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 The muther of boob cancer

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 5:00 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I am sure many of you will remember posts about mother felicia and here mission in Africe to help all the poor African women with breast cancer.

Well I took this one on as personal because my mother did die of cancer 6 years ago so here is how it went.

I kept mother felicia running for 2 weeks with emails going back and forth and then I decided to wind it up with one little gem that was posted here on 419eater, The online WU form which is printed out after all the details have been entered, but it prints 100 sheets.

hey my muther of all muthers Smile

Well I have some good news and some bad do do too.
I was at the WU office and the nice lady there said I must give the secret question and answer because I am the sender of the cash.
She also said that all registered charaties use one of the following questions and answers.

do you lick clit?


or this one

do you pop knobs?

only my friends.

She said that all charaties have been told this because of the danger of scams in africa so which question do you want to use?

I have also decided to send 3000 dollars this time and the extra 500 is for you to buy something for yourself, perhaps something to pleasure yourself at night as I know the life of a nun can be frustrating with no congicules.

Please let me know quik ok aslo I have sent a picture of me at the wu office so you can see the nice lady too.

Greetings to you "***********on",

Well May God in his infinite mercy continue to guide you in all you do and make all your Dreams in life come to a reality.

Dear "Wellard Johnson", i must say that your text question and answer was too bad but all the same i thank you for doing it to save African Women, so we would go for ,

do you pop knobs?

only my friends

Well as soon as you make the payment get in touch with us and the Good Lord would surely Bless you.


Mother Felicia


Hey My most mother,

Well I made the transfer for you and because of the problems I actually transfered 5,000 Dollars for your tit cancer.
Now there is something you must do to be sure you receive the cash and it is secure this time ok.
The nice lady at the Western union office has given me this number for you 2765387497
and also this link,,
You must go to this page on the internet and follow the instructions on the form for the money transfer and when you are asked for the code number you must enter the number I gave you here in this email.
It is a security thing for Africa because of all the scams that go on there and as you know I already lost2,500 Dollars so this is the only way you gan get the cash.

Any probs let me in on it ok.

Spend the money on all those poor boobies.

God be right up you, *******D

That was some 2 days ago and since then the bitch/bastard has not replied, not even a death threat Sad

so I sent this today,

Hey my most rancid of muthers,

What happened? I am waiting for the receipt notification that you got the money.
I sent 5,000 dollars via Western Union, WTF so what is going on. I do need the reciept as I will use it as a tax deduction.
So please put the tits down for a moment get get my receipt sent to me ok.


Well now I am waiting for a reply but I think it is done with. I did get some pics of her showing herself , not and also a pair tits which had been operated not.
I have not posted them because I know they were posted here before.

Update if I get a reply. of course her email IP was nigeria, no surprise there then Smile


God himself wii judge you for trying to delay and make someones life a waste, Mother felicia, April 30th 2007
Thanks very much for fooling me ok and i dont have any other thing to say, Helimina Bright, May 1st 2007
Pleasantly, that we have understanding and continue intercourse, Elena USSR vlad, May 1st 2007
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