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 Before I Met You

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I had no idea there was a whole world of fellow scam the scammer animals out there. I knew I couldn't have been all alone but I was surly on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere in reguards to you guys. WOW!!! I'm on my 3rd morning with 2 night's sleep lost and forgotten. Believe me I've stayed very close to the bathroom as I read, listened and watched the baiters on this site in action.
Here is one that I did as best as I can retell it that happened to me over three years ago.
I was getting the same 419 (didn't know it was called that at the time) in my email day after day after day (a different email addy with each one). I was so frustrated I finally responded to one.
This was the story:
The Nigerian govt wanted to pay me for some art work
(Shivers I think you've damaged these people, good for you Laughing ) They were trying to tell me that a huge wtf ever millions of dollars was waiting for lil'ol me.
What they didn't know is that I DID donate some artwork to the Presidential Palace about two years before. Since I am an artist and know how much that stuff can go for I pretended that the large amount was really nothing at all.
I responded with "Well it's about time you people get back to me! I've been waiting for my commission check and contract for almost two years! I'm not trying to say it's your fault, I understand that you are only a secretary but how would you feel if some one owed you millions of dollars for as long as I've ben waiting?
Well we played email pingpong for about two weeks back'n fourth with send da mooney/give me MY money. Then I started getting personal with him. How's your family, I'm so glad you are trying so hard to help me work this situation out, blablabla. Of course he wanted me to send money. I told him that after as long as I've waited for my money no one should be expecting me to pay any thing. "Oh, it's for the currier service" he assured me. That's ok you can send it through the regular mail, I trust the US Postal Service, I replied.
Back'n fourth again for 3 more days then I sent him "Look, I've been waiting for over two years for this money. You get me my money and I will give you and your family million dollars. You get me my money and personally deliver it to my doorstep before three days.
I waited two days and got an I'm sorry I can not dodat, I can do noting until you sand mi da mooney.
Again I stated "YOU ARE THE ONES WHO OWE ME, you already have my artwork. You have had my art work for over two years and I have not recieved a single penny from you. I will not send you any money, If I do not get some kind of payment, I do not care how much, by tomarrow's end I will report you to the proper authorities. You have sent me a copy of my contract code and contact people which I will tell you I had lost when I moved, That's one of the reasons I did not take court action earlier. Thank you for giving me this information because now I will turn it in to the police. Do not email me again, I will only open an email from you and it better ba an apology, after I have recieved a cashiers check for at least $500,000.00. With no C.O.D. or other charges attached. I do not want to play with you lying thieving scumbags any more. I can not believe a whole nation of people would rob one simple American. Right now I can't even pay my rent because I invested all my money in the artwork I did and sending it over there cost me more than the art its self.
Just stop playing games and give me the money that you have already said and seen is mine.
I got an email but did not open it. I sent him an email stating "I did not open your last email, as promised if I did not recieve a payment before the days end and your next email with apology I would turn all the information you have given me into the police. I have been true to my word and have done so. I am a woman who is all alone and I can stand better by my word and more true to the promises I make than one single man in your country. I say this because my artwork is hanging on the walls in the Presidential Palace and if the head of your government can not live up to their word what hope is there for the rest of you!

I never heard from him again.

I have read the rules and promise not to whip up on the entire nation while I'm here. Wink
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