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 An Ebay gift for a Nigerian Relative

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Very Happy Hello all. Not a complete newbie. Not been around for more than a year and my username fell of the ledge. None the less looking for some info. Bear with me I do get to the question eventually.

I have been selling a camera on ebay with "Buy it now". Needless to say I was made up when I got the notification of sale from ebay...Until I got the"buyers" email and Irealised it was an attempted "hit" by a scammer who wants me to...well read their email whcih came via the ebay message system:

Hello seller, i am commited to buy your item .i want to send the item to my husband who travel to africa for a church programme(ministering)at sinagogue church of all nation.i the payment will be affected asap so pls get packed and ready to poste.i await the invoice so as for me to effect the payment imidiately via paypal or better still the payment will be effected with additional money for the postage. As soon as you recieved confirmation of my payment pls get posted for quick dilivery pls get back asap This is my husband address below; Kolapo Peters
22 George Street
thanks very much pls get back asap

Here is the second mail I have had
Hello,i have made the payment for the item and additonal money for shipping via royalmail specail delivery to my husband who travel to africa for a programme(ministering)at sinagogue church of all nation.i will like the item to be delivered to him.i want you send the item out first thing tomorrow morning Meanwhile,this is the name and address of where he stays in africa, Kolapo Peters
22 George Street
thanks alot Godbless you and your family.

Well having used ebay for years - couple of thousand transactions buying and selling I know the system and the scams . Not that I needed that for this one ! Laughing Needless to say no such payment
Having also been a member of 419 com in the past I am aware of the fun potential with this one. So now having cancelled their buyer status with ebay and blocked them from bidding on other items or leaving feedback etc. I am ready to have some fun with them. I have only responded to them through the ebay message system so they don't have my email address yet and I still have hotmail drops set up from last time I went ahuntin' . I've got over my initial anger that they have lost me a sale and the potential bidders that were watching the item and now want to f%&k with their heads.

After having some fun with them I want to send the "gift" to the good Minister in Lagos as requested. Knowing what official corruption is likely to exist in Nigeria does anyone know if they have anything approaching a customs department that will expect the addressee to pay duty due on the package. I see it as my bounden duty to declare the full price of the "camera" on the customs slip and it would be sad to think that they got away with not actually having to pay the duty to collect their prize !

Obviously I need to know too how much would be sensible to declare as the value. If the customs is efficient enough to charge the duty I still need the scammer to think it is worth paying inorder to get their bargain price camera.

I'm also up to suggestions for what I should REALLY put in the box. Keeping in mind of course the limitations set on me by the law of what you can't send through the post. I am willing to push the envelope on that though. Excuse the pun.

Of course I intend to use the London address of the supposed buyer as that of the sender on the parcel. (I have checked, it is a bogus postcode and no real occupier for the street address on voters list etc. so no harm to innocent parties by doing that)

So advice and imagination please.

Oh, and anyone want to buy a Canon camera? Its in near perf.....
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