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 Any advice on how to improve?

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2007 6:43 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Here's a recent scambait I had recently. I haven't been doing this very long, and I tend to get bored with them after not too long. But I thought this one went well. Let me know how I might improve.

It started off with a standard scam email showing up in my gmail account:
From: W******* A******
Date: Mar 8, 2007 11:56 PM
Subject: GOOD DAY



I am Barrister W******* A****** (Esq), the Personal Attorney to a foreign
Contractor,who worked with a Multinational Oil Firm in Nigeria. On the 11th
of September 2001, my client, a Mexican National, late Engineer Duane
Goins,an oil Merchant / Contractor with the Federal Government of Nigeria,
until his death Three years ago in a ghastly terrorist attack to American
Airlines Flight 11, from Boston, Assachusetts,to Losgeles,
California,crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Centre with
86 people on board.

All occupants of the Aeroplane unfortunately lost their lives.Since then I
have made several inquiries to Several Embassies to locateany of my clients
extended relatives, this has also proved unsuccessful. After these several
unsuccessful attempts, Idecided to trace his relatives over the Internet,

to locate any member of his family but of no avail.Then I have to contact
you to assist me in repatriating the money leftbehind by my client before
they get confiscated or declared unserviceable by the Bank where this huge
deposits were lodged.

Particularly, the Bank where the deceased had an account valued atabout
US$17Million has issued me a notice to provide the next ofkin,relatives so
that the fund left will be transferred or havethe account confiscated within
the next twenty official working days.

Since I have been unsuccessful in locating the the relatives for over 3years
now I seek your consent to present you as the next of kin to thedeceased so
that the proceeds of this account valued at US$17Million can be paid to you
and then you and I can share this money.60% to me and 30% to you,while 10%
should be for expenses or tax as your Government mayrequire.

All I require is your honest and co-operation to enable us see this deal
through. I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate
arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law.

I will want you to send to me on your return email the following information
for the transfer in your favour.

YOUR FULL NAME: ..................................
MAILING ADDRESS: .......................
STATE/COUNTRY: .........................
COMPANY NAME: .........................
TEL/FAX NUMBERS: ................

For easy communicating for each others I await your kindresponse,Please if
you are interested and capable in handling this deal with me, And note that
the nurture of this deal needs a very top secrecy Best.

W******* A******
(my Private email Address; ( )

Iíd been replying at random to various emails like this. I had a gmail account that I used simply to gather these types of emails, and then Iíd reply on a different one. It seemed easier to keep track of that way. I had a handful of different stories I went with. Everything from running an orphanage to rich oil baron. This time I decided to try something different:

Mr. W*******,
Your letter came with just the right timing. I am an independant film-maker working in the United States. I am currently looking for new and exotic locations to film my latest movie. Someplace steamy with lots of character.
I realize you are not an actor or probably associated with a film making studio in any way, but perhaps you know of people in your area that are. I would, of course, be willing to pay you a finder fee if you could help me find a suitable location for my latest film. As well, as any help you could provide in finding me people to work for me. I need people to run lights, cameras, and possibly even a few actors. My movies are of an adult nature, so no children will be allowed anywhere near the set.
Please let me know if you can provide and assistance.

Thank you!

I got a bite.

Dear S****** Y****** ,

l received your mail with thanks, l like you to send me your private cell
number so that we can disscuss matter on phone.

Your address and your companies name.


Waiting to hear from you.

I set up a fake website for my company and sent it to him. Not including the address here, because I have other scammers still going to it. Iíve enjoyed being the female pornographer so much, Iíve been using it a lot.
Thank you for your reply. I have sent out several letters asking about remote location, and have gotten several responses. Please feel free to visit my company's website at http://****.com/
Any info you might need should be there.
Thank you for your interest.


I hope he likes the website
S****** Y****** ,

l got your mail and the contents were well understood but l would like you to throw more light on what you want exactly.

- l would like to know whether you would like to shoot your films on locations in Nigeria, and the kind of location you may need.

