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 Here is one that doesn't show up on Google...

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2007 6:22 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I've been working this one over a year and stopped until I came across this web site. They have been very persistent and have used three different angles, two back stories and two sets of pictures from that Hawaiian model site. The following is my most recent emails after forgetting about her for a couple months...
I have accused her of just trying to get my kidneys and even told here I'd take her money to Vegas and spend it on transexual Vietnamese prostitutes but she keep coming back for more.

From babe cicc Fri Apr 6 10:32:20 2007
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She said in Feb...
it really great to have you reply to my previous letter l send to you,l had thought you runs through my mind all thorugh yesterday , thinking on how to be with you so that can spend the Vday together , but unfortunate it was just a imagination that blow off my mind...

But l believe imagination at time do come to true life that's if the two people work out for good,l hope you had a pleasant Vday. well my wishes for you is that b4 another vday come we must be together to celebrate in one core...l want to be with you soon that's if you want us together... let me know your mind babe.... l take care of yourself babe ofcourse l recieve your address you send to me, but the money i'm with is not enough to come the all necessary arrangemnet to come to there, that why l have to informed you about this inorder to seek you assistant, that's if you really want me to come ?
l will hope to hear from you soon.... l love you

I said last week...

My dearest Rosemary,
How I have missed your lovely face and long dark hair.
Where do I start? The last two months have been the worst of my life and I don't know where to turn. To make a long story short...One of my companies re-manufactures anal beads and I recently developed a new method to extract the corn that tend to stick to the beads. We then take the corn and make ethanol that we use in my factory that makes parts for our wave motion gun and Flux Capacitors. These plants are in Venezuela and when I was last there Hugo Chavez had me arrested and they confiscated all of my plans for the factories. I was put in prison and released only after my partner hired a nice man named Jack Bauer to free me. Trust me, if Jack asks you for a hack saw or a towel you might want to think twice. And under no circumstances should you ever ask him for a hand.
So here I am, back in the United States and I need to free my assets. I know you have a lawyer that helped with your father's estate and I wonder if he has any dealings in Latin America besides just being a Menudo fan? My government won't help me because of my past history of selling arms to COBRA. I need to hide some money so I can use it to pay off Chavez and his cronies so I can get on with my life and share it with you.
I want you to know that thought of you helped keep me sane during my imprisonment. Thank you so much.

She said today...

Babe accept my sympathy ,ofcourse i have been trying to get in contact with you but all my effort is abortive , concerning about my late father lawyer, i think he could help you .. The best way to go about this is get in touch with the lawyer yourself, here is email address [email protected] write him and let him know your predicament concerning it and what you need him to do for you, make reference of me , so that he will recognise that you are from me... probably u can make a copy of email ,so that i can reach him also myself
i hope to hear from you soon

I have yet to responded because I just got the email and here are a few chat trasncripts that happened early on... She knows Oprah!

babecicc: hello
*****: Hi
babecicc: how is your day
*****: So far so good.
babecicc: good so what are u doing today
*****: Working. Hoping the phone doesn't get permenantly attached to my head.
babecicc: what hope
*****: I guess I'm just popular.
babecicc: you are popular in what aspect
*****: Everyone wants to talk to me on the phone.
*****: Must be my endless charm.
babecicc: ok, does it show that you are popular
babecicc: what does that gat to do with popularity
babecicc: who are u in american society
babecicc: ?
*****: I was joking.
babecicc: you just saying that u are popular
babecicc: ok you are joking
babecicc: l have alot connect in states that and out the states
babecicc: do you know opera wilfred
*****: You mean Oprah? Oh yeah, we have lunch every Tuesday. Smile
babecicc: with oprah
babecicc: tell me how did you gets to meet her
*****: I'm joking again.
babecicc: you dont seem to listen to me
babecicc: OPrah is was my mom friend before l lost my mom
*****: Your Mom was was Oprah, the talk show woman's friend?
babecicc: yes
*****: Groovy.
*****: Oprah is the closest thing we have to Royalty!
babecicc: yeah she is very respected woman
*****: brb
babecicc: Well l have to go now
babecicc: l will be on again 6pm your time
babecicc: l hope to chat with you then

babe cicc: are u there now
*****: On phone.
babe cicc: well l think you are really busy
babe cicc: huh?
babe cicc: l have to go now
*****: Ok, see you around kiddo.
babe cicc: l will send you a mail
babe cicc: now
*****: Cool. More pictures?
babe cicc: not a picture
babe cicc: it is concerning what l discuss with you
*****: Ahh. Send another picture. Make my day!
babe cicc: l can't unstill u let me know that you are serious with by sending me the info l demanded from you
babe cicc: how can l me making your day, wihtou u making mind
*****: Quid pro quo.
babe cicc: what do you mean by that
*****: Latin. It essentially says "you show my yours and I'll show you mine."
babe cicc: how ?
*****: I send you personal information then you send more pictures. That would be quid pro quo.
babe cicc: yes.. when you send me your personnal information
babe cicc: l will send you photos
*****: For all of that personal info I should get the naked pictures!
babe cicc: l dont have naked pic
*****: Too bad.
babe cicc: r u not responsible person
*****: Nah, I'm just messing with you.
babe cicc: am asking you ?
*****: Maybe we can get some naked pictures of you on the beach at one of those fancy houses.
babe cicc: l have to go now
babe cicc: send me the detail , then l wil email you the pics l have
babe cicc has signed out. (7/18/2006 1:02 PM)

