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 Rebb Keene has steamy cyberberfun

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Tommy the Horse
Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2007 7:21 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I've just been chatting to a mugu on Yahoo Messenger, he suddenly want to talk filth...

Ask Postive is the mugu, I'm Rebb Keene

askpositive: ?i love that
askpositive: what turns u on pls?
rebbkeene: Yes
rebbkeene: I like scat
rebbkeene: do you like scat?
askpositive: how do u mean pls princess?
askpositive: tell me how to do that pls?
rebbkeene: Look here
askpositive: i love to put ur 36d in my mouth and suck it all nite long
askpositive: am going to shave ur pussy first
askpositive: wash u in the bath
askpositive: suck u in between
rebbkeene: COR!
askpositive: do u love that
askpositive: ?
rebbkeene: it makes me steamy
rebbkeene: I would like to to rotalise my conjunctor freemiest fist head
rebbkeene: would you do that to me?
askpositive: sure baby
askpositive: anything for my baby
rebbkeene: Insert a trivelt puch horner on me
askpositive: yeaaaahhhhhhhhh
askpositive: tell me more how u really want it baby
rebbkeene: Fill my wertfirst with conmaul
rebbkeene: Where are you?
rebbkeene: you make me so hot
askpositive: home baby
askpositive: yea
rebbkeene: speak sweet sugar to me, beast
askpositive: i wanna do it again honey
rebbkeene: Yeah!
rebbkeene: go on
askpositive: girl i wann make u sweat ,sweat till u cant sweat no more baby,and if u cry,am gonna push in some more baby
rebbkeene: COR!
rebbkeene: you are so sexy
askpositive: do u love to be bang hard or slowing baby
askpositive: ?
rebbkeene: 300 mph
askpositive: am going to make u groan
askpositive: thats cool
askpositive: can u call me tonight pls?
rebbkeene: You will make me spit and honk
askpositive: yaaaah
rebbkeene: Make me honk, you filthy ferret
askpositive: can i dip my fingers in ur *DELETED* pls?
askpositive: tell me what u have on now?
rebbkeene: You can do more than that, you can ram them in my fridgorama
askpositive: sure
rebbkeene: hey keep going
askpositive: am gonna do it the way u what it
rebbkeene: I'm nearly there
askpositive: what do u have on pls?
rebbkeene: I have nothing on
rebbkeene: Just a pair of welly boots
askpositive: really
askpositive: ok
askpositive: i love that
askpositive: tell me more pls?
rebbkeene: I have a sconfowl on my head
askpositive: am going to bang and bite ur tits at the same time
askpositive: ok
rebbkeene: bellowing over my finger
askpositive: ok
askpositive: love that
rebbkeene: Do you like it when the scornfowl bellows on my finger?
askpositive: yea
rebbkeene: Take me to Ullapool and back!
askpositive: ok
rebbkeene: tell me more
askpositive: why dont u go buy cam tomorrow so that i can see u?
rebbkeene: I can't afford one right now
rebbkeene: you'll have to wait, big man
askpositive: but why baby
rebbkeene: I don't have enough money
rebbkeene: speak more filth to me, honky horn
rebbkeene: Speak some fith at me
askpositive: spread them wide apart pls
askpositive: cos i wanna suck u nut baby
askpositive: i wanna suck the hell outta u
askpositive: ok
askpositive: here i go
askpositive: ok
rebbkeene: make me honk
askpositive: hmmm
rebbkeene: tell me more about you spittlethrum
askpositive: do u mind if i tie u wt rope
rebbkeene: You can tie me with a firewire halfput
rebbkeene: I love that
askpositive: yea
askpositive: i screw the hell out of ur c**t?
askpositive: love that
rebbkeene: tell me how you will make me spit!
askpositive: now are u ready to love me
rebbkeene: Yes
rebbkeene: YOume me spit on the dog
rebbkeene: p'igh'p'
rebbkeene: I can mor ytpe protery
rebbkeene: I just spat on the dog
askpositive: cos i want someone to love me
rebbkeene: I love you
askpositive: show me pls?
rebbkeene: You are so dirty
askpositive: cos i feel the same too for u
rebbkeene: You are the first man to make me spit on the internet
askpositive: Whats ur name?
rebbkeene: Rebb
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