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 What we know ... allies in Russia

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2007 2:46 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi everyone,
I have been in contact with an ex-military man named Peter who was also scammed by Danil Kuklinishkin although Peter smelled a rat before any money was sent.
These are his words:

Known facts on this scheme.

1. Being conducted from business setting.
2. Master host server in Moscow traced and identified. Master host server hides all domain names used in this scheme.
3. Master host web master can and does know identities of all the scam user's, i.e. Those writing and receiving the mail exchanges.
4. Writers are not in the host cities they claim they are writing from. They are only giving out the impression they are in these cities.
5. Owner of Master host server lives East of Moscow. (Prime suspect along with money man).
6. All writers may be actual people from towns claimed, suspect they are hired to solicit this scheme using their own life history etc to prop up the letter dialogues with believable past histories etc. Paid for doing this not shared owners etc.
7. Internet cafe's all open 24/7. Scammers do not work on week-ends. Proves all people involved are in Moscow.
8. No travel agency provides the services these people claim.
9. No agencies used by US or Canadian embassies for immigration and or visa applications.
10. Western Union can identify the Money Man with valid ID to collect money as it is transferred. As named here by Rodney and confirmed in other boiler plate letters.
11. Agency documents provided as convincing evidence all fake. No signatories, and confirmed with trusted Russian contact outside this scheme.
12. Research on going to identify Money Man. Have requested help from Russian contact to ID the name to a phone number and possible traceable address using Moscow contacts.
13. Clandestine surveillance requested for three day photography of people entering and exiting the host server building in Moscow. Purpose is to ID digital signatures in known pictures distributed by writers for any matches in three day surveillances photos gathered. If successful will confirm age reality of the writers. Strong suspicion the writers could be a few entities being used for only perpetrating multiple identities. However, remember the multiple identities have to manage a vast array of letters contacts and domain name activities. Not easy task. I suspect these are real entities not necessarily the age seen in the pictures but hired and paid for this work.
14. No crime committed here in Russian law.
15. Scam although real is provable only as circumstantial until such time as all or a vast majority of the scammers can be identified as having associations with the Money Man.
16. Money Man must be positively identified before an authority will likely act or can complete a prosecution under Russian or International Law.


I deleted my post ... here it is again:

Post subject: Danil Kuklinishkin Volzhskiy, 404130 [email protected]

I beleive this is a well organized group operating out of Moscow. The scam is designed to take about 4 months. Someone spent a great deal of time getting it just right ... the emotional hook is the period of time these people are willing to devote to one victim for $1200.00 US. The money is always sent to Ilyas Samegulin or "uncle" ... ID is obviously required to obtain the funds. Is this their leader/employer? Who is this person?

Danil first emailed me about 4 months ago (yes ... and we began corresponding every day. The same formula letters that everyone has received.
His parents considered me a son and with their help, he travels to Moscow (in this case with his war veteran uncle to keep him safe for me, apparently) to obtain a visa. He has hired an agency to guide him through the process ... Odissea Travel. "Very necessary, bad people in Russia" ... no kidding!
He has asked for nothing at this point. Now comes the round way ticket.
He says he did not know he needed one and had planned to obtain the visa and return home to work and save for a ticket. "Can't get visa with out return ticket! HELP ME my love!!!". He pleads very well and I have, unfortunately, fallen for him. I send 1200 US via Western Union to Moscow.
The wire is in his uncle's name because war veterans do not pay tax on wired money (?). His name is ILYAS SAMEGULIN.
This is the letter:

Hello Rodney, my love, please, read this letter very attentively and tell what should I do! I wanted to write you just tomorrow but I can't wait with answer because this is very serious. I talked with manager today like I planned and we discussed some questions. All the documents were taken but they told me I shouldhave round ticket to you for getting visa. I should have ticket before Interview in Embassy . Not all people leave Canada after ending visa's time, also Russian government should be sure about my safety and I must be able to come back if I have problems there. By the way within 3 years I will get citizenship because I will have papers and I will work very hard and have good recommendation - it will be much more easily to make from Canada with papers I will bring with me.
WE have alot of restrictions here. We will talk about this when I come to you on place. BY the way I didn't expect that I have to get ticket first but and when I showed contract to Sergey (this is manager I work with) he showed me point in contract that I signed and it was written about ticket that I probably didn't get attention - THIS IS MY GUILT! I should pay for ticket and Agency will buy ticket for me - they have connection with airfare company that get tickets for them with better price because they buy more then 200 tickets a month. My love,I am in confusion, they told me ticket will costs 1232 US Dollars (includes
taxes and fees)!! They checked flight on 5 of April to Vancouver, British Columbia. As soon as I get visa I will go to see family before leaving so Iasked to check ticket for later date... I also will need some time to get my degree and resume from job to covert into International form, resume is very important because it will help me get job easier. That flight Agency offered me has free seats if I buy ticket the other day but if I delay some time they will offer me other flight. I can add about 40 USD from money I have to this ticket but I understand this is nothing...

