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 How does your boss treat you?

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B. A. Ware
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 7:06 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I don't usually post my baits but this one has a nice twist.

Here it is.

I am a check mule. I tried to cash my first check from this guy and I got "arrested" and held in jail for 4 days last month. I explained that it wasn't my fault that our "customer" sent me a bad check and my "boss" decided that I had a certain, dedication.

He decided to give me more responsibility and offered to send merchandise that I could sell and keep 40%. I really wanted the stolen credit card numbers that were used to buy the stuff but I declined as my dropbox owner wasn't keen on the idea. (I don't blame her) He then offered an alternative, and after a few days of discussion I accepted.

He explained it:
He wrote:
Hello Brandon,
Thanks for keeping intouch , here is this how we go about it, am going to have a box of check sent to you,so when you recieve it then i will forward you client names and address with the amount to put on the check then were you see the signature line then you sign a signature well signed , and then you now put in the checks into an envelop and put each clients addresses at the back of the envelop, then i will now send you a ups account number which you will use to go and put it on the ups drop off box in an area closer to you , make sure it indicated next day clients gets payment the next day and cashed it then you send me your details which you will be using for western union to pick up payments sent to you.then from there you take out your percentage and will instruct you were to send the remaining to me.
Hope it understood clearly soon as the check box is sent out will immediately let you know to watch out for it.
Best regards


The checks haven't arrived and poor "Brandon Cattle" has bills to pay with no job. His electric has already been turned off and he is about to get thrown out of his apartment because he is a month behind on the rent.

I told him I borrowed some money from my mom to get my phone turned back on. He promised to call.

He called. and then he called again. and then, well lets just say he called my K7 number over and over. Nine times in two days. I was busy trying to earn a meal so I missed his calls. Wink

I didn't hear from him for a while so: (Yeah I know I broke the rule of making him get in touch with me but as you can see you have to be submissive sometimes. A slap isn't always the way to go.)

I wrote:
Mr. Collins
Did I do something wrong. I need work. Where have you been.

He wrote:
Hello Brandon,
Will give u a ring today, dont b offended was very busy , anyway i am planing sending you atleast some little money so probably you get an internet connection at home , so you dont need to go to the library anymore and will get some few things to you...e.g typing manchine, i will call you today to explain to you..just b patient you going to earn alot which you wont remember the past no more

Can you imagine my excitement. I'm finally going to get "Internet connection at home". Plus I'm getting a shiny new "typing manchine"(sic)
I didn't even consider that I haven't had electricity in over a month. How will this effect my new internet connection?

Mr. Collins pressed me on my whereabouts when he was trying to call me. Bosses can be so overbearing.
I wrote:
Mr. Collins,
I helpd my brother all day and when I got your phone massage it was 5:00. I looked it up and thats 12:00 midnight in England so I didn't want to call you and wake you up again. I just ran down here to the libary to send you a email. They close in 15 minuets so I will have to be fast.
I was hoping to have mail from you telling me that you sent the checks. I am in a hury to go to work. I need to earn some money to pay my bills and by food. I dont have time to check my mail box before I came down here so I will look when I get back home. I hope to have somethin from you.
I wanted to ask you a question. Will I need a car for any of the work I will do for you? The reason I ask is that I haven't had money to buy gas for 3 weeks so I am gonna sell my car so I will have some money. It isn't a very good car but I think I can sell it for $100 and that would buy alot of food. I am semding a picture of me and my car. Maybe you can send me a picture of your car. That would be cool.
Thanks again and please send me some work.

(sorry I didn't clean up the spelling)

I attached a picture of a '79 firebird. Primer gray. Sitting in a field of grass two feet high and a guy with a sweet mullet standing by it with a bottle of budweiser.

All I want at this point is a picture of his car. Very Happy

He offers something even better.
He wrote:
Got ur message, i will try and send you some cash by wu on tuesday which you can use over there for the main time ..while i am working towards the checks getting to you...waiting to hear from you


I have cash baited and it was tough to get it out of them. He is offering it and I didn't even ask. Shocked
I told him that my brother gave me some money so I don't need any from him just now. I want to work and earn my pay but he is almost insisting. Very Happy

I can't wait to see what happens.

I rarely straight bait. To those of you that think that straight baiting isn't fun, well, I hope this proves you wrong.

Brandon Cattle Wink
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 7:52 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hmm, not going to send you to 1TV5 for your WU payment is he?

I hear you never get your money that way. Wink

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