- l would like you to be more specific with the number and type of people you would need for the film.
- l would also like to know how you intend footing the bills.

l on my own side will do everything possible here to see that the leagal permission to run such project in tact. you have only to foot the bills and every other thing will be arranged.

l have connection with friends in the nigerian Nolloywood who would like to venture into such transaction but all they will need is your serious committment.

l will waiting to hear from you soonest,you can also call me on my mobile for easier communication. +234-8034353123

Well, since Iím not really female, I donít think a phone call is going to work out too well. Besides, Iím rather new to this and am not really interested in phone calls. So I find a pay phone number outside a business with a name similar to mine. Ought to be fun if he calls and someone answers
Good to hear from you.
Yes, my plan is to shoot on location there. I'm looking for an out of the way location. Someplace like a clearing near a jungle, or wooded area. Possibly a small house with a good sized yard. I'm currently working on the script myself, but without knowing exactly where the movie will be shot, it's difficult. It's very short so far, but I am working on it.
The number of people isn't that important. I could use any number from three to twelve. Anyone I can hire there, is one less plane ticket and hotel room I have to pay for. I'm guessing from between 4 and 7 people to be actors (all women except for 2 or 3 men). And for a crew I only need four people on site, and one director. The women actors should be attractive, and the men should be decently endowed.
How do I plan to foot the bill? I figured I would pay by check. If that is going to be a problem (I don't really know how it works in other countries) I could arrange for cash. I can bring the checks or cash myself, or if I just send a director and not go myself, I could send the money with him. Or if you know of someone there with experience in directing (especially adult films) I could arrange to send the money to him somehow, and he could pay everyone. Then I wouldn't need any plane tickets, and could simply edit and package the film once I got it here.
I'm afraid I'm not familar with 'Nolloywood', but it sounds like there might be people there with experience and might know of good locations in the area. Feel free to contact me at my phone number 650-348-9911. Just ask for S******.
I look forward to hearing from you, to see if this is acceptable to you. Please get back to me asap as I need to get this going.


He wastes no time in asking for money.
S****** Y******,
How are you today? l got your mail and l want to tell you that l like your spirit of business. l have already started working on it but l would like us to be clear about things here before we commence. l have made up my mind to help you and give you all the necessary assistance that you will need but l would like you to tell me what will be my reward after this film is finally shot and successful? l would really like to know your offer.
Again, like l told you, l have taken note of your choice or location and your specification. You can get that kind of location in the Eastern part of the country. l have already made arrangement with a well known actor yesterday when l got your mail, who has already promised me he would take me to three different locations. l would snap the locations from different directions and send the pictures through DHL to your door step. The actor by name KANAYO O. KANAYO, has also talked to some actresses but only three are available for now, l will also snap these actresses and send their pictures along side that of the location. But if we are able to get the whole five soonest, l will also include their pictures as well. l will also make arrangement for their accommodation while on location in an average hotel that will not cost you much. The men would not be a problem here, l assure you that. l have also tried youy number many times and it is not going through, can l have another number if you have one.
l tell you this is going to be a huge sussess. To this effect, l would need you residential address for the postage.
We will need a mobilization fee of about $6,500 to make all these arrangement possible so that when you are ready, everything would have been set for you. l guess this money will cover our(l and the actor) expenses including air tickets to and fro these location and every other thing l have mentioned above.
l would also like you to pay the money into an account l will give you if you are ready.
Waiting to hear from you soonest,
Well hell. Iím a successful pornographer. $6500 is nothing to someone like me. I think I should let this fellow know just how much money I am willing to put into this project.
I am glad to hear that you are interested in working with me.
I looked up the actor Kanayo O. Kanayo. He looks like a fine man with lots of experience, but I'm wondering if he is fully aware of the type of project this is. This is an adult production. Full nudity and sexual acts will be required of the actors. I see nothing in his resume that indicates he has worked on adult films before.
I'm sorry if you keep getting a busy signal at our phone number. I'm not sure what the problem could be, as we haven't been using our phone all that much. Please keep trying, as email seems horribly slow. I'm anxious to get this project going, so the sooner, the better.
Please tell me more about the locations and the women you have available. Any acting experience on their part? Any photos you could include in the email would help me speed things up. Photos of the women, and the locations would be wonderful! And how about crew people? Would you be able to provide people to work equipment or do I need to send some? More information is always a good thing.
$6500 seems reasonable to start. My estimate at final costs are as follows. 4 actors shooting for 3 days (max): $8000 total. 3 crew members for 3 days: $3600. Location scout fee (you): $5000. Director pay: $7500. Another $10000 for food, lodging, travel expenses, etc. That works out to about $35000. Plus, I was hoping to get more actors, so I might have to send some of my own. If you don't know of a director, I'll have to send one. Same for the crew.
To get an accurate amount of how much money I'll be sending your way, I'll really need an exact count of the people. So if you can send me that asap, along with bios and photos, I'll be able to approve them faster and we can move this along.
So please let me know about any crew people available, as well as any director you might have found. Images of the actors and possible locations will speed things up too.
Please get back to me today, as this is getting urgent.


