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 Milly goes supersonic (NSFW)

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PostPosted: Thu May 03, 2007 5:37 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This "supermodel from Ghana" has gone through a few ridiculous modalities with me now over the past month, any one of which would surely have twigged the most naive lovesick puppy as to what she was about, so I thought it was time to burn her good and proper when she handed me this whopper.

In order not to give her too much insight into where she went wrong, I've deliberately screwed up the maths. Accra is in fact only about 3000 miles from London although that's still a six and a half hour flight.

Apologies to anyone with a sensitive disposition for the language, but I really wanted to try and get her to lose it and start flaming me back. I don't think I quite pulled it off until the last line but it sure was fun trying.

milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:22:45): hello
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:22:47): how are u
me (03/05/2007 17:22:53): Hi. I'm good thanks.
me (03/05/2007 17:23:05): Um... aren't you suppose to be flying out soon?
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:23:08): im also well darling
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:23:30): im taking my flight tonight
me (03/05/2007 17:23:52): How long to go now?
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:24:18): 5 hours more
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:24:50): my nicee is here in ghana so i will be coming
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:24:58): by 10pm i will be there
me (03/05/2007 17:25:07): That's great.
me (03/05/2007 17:25:12): I'll be there to meet you.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:25:18): okay
me (03/05/2007 17:25:38): Anything you want me to bring to the airport?
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:26:11): as i told u get a nice and well sented rose flower for me
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:26:18): and a jet
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:26:27): so that i can use it
me (03/05/2007 17:26:30): A jet?
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:26:36): yes
me (03/05/2007 17:26:42): Um... what sort of jet?
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:26:57): to keep me warm
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:27:09): the weather is too high
me (03/05/2007 17:27:11): I'm not sure I follow you here.
me (03/05/2007 17:27:21): Anyway, not to worry. It's nice and warm here too.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:27:40): okay i see
me (03/05/2007 17:28:03): We've had a bit of a heatwave the past few days.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:28:11): okay
me (03/05/2007 17:28:26): Hang on just got to get phone.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:28:28): i will be using laptop in the plane so today dont sign off
me (03/05/2007 17:28:54): That's very nice of them.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:29:05): okay
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:29:29): u need to be online so that i will be giving u more information okay
me (03/05/2007 17:29:54): Oh, what do you have to give me?
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:30:13): nothing better
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:30:38): but any step i take i will let u know at the airport
me (03/05/2007 17:30:46): Oh OK.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:30:59): when the plane took off u need to know
me (03/05/2007 17:31:17): Well, I can't be online all evening though. Have stuff to get ready for your arrival.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:31:34): that is nice of u dear
me (03/05/2007 17:31:48): Well, it'll be a pleasure to see you after all this time.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:31:55): me too
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:32:14): i wish that im in the sky now
me (03/05/2007 17:32:49): Well, you should be soon.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:33:04): okay dea
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:33:15): dear what about my mum
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:33:25): i cant leave her like that
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:33:27): plz
me (03/05/2007 17:33:34): She'll be OK with your niece around, won't she?
me (03/05/2007 17:33:55): I'm sure you wouldn't even have considered coming here if you thought she couldn't cope by herself.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:34:13): yess i know that she will be well
me (03/05/2007 17:34:33): That's good.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:34:33): but the food stuff i told u
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:34:35): plz
me (03/05/2007 17:34:42): You just need to enjoy yourself for a bit.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:34:47): u need to do something about it now
me (03/05/2007 17:35:09): I'll give you some money when you get here and you can send some of that back if you want. It won't be long at all now. Just another 7 hours or so, eh?
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:35:58): that is nice idea but my nicee dont have id card to cash money here in ghana
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:36:06): so i need to do that
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:36:18): and go to the market and get the food stuffs now
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:36:23): plz understand me okay
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:36:45): i need to do all this
me (03/05/2007 17:36:50): Um... aren't you just about to get on a plane now?
me (03/05/2007 17:37:03): I'd have thought you should already be checked in.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:37:03): yes 5 hours more
me (03/05/2007 17:37:31): I thought you were getting here in less than seven hours?
me (03/05/2007 17:37:35): I'm confused now.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:38:26): yess i can go to the bank within 30 min and cash the money and by the food stuff so that by 6pm i will be at the airport
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:38:55): i have packed all my belongs in my bag and by 6pm i will be at the airport
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:38:57): okay
me (03/05/2007 17:39:00): Don't you need to check in earlier than that?
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:39:29): no that is the time i need to be there
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:39:33): 6pm
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:39:37): fixed timem
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:39:41): and i will be there
me (03/05/2007 17:39:46): So, when does your flight leave then?
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:39:58): 7pm
me (03/05/2007 17:40:01): You'd better give me the details again as I was going on it leaving at 6PM
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:40:30): i will be leaving the house at 6pm and my flight will be 7pm
me (03/05/2007 17:40:32): That's what you'd told me yesterday.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:40:37): that is all
me (03/05/2007 17:40:40): When will you arrive here then?
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:40:55): by 10 to 11 pm im there
me (03/05/2007 17:41:21): That's a quick flight.
me (03/05/2007 17:41:40): Are you sure that's right? It seems a long way to go in just three hours.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:41:45): yess plz
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:41:51): that is all right dear
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:42:15): u will see things ur self in few hours
me (03/05/2007 17:42:20): Are you really flying tonight or are you just having me on here?
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:42:27): yes plz
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:42:30): i swear