Also they asked your contact information in case they or Embassy need contact you. You don't should worry that I provided this info - this is necessary and no one get this information - this is private and I also told you are my friend and I am coming to you so if someone contact you please tell that I am your friend - don't tell that we are partners please, this is important.

Please, tell me what should I do? Process is started already and I will not get visa without flight.. I can't find these money right now, I even don't have way to contact family from here and family's money at this moment, my money I had in savings and uncle put all his saved money in visa process .... anyway they helped as much as they could. I estimate how much I need you, what place you take in my life and I am scared about that. I am scared loosing you, please, don't let me down.. You know I didn't want to be financial dependent and parents gave all savings just not involve you in financial questions but now I don't know what to do... I told that I have friend who I fly and if way he can get flight for me somehow but but they told that they don't let anyone get ticket because they have good reputation and they have list of work they will never let
anyone to do because if you make something wrong and I get refused because of tickets they will have great trouble right up to loosing license.. This point also written in contract..

I talked about that with my uncle and he told that time is tight and we should go to the bank and find out in case.. I even was in bank and they advised me Western Union system - they told this is fast and very safe way to make and receive transfers all over the world. In Western Union will ask for some 10- digit MTCN number you should have as soon as transfer are made (in bank told me this is necessary). They will give funds in your currency but I can easy to covert them into Russian rubles, this is not problem at - there are many points of currency exchange here so don't worry about that. We were in bank that has Western Union branch but you can make transfer to other bank, it works here in Moscow:

Polyarnaya str., 3/1
Woscow , 127081
Phone: 7(495)(2297698)

I also found out very important thing and glad this is not late - by government rules people who receive funds from outside of Russia are taxed BUT government, veteran of war, people who were damaged by radiation of Chernobyl (in Ukraine in 1986) and some other don't have to pay tax. I talked to my uncle and he agreed to help me, he feel himself guilt that we are not able to assist ticket. He wants us be be together and live happy life. He was in association of Veteran protection and talked about that. His paper and medal about getting fight in Afganistan war he left at home so we were afraid that he can have problem but they assure it will not problem because he is veteran and named in archive.
Please, don't be mad for me but I really did everything just to let us to be together and have you in my arms at least. I am not sure but I do hope you can help with ticket. I will give you uncle name for who make transfer if you are able so I will not have problem with tax police. Uncle's name is: "ILYAS SAMEGULIN" - it should be spelled right in case in bank told it can be problem even if one letter written wrong because of high secure policy. He will get money with his passport and since regular bank system is not good developed here in Russia, Western Union is the best and easiest way and works very good! They also told you can make transfer on-line and in person in Western Union office.
On-line transfers doesn't work good here in Russia so you should go to theWestern Union office in person. I am sorry for this difficulties and feel myself not good but I really tried all my best to find out before giving you information. I think this is fate that I found out about this because if you make transfer in my name I could have problems later.

This is again full name of my uncle you should know - check it spelled right:


Please, write me letter as soon as possible, I need your letter as never and please, don't hate me for that. I love you very much and I didn't want any financial problems to be involved until we are in person but I am helpless now.. My uncle asked me to apologize from him.... I love you so very much Rodney and Idon't picture future without you.. Please, don't refuse me because if I refuse visa next time will me much harder and in mostly cases impossible... I need your letter tomorrow morning, please.... I am sorry this letter is mess and not happy but I am afraid... If I have funds tomorrow I will get ticket at the same day.

As for Moscow's sight, I have not had anything exciting because I concentrate for visa now..