2 days pass without hearing from him. Iím worried I scared him off somehow. Then he replies:

S****** Y******,
How are you today? l got your mail and l have not been able to get back to you since because l was really running around to see what other information l can get for you. l noticed that you did not mention anything about me. What is in this for me after everything is over?
Again, l found it difficult getting KANAYO today because he was very busy as usual. But at last l got through and he was very straight to the point about everything.
Firstly, he wants to know more about you, your web site was not comprehensive, he wants you send a scanned copy of your Driverís License/international passport, a kind of identity and your mailing contact address.
Again, about the directing, he is going to get you that also, he will be there too. But there are certain thing he will equally want you to know. The system here does not encourage ADULT FILM because that could earn him a ban from the Nigeria Actors Association and the film will also face the wrath of the Nigeria National Film and Video Censor Board if they get to see it. Hope you understand the nature of the risk he will take for under the condition that his name will never be on the label, he stressed it very well. Hope you understand that very well. It has to be coded.
Another thing is that there is little or nothing we can do here without the mobilization fee. I have already spent my money so far and somebody like Kanayo can not be dragged out of his whole just like that. The ladies are set, we have also gotten two good looking guys we will need the money to get the rest and the location. I donít think l would like to call him again without the financial evidence. And he will not like it either.
So, if you will really want me to go ahead, I will need you send the money soonest and everything you asked for including the location, the ladies, crew, actors will be delivered in 5 days at worst. Take me for my word. You donít need the director any more.
You can pay to my secretary through any Moneygram center close to you.
Name; J*** ROBERT
Country; lagos , Nigeria
Amount; $6,500
I will be waiting for response, send me a mail as soon as you send it.
Hmmm J*** Robert? I wonder who that could be. And what happened to my images of the actors? Maybe he needs a bit more encouragement, and a little fear of losing all the money.
I really needed you to get back to me yesterday. I've been out of town all day today talking to my financial backers in New York. They are providing nearly half of the money for my companies film, and the rest is coming out of my pocket. Please believe me that when I tell you that I need aresponse the same day, I really do need you to reply to my email that same day. I just flew back into town a couple of hours ago and I am very tired.
I'm very glad to hear that you have found a director, and it sounds like you have most of the cast lined up too. It sounds like we are almost set to go.
I haven't sent you the script yet, but I'm still working on that. I understand that you will need $6500 to get things going, and that is not a problem. In fact, I got $10,000 today that I am ready to send to you so we can move forward on the project. $10k should be plenty to get things set up. However, if you think I am going to send money to you before you send me anything at all, you are quite mistaken. I MUST know more about the location picked for filming, and I definately need you to email me images of the men and women who will be the actors. I will not send off money to make MY movie when I know nothing about the actors or director or location or crew.
I am used to working with very professional people. The delay in replies to my emails and the lack of any information on the cast and crew worries me greatly. If this is not a project you feel you can handle, you should let me know now. There's no shame in it. I'm sure I have a smaller project I could use some help with. Something with a smaller budget, and less people. I don't say this to be negative, I'm just looking out for my company.
Let me know if you feel you are up to this. If you still wish to do business, I can send you a scanned copy of my identification or whatever else you require. But please send me photos and bios of the actors and the director so I can authorize the money to be sent.
Please get back to me soon.

