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 Tolu lives

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2007 3:47 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

THis guy was on my friends list, and I didn't even add him.I log into yahoo messenger and he PMs me.This is how it goes.Do tell me what action, if any has been taken and if anyone here has had similar encounters.

rest (5/2/2007 8:33:01 PM): am tolu
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:33:01 PM): hiiiiiiiiiiiii
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:33:44 PM): ok!
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:33:59 PM): and how do I know you?
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:35:33 PM): fine
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:36:09 PM): i am orphan chld
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:36:16 PM): nice to know u';rhey i'm glad to know u're fine, but first i need to know who u are!
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:36:31 PM): and i need a person that can take care of me
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:36:46 PM): bcos my parent have died
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:36:50 PM): okay
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:37:31 PM): my father was canada and my mother was west africa
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:37:58 PM): so where are u chatting from dear child?
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:38:04 PM): so when they died the family of my mother ask me to come home
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:38:20 PM): ok
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:38:21 PM): from west africa
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:38:33 PM): ow old are you?
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:38:42 PM): 17yrs
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:39:11 PM): i dont think u need to be taken care of dude.At your age YOU should be taking care of someone.
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:39:39 PM): i wll be so greatful if u can help me
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:40:02 PM): no buddy, YOU alone can help urself.
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:40:04 PM): u known here is poor
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:40:04 PM): i need to go to school
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:40:11 PM): ok
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:40:15 PM): u need money
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:40:21 PM): that's easy
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:40:27 PM): how much
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:40:47 PM): i just want u to take care of pls
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:41:04 PM): of course son.doesn't everybody.
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:41:13 PM): where are u right now?
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:41:26 PM): okay
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:41:47 PM): i just want u to send me to school
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:41:48 PM): okay
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:42:04 PM): ok buddy.GO TO SCHOOL!
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:42:22 PM): when it tommorow i will show u my cam
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:42:26 PM): tommorow
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:42:57 PM): if u see me now u will known that i am very poor
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:43:52 PM): are u there
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:44:25 PM): of course.I'm always there to HELP people like you.
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:44:36 PM): do u have phone
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:44:44 PM): so i can call u
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:44:55 PM): no, i'm not that rich
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:45:03 PM): no phone. sorry
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:45:07 PM): okay
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:45:26 PM): i can give u my own phone number
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:45:30 PM): u did not tell me how much money u need
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:45:59 PM): oh, so poor lil kid has a phone
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:46:17 PM): i just want u to take me to schoo;
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:46:29 PM): just my friend phone
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:46:38 PM): okay
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:46:41 PM): why, nobody is there to take u to school?
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:46:51 PM): nope
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:47:00 PM): is someone being rude to you in ur house?
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:47:03 PM): that is why am chatting
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:47:15 PM): which city are u from?
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:47:18 PM): yes
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:47:31 PM): osogbo
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:47:38 PM): does anybody beat you?
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:48:01 PM): nope
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:48:16 PM): but they take me shameless
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:48:31 PM): that is why i need help
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:49:05 PM): ok son, u r too far away from me to help you.But I can tell you who u can call.ok?
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:49:30 PM): what u say
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:50:01 PM): okay
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:50:02 PM): give me now
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:50:19 PM): tell me now
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:50:38 PM): wait pls
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:50:45 PM): okay
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:51:23 PM): be fast
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:53:30 PM): are u there
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:54:08 PM): yes wait
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:54:14 PM): okay
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:54:16 PM): be fast
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:54:31 PM): can he call me pls
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:54:56 PM): call the police
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:55:05 PM): give me your number
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:55:11 PM): i'll ask them to call you
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:55:39 PM): police will call you, ok? now give me your number.
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:56:10 PM): my friend is in the cybercrime dept of Nigerian police, amybe he can help you.
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:56:37 PM): +2348067543647
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:57:21 PM): what is your name dear
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:57:29 PM): or 070-534-6892
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:57:37 PM): tolu
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:58:39 PM): why did u want to call police to arrest me why
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:58:51 PM): i am not a scammer
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:58:53 PM): okay
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:59:12 PM): police will help you
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:59:18 PM): okay
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:59:22 PM): byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:59:26 PM): wait
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:59:36 PM): okay
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:59:43 PM): ok, i have given ur number t othe police,m they will call you.wait.
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 8:59:53 PM): u are near the phone, right?
tolu rest (5/2/2007 8:59:59 PM): byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 9:00:15 PM): where do you live, they will come to your hopuse
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 9:00:59 PM): give your address
johnny_dushman (5/2/2007 9:04:01 PM): give me your address, i am on the phone with the police, they can help you

...and that was the last I heard from him.Well, atleast as of right now! I googled for his name and came across this forum. Hope this is of some help in any way possible to victims/ prospective victims.
Do leave your comments if you have the time to spare. Smile
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PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2007 4:11 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

17 with a phone/ phones and he doesn't want the police to help him,
geeee I wonder why Rolling Eyes
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PostPosted: Wed May 02, 2007 11:15 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

hmm, that sounds very weird....hes begging online for money or by his private little phone line, he doesn't need help.....i like your reply 'ok. go to school!' lol
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