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 My Barrister Quit....

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2007 2:04 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I have been trying to claim $13 million from the organizing committee of South Africa World Cup. Apparently, the funds were left over and will not be used so the committee wants to bee-line out of the country with the $$. They need the help of a foreign partner. Crying or Very sad

The committee barrister suggested a "legal agreement" to protect all the parties concerned. I agreed and he whipped a nice 6 pager up.

Unfortunately, my attorney tracks any changes on the Lads MS Word doc, then PDF's the doc (with tracked changes showing) and sends it back to the committee attorney.
This of course results in the committee attorney having to start from scratch and create a new MS Word doc with the changes included.

After 11 revisions...the committee barrister sent this rambling, very frustrated message....

Let your attorney finish it and send it back to me now.
I am not going to make any more change to this agreement.
It is taking to much time away from my other duties and I cant afford to be your attorney anymore.
The attorney can make change all he wants to make but his work will not be recognised here in South Africa so I demand he stop making changes and get to claiming the surplus fund now.
Your attorney is using a method to make changes not needed for South Africa law. He is just making not needed work for me. I cannot make the changes he wants on his document and I must start over everytime he make a small change. It may be the method in your country but it is not the method here.
I quit as a legal practitionor if he sends me one more change regarding this transaction. I am very upset and filled with frustration now and will report to the committee my resignation if your attorney makes another change to my work.
I will tell the committee to find a new foregn partner to escape the changes your attorney assists on. You will lose the money and I dont care anymore. I hope you realize you will lose this money for no good reason. Just instruct your attorney to stop this now and accept the agreement before the money is lost to you.

You must be stupied and mad you bastard full she goat. (Charles Soludo)
Madam, is not your signature for Christ sack (Prince Tony Yobo William)
I will cock you in a bottle and add peper to your eyes while you will die (My lost love Lad...Morgan)
fuck off and never contact me any more get this insult to your entire family (Barrister Philip Nowoke after 9 futile trips to WU)
I don't know how you think they will be liking your asshole (Paul Mbecki - banker Lad)
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BAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! Oh, that's rich. Yeah, he's quitting. ROFL!

Send him a 6-page agreement (in PDF form) that he has to type up in order to formally quit the job. LOL!

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