He replies with still no images. Frankly Iím getting a little bored with this guy. I have other scammers Iím emailing and theyíre more cooperative. This guy is just dull.
S****** Y******,
l got your mail and l want tell you two things right now, for us to work together, there has to be trust between us. lf l don't trust you, l will not have gone so far to help you. l want you to also trust me because l have made up my mind to help you and to work with you. Again, l want also tell you l am equal to the task, having gone so. l can handle it and l will handle it.
l have tried to contact him(KANAYO) again today, l only succeeded on phone because he flew out of town. However, he told me that he will back tomorrow morning. He will give me the pictures of the Director, 2 actors and 3 actresses in his possession because he can't get them to take fresh pictures immediately. l will also get their bio as requested. As soon as he comes back tomorrow, l will collect them and scan them and send them immediately l hope that will be okay by you. He said, we have to go down east to get the location picture because this is a new location and it is about 2hour flight from here.
Concerning your ldentity, yes, l will really need it to convince him that you are there and alive.
l will get back to you tomorrow by His grace.
Id, id. Hmmm. Well, letís see what I can fake up. Like I said, Iím getting bored with this fellow, so I donít put a lot of effort into it.
I'm glad you are sounding serious about this project. I have quite a bit of money riding on this film. As do you, I might add. My original estimate of $7500 as a scout fee has gone up. I've talked to my investors, and they have agreed to pay you $12000 for all the work you are doing for us. $12K isn't too bad for a week or so of work. Of course we still have to get all this set up.
I am going out of town again for the weekend, but I should be able to check my email from time to time. Please get the the photos and bios to me as soon as possible. If I can show our investors pictures of the cast they will be willing to invest more money. Especially if the women are sexy, and the men are well-hung. Any pictures of the location will help me get us more money too.
I included a scan of my pornographers licence. I hope this all help.
Please reply very soon!

I donít hear from him for days. I figure he didnít buy the id. I mean really, who could? Registered Pornographer? LOL

Still waiting to hear from you. What is going on?


He finally gets back to me and even sends me images of women. Decent quality pics too. Some of them he didnít even bother to download and alter, theyíre just links from other websites
S****** Y******,

l have not been able to write you all these while because l was not ready with the pictures but l have got then right now. Kanayo travelled to his village to celebrate Mothers' day with his people and just flew in this morning and called me up.

Below are the pictures of the hot girls, the two guys on board, and the director himself as l told you earlier on. l think l have fufilled my own part of the bargain, if you can fulfill your own part today, by sending the money to make other necessary arrangements for the location, hotel reservation, the crew and the remaining actors and actresses. l will fly down with Mr KANAYO first thing tomorrow morning.

Here is the confirmation of the name you will use to send the money.
Name: J*** Robert
Country: Nigeria
City: Lagos
Amount: $7,500
Text Question: Sky is Blue
Answer: Yes
Please do make sure you send it through Moneygram for easy collecting since l plan to travel with Kanayo first thing tomorrow morning.
STATISTICS: 30, 27, 32.
AGE: 26
STATISTICS: 29, 26, 32.
AGE: 25
STATISTICS: 33, 30, 37.
AGE: 29.
AGE: 24
Well, letís see how I can stall him on the money. Did a little research on moneygram and found some interesting stuff on their website, and I donít think I should let the new name pass without a mention:
I am glad to see the images of the actors you have lined up for me. The men are fine, and the women seem like they will work fine. The bios didn't mention prior experience, but I think that can work out alright. The photos seem ok, although I and my investors would've preferred them in something a bit more revealing so we can see what they will look like on film. I would like to be able to ask them some questions so I can go through final approval. And I'm sure our investors would like to ask them a few things also. As soon as possible, please provide me with phone numbers and/or email addresses so I can get in contact with them. Or you can just have them contact me through my phone number or email.
I contacted Moneygram this afternoon, but they told me I am only allowed to send $3000 every 30 days. ( ) We're going to have to set up a different system so I can send you the money so you can start making the arrangements for everything.
We still need info about the shooting location. One of my investors owns his own jet, so I might be able to talk him into flying me there this weekend. Then we could meet, I could give you cash, and we could check out the shooting location in person. It might also give me a chance to talk to the actors directly instead of conversing via email. I'll talk to my friend and see if I can 'persuade' him. He always appreciates a personal request from me.
Also, who is "J*** Robert"? I notice his name is the one I used on the money order. I'm sending this money to you. I trust you to handle this much money. I don't feel safe giving my money to someone I don't know at all.
I'm hoping we can start shooting the film within 3 weeks. The script is almost done, and now that I can see my actors, it'll be much easier to fix up. I believe 3 days of shooting should take care of everything. By the end, your cut of the money should be right around $23000. Not too bad for a few days of work. I think I'll need to bring you $10k when I come down this weekend, or send it through the mail if I can't fly down, just to make sure everything is set up perfectly.
Make sure you send me contact info for my actors. Especially Anita Rose. She is beautiful, and I have an idea for a whole film centered around here after this one. Tell her that I am willing to pay her if she will make herself available and stay free after this film. Don't tell her, but I am willing to give her a good sized amount of money if I can get her to agree to another film. And I'd be willing to pay you an agent fee if you can get her to sign an exclusive contract with my company. Get me that girls phone and/or email! And try to have her available if I can fly down this weekend.
Get back to me very soon! Very very soon!

