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 My First Real Bait

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Apprentice Fence Mender

Joined: 12 Apr 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2007 5:50 am Reply with quoteBack to top

My very first bait was canceled when I signed a bunch of guestbooks and answered all the mails I got... Inbox was packed so I restarted, so this is my first real bait. Now I have quit... I have done a few small ones, but forgot about them after like a week.

I finally stopped being lazy, and decided I could post my bait.

    The Baiter - Sam
    The Scammer - Robert
    The Barrister - John
    The Bank/Security Company - Bank
    Comments - Me

Me to Robert

I will definatly help you transfer the $12.4M and then share it with you, just tell me all the info you need from me and I will send it ASAP.

5/13/06 Barrister wants his money.

Me to Barrister
Before I send you money, I think I need a little more proof that your real, and not a scum bag scammer. So if you have any proof email it to me ASAP.

Robert to Me
How are you doing?
I received a call from Barrister Johnson.And he is
not happy with you, he made me to understand that you
called him a scammer only because he asked you to pay
some money to enable him start the documents.
To be frank, i am not happy with the way you spoke to
him according to what he told me. This man has a lot
of part to play in this transaction, without him the
fund may be impossible to claim.
I red the mail he sent to you which you also sent to
me.That should not make you to talk to him the way you
I have appologised to him on your behalf and i also
told him that you are going to write him to say you
are sorry any time from now.
Plaese, good friend, to help this transaction go on
smootly, try and give him call or email him saying
you are sorry.
We cant afford to halfway this transaction amd lose
all the money just because of a little
missunderstanding with the attoney.Please, dont let it
happen.Tell him that he is going to have his 5% of
share as soon as the transaction is over.
I will be glad to hear from you real soon.

5/15/06 the bank wants a document, and I get it to them on 5/20/06

Me to Robert
I never called that liar a scammer! I think you need to appologize to me! You couldnt do this without me at all!

Me to Barrister
I said I wanted to see if you were real or just a scum bag scammer, I never called you a scum bag scammer! So are you saying you are fake and a scum bag scammer?!?! I think you should apologize!

5/17/06 barrister tells me he can proof it, but how...?

Me to Barrister
Take a photo with a code that makes no sense on a sign. The code is so I will know that you could not have just looked for a picture on the internet. The code shall be "STFU N00B". And sorry I forgot to send you my family picture, so I' send it with this.
Attached was a dll named family picture.

5/22/06 Barrister wants me to send a money by WU, so I send him a 2 page form.

Me to Barrister
I just got back from Western Union, and they said they needed you to fill out a two page security form. They told me it was there new policy. so I am sending along the forms that you need and then when you are done send them to me, I will take them to the Western Union, and then I will send the money! But please go fast! We already wasted alot of time and I would realy like to get this money out of the bank!

Email me as sone as you get the forms done and send them with the email, ok? The bank emailed me and we have very little time left!
Attached was a 2 page form.

5/24/06 He sends the forms, but o no, WU wont accept a non 100 percent filled form!

Now he want me to send it with moneygram, but o no they just got forms too!

5/28/06 O crap DHL have 4 forms, but so far he has only filled the WU.

5/30/06 he fills the WU forms again, but still wrong. 5/31/06 he resends the same form and says its right.

Barrister to Me
Dear Sam Baitin,

I have not hear from some days now. What is going on.
I have not recieve the payment information from you
since you make the payment.

Please get back to me immediately you recieve my mail.

Me to Barrister
Dear Barrister,

As you should know -because Robert was going to call you- I have been in the hospital forthe last two weeks.

While I was gone I lost your payment details so please send them again and we can hopfully (as long as the bank understands that I was in the hospital) send the document to the bank after I pay you.

Barrister to Me
I am very sorry Mr. Sam Baitin. How was your health, i
hope you are geting better now also your family.I pray
almight God will heal you ok.

This is the information. PLEASE SPLICT THE MONEY INTO
TWO PLACE, LIKE $1,500.00 THEN $1,280.00 WHICH THE
TOTAL OF $$2,780.00 through western money union

Western union money transfer information

Receiver name: chukwuocha Collins chukwunenye
Location: Nigeria
Text question (who are you)
Answer (collins)
Money control number:

Send the western union control number via email
immediately with detail fill in western union office.
As soon you make the payment send all the information
filled in western office direct the vias email
immediately for confirmation your payment.

Note; send the following information to me immediately
with out delay.

Below is information:

(1) Senderís first name

(2) Senders last name

(3) Senderís middle name.

(4) Senderís address.

Please I needed to know address of senderís
immediately to enable me received the money.

Congratulation once again.

Me to Barrister
I have sent the western union secure transfer to Niger like you asked. Do you need the control number?

Ok its 1:41 AM, and I have been procrastination on this since 10/29/06 so...

K... I got him to fill a couple forms, tried to get him to goto Niger, I got the moneygram forms from him, I was in the hospital again, and then he cursed at me.

If anybody is willing to post a better version of this please PM me, I am way too lazy to publish this.

They should have an email service just for baiters where you can select emails to include in you published bait, and then it automatically puts in bb code, or html.

Guess who's back - back again. Loinkys back,
tell some... people in need of fence repairs Confused
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Elite Baiter

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2007 2:03 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This man has a lot
of part to play in this transaction, without him the
fund may be impossible to claim.

Sack him!
Slap him - something like "I cant believe when i ask for verification of his authenticity as i have been robbed before - he felt it was a personal attack on him, if he is too busy with his goats to actually do the work then i suggest we move forward immediately with a new barrister my funds are now waiting - UNLIKE you who are totally unprofessional, i have my money ready, so get off your lazy ass and leave the goats alone and find at once a new barrister who will assist me to finish this AT ONCE! now get out of here and do the work OR ELSE I WILL take my money to someone who isnt a DRUNK goat worrying person"

1x United Kingdom 0x
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I make software that drives lads crazy. Thats my revenge on lads. (it all helps)

this transaction is 100 percent risk/hitch free - bobo

why no pay me - abum bello
because the cops will know it was you - me
ok this is good - abum bello
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Apprentice Fence Mender

Joined: 12 Apr 2006
Posts: 257
Location: Over here.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2007 1:08 am Reply with quoteBack to top

The bait ended 10/29/06, lol.

Guess who's back - back again. Loinkys back,
tell some... people in need of fence repairs Confused
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