me (03/05/2007 17:42:41): I'll be really annoyed if I go to the airport and you don't turn up.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:43:16): but trsut me and i swear and promise that im coming
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:43:21): plz trust me
me (03/05/2007 17:43:54): I don't belive you.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:43:55): u jsut let me get the food stuff now so that i can do the next step
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:44:19): plz belive me and trust me
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:44:25): im not a lier
me (03/05/2007 17:44:27): It's five thousand miles from Ghana. You can't fly that far in three hours.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:44:58): just be at the airport at 11pm and u will see me
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:45:01): i swear to u
me (03/05/2007 17:45:03): Either you're getting a lift from the air force or you're lying.
me (03/05/2007 17:45:08): Your call.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:45:47): by 11pm around u need to be the aiport to pick me
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:46:00): i cant lie to u i swear that im coming
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:46:04): plz undernstand me
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:46:07): oky
me (03/05/2007 17:46:15): Well, what am I supposed to belive?
me (03/05/2007 17:46:22): That you're going to travel 5000 miles in three hours?
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:46:45): u need to belive me i cant lie to u
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:46:52): plz im not a lier
me (03/05/2007 17:47:08): Prove it.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:47:25): and i will prove it to u tonight
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:47:48): do u know how hurry to meet meet u
me (03/05/2007 17:47:50): Explain yourself. Where are you really right now?
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:48:08): im in the house
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:48:14): fininsh cooking
me (03/05/2007 17:48:21): Wrong answer. You lose.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:48:49): and i will leaving to the airport at any moment from now
me (03/05/2007 17:49:24): I don't believe you.
me (03/05/2007 17:49:35): I'm starting to think that you've just been wasting my time all along.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:49:39): why are u saying that
me (03/05/2007 17:49:54): All I ever hear from you is requests to send money.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:49:55): plz no how can u think about that
me (03/05/2007 17:50:27): I'm only glad you didn't get the first lot I sent.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:50:53): it seems that u dont want me to meet me
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:50:57): tell me
me (03/05/2007 17:51:05): I don't want to meet a liar and a crook.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:51:13): why a
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:51:20): why are u saying that
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:51:43): why u have let me waste my money to buy the ticket and all that
me (03/05/2007 17:51:47): Because there's no way you could fly from Ghana to here in three hours.
me (03/05/2007 17:52:00): I don't believe you ever had a ticket now.
me (03/05/2007 17:52:08): I don't believe anything about you at all.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:52:28): as i told u around 11pm u need to be at the aiport
me (03/05/2007 17:52:41): You're an evil woman.
me (03/05/2007 17:52:52): Asking me to come to the airport when you know damn well you won't be there.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:53:17): i dont know what is wrong now
me (03/05/2007 17:53:21): You've wasted my love and my money. Now you want to waste my time too.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:53:44): plz im sorry if i have offened u
me (03/05/2007 17:54:08): Oh, and what's that apology worth?
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:54:23): give me ur number so that when im at the airport i will call u
me (03/05/2007 17:54:28): Another sick sad lie in another long line.
me (03/05/2007 17:55:25): Sure. Call me if you want. I'm on XXXXX. I don't believe you will though.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:55:40): if im lieing i cant give u the flight details
me (03/05/2007 17:55:56): Give them to me then. I'll see if they check out or not.
me (03/05/2007 17:56:09): I seem to recall you gave me a bogus number yesterday too.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:56:23): CH44
me (03/05/2007 17:56:32): What airline is that then?
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:56:43): BRISTISH AIRWAYS
me (03/05/2007 17:57:05): Don't talk such rubbish you stupid slut.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:57:32): what u mean
me (03/05/2007 17:57:47): I mean you're a lying cheap whore.
me (03/05/2007 17:57:55): Hope you're dying of aids.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:58:12): i have drop my flight
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:58:24): it seems that u dont want tom meet me
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:58:43): i wll be in oxford with my friend
me (03/05/2007 17:58:45): Well, you obviously don't want to meet me otherwise you'd have booked a real flight with a real flight number.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:59:05): i wll be in oxford with my friend
me (03/05/2007 17:59:17): Yeah, and I'll be in the vatican smoking dope with the pope.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:59:35): i will not meet u again
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 17:59:50): i will be in oxford with my friend
me (03/05/2007 17:59:56): I wouldn't fuck you up the arse with a broomstick if we ever did meet.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 18:00:29): im calling my friend now to meet me at the airport
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 18:00:49): give me ur address so that one day i will pay u a viste
me (03/05/2007 18:00:52): I'm sure the only friends you have are imaginary ones.
me (03/05/2007 18:01:24): Sure. My address is 12" Bell End, London SE27 7UP
me (03/05/2007 18:01:38): Feel free to pop round whenever you want. Since I know you're not coming, I couldn't give a toss.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 18:02:17): okay i got ur address now
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 18:02:46): if im not online for past days think that im there
me (03/05/2007 18:03:29): I couldn't care where you are. You're obviously not coming here though.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 18:03:37): im coming
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 18:03:59): u will see me at ur door and u wil be crazy to meet me
me (03/05/2007 18:04:16): I'll believe that when I see it.
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 18:04:34): okay
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 18:04:41): i promise u that u will see me\
me (03/05/2007 18:04:41): Not that I ever will.
me (03/05/2007 18:05:12): Has anyone ever told you that promises are worthless once you've broken one of them?
milly_in_love adomah (03/05/2007 18:05:36): stupid
me (03/05/2007 18:08:51):

Just to let you know, the address is fake, but should give everyone at the sorting office a good chuckle should it ever be used. The phone number is naturally my K7 one and yes, there's already a message on it, although it was only 7 seconds of static and incoherent murmuring before hanging up.

I think I'll let her stew for a week or so before attempting a reconciliation, eh? :twisted:
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My crazy lady charater sent that last link to the barrister I'm currently twisting. Twisted Evil
I've never done IM I think I want to try it tgough.
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I'm organising a mass YIM bait on the panty lad if you're inerested.

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