His reply:
Hello S******,
I tried to call you but no body picked up my call.Could you as a matter of urgency forward your direct cell phone number for easy communications.
I just ignored that email and he sent a new one the next day:


Dear S******,
I received your mail.I sincerely thank God you appreciate our efforts.The women will work well "not seem like they will work well"because we knew the stuff we have sellected for you and we knew you will surely be grateful to our deeds even after their performance.
I suggest you fly down to have things seen your self instead of filming the girls and sending across to you by DHL courier service.Before have any interactions with the girls or asking them some questions ,i should suggest you send down the manuscript along with the money to enable them study and know exactly what they will be asked to do,though the have already known that is an ADULT FILM.
Inregards to the Money gram issue,we went to their local agent here and they advised us that you should go straight to Money gram agents in your area and split the money in 2 places using 2 different names as senders and 2 different names as receivers.If this is ok by you,here are the 2 different names:REMEMBER YOU DON'T HAVE TO SEND THE MONEY THROUGH INTERNET,send it through your local agent for easy and urgent collection.
1.J*** Robert
2.Noble Iwuoha

The above names are my workers and they are trusted.You will meet with them when you come.
All you have to do is to forward to us the 2 senders name once you send the money today also the mtcn.
The text question and answer will be the same for the 2 transactions with the address.
Please specify the amount in each name and the senders name.

I will suggest you use commercial aircraft with your partner when comming because private jet will cost you a fortune on the parking space and for clearing you,We are realy looking forward to seeing you in person.
Inregards to the shooting location in the eastern part of this nation(Calabar to be precise),we would have made the arrangements as soon as we receive the money in time today before your arrival this weekend.
Peoples name may some times match with others but the J*** Robert who is working with us is loyal and has passed all screening exercise to work with our firm so he is trusted.We also like to inform you in time not to send the money through money order because our country is not too conversant with such mode of money transfer.
We expect to receive the money today to enable us facilitate all arrangments before your arrival.
Oh, well if he tells me I should trust him and his friends then thereís no problems, are there? I guess faking up a cashiers check would help move things along.
Sorry about the delay, I was out of town, and nobody else must have been in the office. I'm afraid I don't carry a cell phone very often. I'm on planes too much, and then I have to turn the damn thing off anyway. So my business number is still the best way to get ahold of me.

The moneygram people wouldn't let me use two different names. They said it was illegal to do it that way, and they would also need id for both names. I did go to a bank with some of my investors and got a cashiers check made out to you. In fact, I'll scan it and attach it to this email so you can even see it! Since the earliest I could get it in the mail is tomorrow afternoon sometime, I think it'll be quicker if I bring it with me when I fly down this weekend. I haven't talked to my friend yet, but have very few doubts that he'll be able to fly me. He has plenty of money, so I'm sure he's not worried about the costs of the parking space or whatever.

I haven't recieved any information about Anita Rose yet. I really wish to talk with her and possibly get her to sign a contract with my agency. Possibly I can even fly her here and have her stay in Hollywood for several months, or a ocuple of years, while she works with me. This is a huge priority for me and my investors. This is jsut as important to us as the film we will be making with you. Help us out here and you will be well taken care of! Get me the information as soon as possible.

As soon as possible!


