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 Heavy-duty help from LEO

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Here is an interesting list:


This sounds highly laddish, but it isn't. You can read the list at:

It's the present list of people and organizations with whom it's really illegal to deal, published by the U.S. Treasury. It's totally public, and American companies that export are required to screen their sales against the list, for fear of providing materiel to terrorists or enemy states. To facilitate this matching, the Treasury even offers downloads of the list in various data formats.

What I found really interesting is that based on the existence and contents of the list, American citizens and others have apparently had LOTS OF TROUBLE COLLECTING THEIR WU TRANSFERS!!!

I certainly wouldn't advise messing with the U.S. Treasury, but telling a lad that his name is on the wrong list might scramble him fairly well.

For example, Mr. Cucumber is now going on a road trip (another thread). His last name Uz3m3 is not on the big list, but his first name is:

*****, 0bert M0s3s; DOB 12 Oct 1951; Passport ******** (); Deputy Secretary for National Security (individual)

It sure beats me why the Deputy Secretary for National Security of this country is off-limits, but he is. Could Mr. Cucumber be this guy in reality? Is that the real reason that none of our WU transfers get to him? Shouldn't he be checking this out and asking WU for help along these lines?

Similarly, any lad might find his first and/or last name on the list, and wouldn't that be too bad? If he suddenly decided he had to abandon all his scams and start up with another name, that would slow him down a bit.

On the other hand, there might be a slim chance that the U.S. Treasury could take an interest in our work and actually put known scammers on its list, just because they are scammers. For example, if they put Charles Soludo on the list, it might just automatically put all Charles Soludo scammers out of business. How to do this without harming the real Charles Soludo is another question, but it might be possible.

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