you know how i feel regarding your questions,my kids are 12 and 8 years olds so you can get them stuffs within their age limit and God will bless you for that. i can not asure you that i am going to send any pictures to you because from your questions you seem not to beleive me and i am very much hurt about it.I asked you to send me your passport details and telephone numbers, you could not,i don't even know where you are from and i will like to know,don't you think it is right for me to know who you are? i feel it is right my dear.
Your 3 questions i am afraid i can not give you answers to them as i have none so pls bear with me. Whatever you have in mind for me and my kids but i want you to have it in mind that one good turn deserves another because it's a small world and you might never can tell where one needs assistance one day.You hurt me with your questions but i don't know the reason. I am living with a lot of pain,having to leave my kids at their tender ages in this vulnerable world and the rest.
Please no more questions my dear because of my condition i beg you in God's name,do whatever you intend to for me and my kids.
May God be with you.
Mrs R1ta H3ngs

AT LAST ! They werent the answers I had hoped for, but at least a 'dont know' will suffice. I would have slapped her for her grumpy attitude (AIDS or not !) but Im onto the idea of pretending to send a gift box so I want to keep it ticking over.

Dearest R1ta,

Thank you for your email. I am pleased that you are not dead yet. I hope you continue to defy the terrible disease that is sooner or later going to claim your life.

In regards to your email. Thank you for telling me that you do not know the answers to my questions. I was only asking you as you claim that you speak with God, and God knows everything. However I understand that he is a busy man and would probably not like being asked such questions.

About your picture. I realise that it is of little importance to you, but I am a man of great spirit. I love people and want to help anybody and everybody I can. I currently take care/sponsor over 15 people in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Brazil and Mexico amongst other places. I have a photograph of each person I sponsor because it gives me a personal connection and makes me feel like I know the person I am helping instead of just sending gifts to strangers. I have worked a number of years and have a large amount of money which does not make me happy like I once thought it would. This is why I sponsor less fortunate people than myself.

I kindly urge you to ask the doctor if they can help you to send a photograph. It is not about trust, you understand. It is a sign of gratitude for my charity. I beg you to reconsider and send me a photograph of you and your kids.

Also about the gifts. Please could you forward me a short list of items that you would consider essential. I do not want to send you something which you may not use. Do not be afraid to send me a request for something which you feel embarrased because it may be expensive. Please believe in me in that you cannot put a price on happiness.

Please reply asap, I am worried that someday soon you will be found dead in your sleep.

Yours faithfully,

Di1k D1ggler

I await her response. In the mean time, ive set up a post in the help forum for suggestions for the gift box (feel free to chip in with any ideas).

Will update as and when Wink

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2007 8:20 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I like this so far. Any straight bait that manages to avoid completely the whole "I've paid by WU/MG, here's the (fake) MTCN" thing is a good one, in my opinion.

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Good work and I hope you sock it to her (probably him). A scam that plays the AIDS sympathy card is particularly sickening in my books, because it co- opts what is so obviously a genuine problem affecting millions of Africans. Such scammers are like snakes in the well of genuine goodwill.

"I appeal to you for assistance to enable me to pay the Per Payment for the doctor in other to start the operation I can do to sustain my Daughtery."<br>
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 8:07 am Reply with quoteBack to top

good job Thumbs up

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 9:24 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I like it...its nice, clean and to the point. They also dont seem to have twigged yet, there's no hesitation in their replies or stupid questions. Have you thought about liasing with a charity organisation or church in say, Darfur where they can pick up their care package and perhaps also help the Sisters/Brothers of mercy out? Perhaps something needs to be smuggled out? After're giving him a care package, at least he can go get it (well, maybe not him, he's a deaths door, but perhaps a cousin)?


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PostPosted: Sun Jun 17, 2007 4:11 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

To make the bait more interesting, maybe you could suddenly become a disbeliever of AIDS.

Just google around a bit. The evidence that AIDS really exist is not quite strong and there are a lot of people who beleive it is a hoax. A big hoax that costs us a LOT of money.
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