That should give him some encouragement
Dear S******,

We received your mail and we understand you 've made efforts to send the money in two different names but it didn't work.I will suggest you send $3,000 through money gram on Noble Iwuoha and then send the rest through western union on J*** Robert,i think that way it will work.
We have told in our previous mail that cashiers check or money oder will not work here because our country is not conversant with that mode of money trasactions as it might take upto a week or more before the banks here can clear and cash them.And for the urgency this requires,we suggest you send the money cash as delay may consitute danger.
Moreso,as your friend will agree to fly you down with his private jet that is the more reason why we need to receive this money in cash and on time to enable us make some necessary expenses putting things in proper shape before your arrival.Because if you come this week end with cash or cashier checks it may be late to our preperations.

Since you persist to talk with Anita,call on +234 80689-65122 late evening around 4:am and you will speak with her as she is in position to discuss to give you more details about herself.While you are deciding to discuss with friend to fly you down this weekend,the most important i re-emphasize on my previous suggestion that you should use the above informations to send the money through money gram and western union today.
Hmmm. He doesnít seem interested in a check made out to him. Oh well, at least he provided me with a phone number of the actress. But I really wanted an email address for Ďherí. I canít make phone calls. I donít respond for a couple of days.
Dear S****** Y****** ,

How are you today?
Why we have not hear from you since?

S****** Y******,

lt is such a pity that l did not hear from you again after l have made all the necessary arrangement as agreed. You have only suceeded in making me a joker and a liar before KANAYO and the actresses which l have arranged for the job. They don't see me anymore as serious. My own business has suffered so much because l trusted you so much. l am not talking about my financial committment in this deal. l don't have to tell you how much l spent in communications and to get these girls to believe me. l had to commit some fund to convince them that we are serious, before they permitted Kanayo to release those pictures. l did not tell you all that or to give me those little fund before making the connections.

Even when l went out of my way to get you talkto Anita, you did not call as promised. l also tried calling you on so many occassions and it did not go through. Emagine all the time and all the inconviniences you made me go through all for nothing.
At this piont, l guess you are longer serious with this deal, l have counted my loss and l am facing my business squarely now.

All the same, l told Anita that if l don't hear from you before tomorrow, l will call of the deal. From here on, the ball is in your court.
Take your decision and let me know next to do.
Jeez. He doesnít seem happy. Well, Iím bored with him anyway. Letís see how he responds to some aggression:

You accuse me of being not serious about my business? After I have worked and slaved to get this movie done. I've already put thousands of dollars of my own money into this project, which I believed in whole-heartedly. I ran around and managed to get ten thousand dollars to give to you to set everything up. I tried to send it the way you wanted it, but was told it was illegal. So I got a cashiers check to send to you only for you to tell me that you didn't want the money that way. I even offer to bring you the money, in cash, myself, but you tell me that you simply can't wait that long.
I ask and ask for information about the shooting location, but don't send me anything. Not even a simple image of the area. I figure I'll fly down and take a look around at the area, and you do you best to discourage a visit.
You've made me into a laughingstock with my investors. I called a big meeting with all of my people to give Anita a call and see if we could fly her here and provide her with her very own apartment as well as a large signing bonus and a healthy salary to work with us. I even offer you several thousand dollars for helping us get her signed up. And you give us a bad phone number. I was in a meeting with over a dozen people, and got nothing when we called. Nothing! I'm rarely embarassed, but I certainly was this time.
I've asked for contact information on all the actresses, but haven't been provided with anything. Not even one email address.
I've been working my well-ridden ass off trying to get us working together, and you keep sending me in circles.

Perhaps this has been a mistake. I've been flying all over this fucking country these past two days trying to get more money for our movie. I've done more oral for men in the past two days then I did in my last several movies combined. Now I have almost seventyfive thousand dollars raised for this film and it looks like it's been a waste of time.
Very well. If you aren't serious about making this movie, then I shall simply have to find someone else to help me out.
If you are serious, let me know, and let me know soon. I don't like making mistakes, but I recover very quickly from them. So I won't be waiting by the phone to hear from you. You better reply fast if you wish to continue doing business with me.