babe cicc: hello cute
*****: Hey
babe cicc: how is your day
*****: All right. Kind of slow this afternoon.
babe cicc: how is your day been like ?
*****: You keeping busy?
babe cicc: am not busy
*****: Too bad.
babe cicc: why too bad
*****: Being busy makes the day go faster.
babe cicc: babe here something that l want to discuss with you concerning my late father
*****: Oh yeah? You want me to cash another check?
babe cicc: no babe
babe cicc: do you wanna hear it
*****: I am all ears and left feet. In case you were curious.
babe cicc: lol
babe cicc: come on
babe cicc: it something that will be beneficial to you
babe cicc: it for both of us
babe cicc: one my friend dad call me that my late DAD who has travel to work in dieffernt country have, ahs alot property in uk , usa and in Nigeria
babe cicc: Are u there
*****: Hard to lose with real estate.
babe cicc: l was so astonish to hear this,
*****: How did your father die?
babe cicc: in motor accident
*****: That's too bad. What country did it happen in?
babe cicc: So l have spoken with my father lawyer, so he saying my father company and houses some other properties
babe cicc: u mean what conutry he had am accident , that was in uk
*****: Who died first? Your mother or father?
babe cicc: Father
*****: WHy isn't the property in your mother's name?
babe cicc: no the property was in my name, and he further say that to his lawyer that before l can get this property , l have to get my married before his lawyer can release the properties to me
*****: If it's in your name why do you need to be married?
babe cicc: that's what my farher say to his lawyer, that he will want to me to get married so that the property can be well handle in my husband house
*****: And where do I fit into this?
babe cicc: l really want to know if truely u love me, and you want to married me for real
*****: I'm afraid it taks more than a picture of you in a bikini to fall in love.
babe cicc: Well if not about the picture of me, it is about me trust you, and l want to be with you, so that whole property can be handover to me and you
*****: Hmmm. Interesting concept.
babe cicc: in our family name
*****:Plus you get citizenship?
babe cicc: what citizenship, u mean, l dont need go for that, my father lawyer will handover everything property to me when l provide him with requirment from me and my husband
*****: You get any cash from the estate? Stocks, bonds? You have any brothers & sisters?
babe cicc: the lawyer told me that the cash were kept in the insurance company .am the one child
*****: I see. What kind of property? Anything ocean front? Someplace you can frolick on the beach in a little bikini?
babe cicc: are u serious with me huh? l wanna know this is very important issue, all the document are intact if you want to comfirm from the lawyer
*****: Sure it's important, but the small details count.
babe cicc: what detail u mean ?
*****: Details like the type of property.
babe cicc: companies, houses ,golds and cash
*****: Gold is good. Better than cash any day of the week.
babe cicc: that why l need your trust and help about this l can't do this alone
*****: So what makes me so special? A hot little number like you muat have many guys hitting on you.
babe cicc: not any guy listen
babe cicc: l want a man that will handle and manage my father property with me
*****: Do you have a list of property you could email me?
babe cicc: everything with my father lawyer
*****: I don't like lawyers.
babe cicc: My father lawyer told me to come down to nigeria , he told me all the original copies was kept in insurance company for security purpose in future
*****: Where does the wedding take place?
babe cicc: babe we will do our real wedding in states, But my lawyer introduce me to one the other colleague lawyer that can help arrange the certificate for us in nigeria court
*****: Can we have bacon wrapped scallops at the reception?
*****: Do I have to go to Nigeria?
babe cicc: sure
*****: How about those little hot dogs?
babe cicc: u dont need to come to nigeria babe
babe cicc: but want l from you that u will not dissappoint me
babe cicc: becos l want to put all my trust in your
babe cicc: you
*****: That's a big leap of faith on your part.
babe cicc: not that babe , l just want your trust that will not dissappoint me
*****: So is there beach front property?
babe cicc: Some
babe cicc: but all the property that does
*****: phone...
babe cicc: Here is requirement the lawyer need from you to arrange the wedding certificate
babe cicc: YOUR FULL NAME


*****: Those lawyers are nosey.
*****: Damn, I have to run. Email me some information on the propertie and other assets so I can look into it.
*****: Be good and stay away from those soccer hooligans.
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