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 It's over... but then again...

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PostPosted: Thu May 10, 2007 1:25 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

found his maga slipping away thanx to a Ladette from the EFCC (actually an old letter saved for times like this) so he went for plan B:


I have not heard from you. I hope all is well? I have news for you, i have made up my mind not to continue this transaction with you. I have been hanging on to you because i thought you were going to make a good business partner because of your exposure, experience and intelligence. Moreso, the fact that you live in Australia, a Country i see as a place i would really like to stay and enjoy my money and do profitable business with your kind partnership but i can see that i am wrong. It is obvious that you are determined to see me loose this money but NO because i have committed so much into it and i have worked too hard for it and believe in it.
So i beg you in the name of GOD to please sign the attached POWER OF ATTORNEY accordingly and send back to me so that my new partner, Mr. can help see this transaction through with me. He is a good man, very courageous and determined. On completion, we will be generous enough to still make avaliable to you 10% of the funds for your troubles. I have told him this and we have agreed.
Please this is very urgent as we cannot continue to have that funds hanging.
Thanks and remain blessed as i wait for your prompt response.

I wasn't impressed:


So you've decided to dump me? Excuse me, but I cut you loose a while back. Are you trying to save face? Then you're an even bigger bonehead than I ever thought.
I am not going to sign this gorram power of attorney. It's a complete sham, just like you a shabby, pathetic little pretense. And to the end, you want a copy of my ID. Why do you have such a hard-on for my passport? Is it so you can do some identity theft along the way? Man, you must think everyone is as stupid as you are.
I'm forwarding this to at the EFCC. Maybe they'll pay your lawyers a visit. See? I am going to earn my 100 grand.
So long, c0cksuck3rs!

The response is a rather weak threat:


You know what? you are so shameless. You just sign that power of attorney and let me go on with my business you looser. If you think you can make me loose what i have labour so hard for i will so hunt you that you. I promise you.
So let's be on the safe side and relinquish your interest by giving me that document and good bye.

I was even less impressed:


This is truly hilarious - you, the lowlife scumbag bunco-artist, calling me shameless? You, the cock-sucking bottom-feeder, calling me the loser?
Feel free to come after me and "hunt me". I live in a desert town in the Dead Heart. I have the skills in combat and survival that 14 years in the Marine Corps can give you - and so does my buddy Jay. I will see you coming and I will kill you. The Dead Heart can hide a lot of secrets...
To be on the safe side, why don't you just kill yourself?

I filed the bait away as "completed" but then this arrived:


It has not gotten to this. Anyway i am sorry about my outburst. Is just that any time i think about how you lead me on, only to make me loose all that i have laboured for, i feel very terrible. All that money? I have worked for it for years, i have put in time and money, you cannot do this to me.
I want you to know that i do not need your money to achieve this, all i need is your commitment and sincerety. Please have a rethink and lets carry it to a successful conclusion.
Better still, if you do not really want to be part of it anymore, fine. Just sign for me the Power of Attorney so that Mr. Victor can help out. I will still conpensate you at the end. Think about it. I think is a fare deal.
Please forgive me and lets be friends again. I wait for a positive response.

After some thought I wrote back:


You didn't need my money? Then what the hell was asking for, poker chips? He wanted over twenty grand!
Look, I do not know what to believe any more as has not replied to my most recent messages. I'll give you some elbow room - just tell me exactly what you mean by "[my] commitment and sincerety" in this context.
I won't forget that threat - but then you won't forget what I said either. Just remember that I've killed for my country and let's bury the hatchet.

I just wonder what's going to happen next. This Lad has been so low-maintenance, I'm thinking of turning up the heat and aiming for a trophy...

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

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