That should prompt an interesting reply.
S****** Y******,
My accusation was based on your silence. You may have spent so much dollars on this project but all l know is my deal with you. lf you have gotten the money to send like we agreed, l believe all the information l gave you were correct and l don't see the reason why the Moneygram or Western Union should reject and declare it illegal. Yes, l am doing my very best also to help achieve this deal and that is why l had to tell you the truth about how best to send the money knowing that cashier check can not work here, what is the need to allow you send them.
It is good we build our deal and relationship on truth because l remember very well that l had written in my previous mail that we have to travel down together (with you) to the location when you made us believe that you will be coming down this weekend with your friend who owns a private jet. Why then are you blaming me of not showing you the location when you know that everything is based on the money, expenses to travel to the east with the camera man to film the location.
l am sorry if l have made you a laughing stock but it was not my fault because l gave you Anita's direct phone number(+234-8068965122) to speak with her which you still have the opportunity to do.
lf you actually want the location to be ready and every other pending arrangement, before your arrival, send the money through this account by swift transfer:
Account Info:
ABA NUMBER: 021001088
ACCOUNT NO: 13518139640
This will enable me facilitate things for you since the moneygram and western union told you it was illegal to send huge money.
Call Anita anytime you want and have a good discussion with her.
About your phone, if your phone set has caller identifier, you would have seen so many missed calls from me those two days.
Waiting to hear from you soonest.
Hmmm. No. The pay phone doesnít have caller id. Well, I assume it doesnít. Itís located over a thousand miles from me, and I havenít actually seen it, but I assume it doesnít.

I'm sorry Mr. W*******, but I am not sure I trust you anymore. I wish to, but people over here are filling my ears with doubts about you. I don't even know what you look like. I've sent you pictures of me, even a copy of my license, but haven't gotten anything from you.
My friend and I did travel to your area this weekend. We flew in to the Lagos airport on Saturday and scouted various locations. I tried the phone number you gave me again, but it still didn't work. We stayed in a very nice room at the Sofitel just outside of town. Not a bad place.
We found a couple of places that would work perfectly for my script and are currently in various meetings descussing which will work best. We actually think that shooting the film at the Sofitel hotel might be the best way to go.
I'm sorry thing didn't work out. I just can't afford to throw away anymore money. Especially on a man who I don't even know what he looks like. If you can think of some way to prove to me that you are trust-worthy, please let me know.


Well, I hint that he should send me his photo and tell him I donít trust him anymore. I leave it open for him to try to repair our Ďrelationshipí but donít really care anymore. Heís just too boring.

S****** Y****** ,
l got your mail and l am pretty sure you have made up your mind on what to do. Regardless of people tell you, you are the one to take your decision. Again like l told you before, in any bix where there is no trust, it does not work. Go ahead and do it the way you have planned it out, l wish you all the best. And thanks for wasting my time. Again l thank the good Lord you told me this on time so that l don't waste more time and resourses.
Yeah, ok. It was slightly amusing for a couple of weeks or so, but Iím not unhappy with it being over. But then he writes again the next day:

Dear Y******,
How are you today? Hope you are feeling fine? l expected you to write and tell me that l am a liar or something but you never wrote. There are one or two things l would like you to get very clear in this transaction or rather relationship.
Talking about trust, l want you to go to the website of the TRANSPARANCY INTERNATIONAL and view the rating of Nigeria that is if you have not done that already. Nigeria was rated the second in the whole world when it comes to corruption, but that does not mean there are no good guys in Nigeria. l for one, l am proud to be a Nigeria because l know l can not defraud anybody. l am a very good christian and l have lived up to expectation up till now. You may wonder why l am telling you all these things, you are an American and at that is supposed to be a very upright and truthful person. Why did you tell me you came to Nigeria and stayed for the weekend in SOFITEL Hotel in Lagos, and was calling the line l gave you and it didn't go through? WHY such cheap lies? A whole American like you!!!! WHY
Who ever gave you that plan did not plan it very well because first and foremost:
- There is nothing like SOFITEL Hotel in Lagos, SOFITEL is owned by Transcorp and has its business at ABUJA, the Federal Capital Territory.
- The number l gave you, even if you were in Nigeria called the the way l gave it to with international code, it will still ring, even my personal number.
- lf you were genuine, you would have given me your personal number or even somebody pick you phone the whole l called. But not even a single time did anybody pick it.
- You have finally destroyed the ralationship l built with those ladies and they are no longer happy with their pic which l gave to a total stranger like you and you have the effontry to talk about TRUST.
You are a fake American if not a fraudster.And you are talking about trust, listen, if l wanted your money common sense did not tell you that l would have told you to send the $3,000 like that.
l on my own spent $1,300 to make those necessary contacts and get those girls to give away their pix and l did not make a fuss about it and now you want me to go ahead and spend more money. There was something l learnt when l visited Cleveland three years back, NOTHING IS FREE IN AMERICA that is to say THERE IS NO OMILETTE WITHOUT BRAKING OF EGGS! but l think l have become a fool for you because l forgot that while we started this transaction. NOW TELL ME, HOW I RECOVER MY MONEY BACK!!! TELL ME!!!
l don't want your money and will never take it unjustly.

Yawn. Actually, there is a hotel in Lagos called the Sofitel. I did my research! How dare he accuse me of lying to him. *snicker* I just canít let that pass.

I am sorry our business together has come to an end, but that is no reason to call me a liar. I was in Lagos over the weekend, and I stayed at a place called the 'Sofitel The Moorhouse Ikoyi'. A very nice place, that we enjoyed so much that we are thinking about shooting our film there.
I didn't know that Nigeria was second in the whole world for corruption. I find that interesting, but I'm not sure what relevance that has. I only work with people that I trust. I keep an eye out for bad people and do my best to avoid them. I'm not accusing you of trying to do something underhanded or bad, I simply need certain things, like the images of the location, a photo of you, contact numbers for all the actors and actresses, all the things that I had asked for from you several times. You were unable to provide me with those things, so I am forced to move on. It's costing me and my investors several thousand dollars to re-start with a new director, but we don't see how we have a choice.
I'm not asking you to spend more money. I never asked you to spend ANY of your own money. I offered to get you ten thousand dollars for setup and reservations and such, but you were not happy with the methods I had to get you the money.
I'm sorry you spend 1300 of your own money, but I don't know what I can do to help you recover that money. This isn't a charity I am running, it's an adult film studio. I give money for services. Sometimes I give services for money. But there is no money for nothing.
We are currently talking with a Mr. **** **** who lives in your area and is an actor. He is thinking about working with us. Perhaps you know him?
If you wish, I can let you know when we will be in your area, filming our film. Maybe you could come by and watch.



Come by and watch. Lol. Iím sure heíd love to do that. Now a week passes and I get another email from him:

Dear S******,
How are you today? Hope you are doing very fine? When l got your mail, l was very sorry that may be l was to harsh on you. l used the hard words out of annoyance. l never wanted to write you again at least on this issue but something came up and it is very urgent, that is why l write you this mail.
lnfact, as l write you this mail, l am under intense tension and pressure and as such, l would like you to understand my position. l got a distress call from the three girls simultaneously demanding an explanation as to what l did with their pictures. l tried very hard to explain to them that the deal did not work out. They called again this time represented by ANITA that they are pressing legal charges against me for unlawfull exposure of their images, character assasination and so on....about 4 charges in all, l can't remember. She said she will involve even the INTERPOL. l tried to let her know that even the little money l gave them was from my pocket but she would not hear of that.
The problem right now is that they want to get a lawyer to that effect and honestly, l would not want it to get to that extent because that could heavy trouble to all of us and l don't want to be a stumbling block to your business. She said l should settle them with $7,000 each or they will go ahead with the charges and if that happens, l would not have any option than to hand over ID card in my possession to them. But honestly once again l would not want to do that because l know what means, your career and my career too.
l don't know what else to do and that is why l contacted you.
Hope to hear from you soonest.
l don't know what to do again, l am so scared of my career please.

Interpol? Oh my. Character assassination does sound very serious. $7000 for each girl certainly seems reasonable. Jeez fella, Iím bored with you. Just give it up. Oh well, I might as well send him a reply and see what happens.

I'm sorry the girls have seemed to have turned on you, and I wouldn't mind coming to some sort of agreement with them. However, you have said mean and rude things to me in your last couple of emails, and I am not at all interested in dealing with someone who accuses me of being a liar. I am a business woman, and a very professional one at that. I am not used to people accusing me of lying to them, nor am I used to people being downright rude to me. There are men who spend thousands of dollars just for an hour of my time.
If you have the girls contact me, I am sure I can offer them enough money so that it will keep my business out of trouble. I'm sorry about your loss of money, but I believe we could've made a lot of money together and you threw that chance away.
If there is one thing I am, it's honest.

-- S******

Honesty is certainly important! I wonder what happened to the 17mil he offered me originally?
To be continued?!?

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