With love and hope,
your Dan

Next comes the poignant request for 3500 Canadian after his supposed interview at the Canadian Embassy. I am beginning to smell a rat and refuse. I tell him of my doubts and offer him other options ... basically go home and save money. I tell him there are other ways we can be together.
He says he will prove he is telling the truth. I receive this email:

From: [email protected]
Subject: Danil Kuklinishkin's request
Date: March 16, 2007 8:15:20 AM PDT (CA)
Reply-To: [email protected]

Hello Rodney. My name is Sergey Eduardovich Potanin and I am manager of Odissea Agency. I work with Danil Kuklinishkin directly and he asked me to contact with you and conform he is our client. I want to confirm that Danil Kuklinishkin in client of Odissea Agency and we provide everything for his visa. We provide his with tickets, passport, some other things and any consult. He had interview in Canadian Embassy 13 March 2007 year but have not got visa until he show he has funds to travel - this is 3500 Canadian dollars. WE don't practice contacting not with our clients but mr. Danil Kuklinishkin asked vert much.

Sergey Potanin

16.03.2007 г.
С наилучшими пожеланиями
Агенство Иммиграции "Odissea"

I reply, playing along ... curious about a response:

Dear Mr. Potanin,
Thank you for your email.
I spoke with the Canadian Embassy here explaining Danil's situation regarding money. The Embassy here suggested I call the Embassy in Moscow and tell them the following information:

1). I am prepared to provide Danil with food and shelter for an indefinite period of time.
2). If anything should happen to me, my roommate will continue to assist Danil.
3). I have found Danil a job at my place of employment.

This information can be verified. I will do all I can to prove what I say is true.
In order to speak to the person in charge of Danil's application I will need his file number and category. Can you send me this information?
I am very eager for Danil to establish a new life in Canada and will do all I can to help him.
I greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter.


No response, of course.
At this point I stumble upon this website and am HORRIFIED, STUPIFIED and sadly enlightened.
I feel a myriad of emotions and hurt is definitely on the top end of the list ... this happened a few weeks ago. I feel quite the fool for love. I will have much more to say regarding this scam ... but for now, this is a start.
This is the address he gave:

Danil Kuklinishkin
Lenina street, 10 do vosrebovanija
Volzhskiy, 404130

Rodney (aka Darkpisces)
I have many letters and pictures if anyone is interested.
I have also shared this information with my MP, Hedy Fry in Ottawa, the Canadian Embassy in Moscow, the Russian Embassy in Canada, the FBI, the FSB and, of course, Western Union with whom I am still corresponding regarding this Ilyas Samegulin.
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it wasn't me
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2007 3:29 am Reply with quoteBack to top


Firstly. So sorry you got scammed. Truly, truly sorry.


Thank God you found us.

Firstly, if you are sure this guy is scamming (paging Wayne...) and he has any personal details from you, drop him.
Secondly, if you post his photo on here, the guys who do the love scams will be able to let you know if he's known to them.
Thirdly. And probrably most importantly, this guy is not who you think he is. He is not the loving man you adore. He looks nothing like the photo's you've got.

Love scammers are shits. They make you fall in love with them, then bleed you dry.

My heart goes out to you.

You came to the right place. x

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2007 4:05 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi Dark Pisces and welcome. Sorry as well to hear of your loss. These people engineer their baits to drive the emotional hook in deeply. The lesson is learned. Draw a line under the experience. All money has gone. There is no chance of it being recovered. All an elaborate scheme where nothing and nobody are real. They cover their tracks and are pretty well untouchable.
Use your anger and disappointment to educate others. That will be both your solace and reward. Crying or Very sad

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2007 4:06 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I am past that point. I have received several emails in response to my postings from men who have exactly the same letters and photographs I have. Several names are used and other photos as well but the words remain the same. Ilyas Samegulan or "Uncle" picks up the Western Union wire. He is constant in this scam ... and I want to know who he is.
He may be the key. Identification is required to obtain the money and the money is always sent in his name.
The bank where this Western Union is located is probably the same bank this group always uses ... close to the place they scam from. I have been told that Russians are a lazy population. Why walk too far if it works?
Thank you for your concern ... I am very relieved to have found you.
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Like I told you my reply to your original post, it is not necessary to have ID to pick up a Western Union payment. Only MTCN and test question/answer are needed. Even if someone is picking up money under the Ilyas name and showing ID bearing that name, the ID is almost certainly fake -- they keep using that name because it is the name on the fake ID that they have. If this Ilyas is stupid enough to pick up the money with his own real ID, he is certainly not the ringleader of this scheme, rather a pawn used by the ringleader to avoid picking up money himself.

As far as your military friend Peter is concerned, please advise him to be VERY CAREFULL about paying Russian private investigators to conduct surveillance on these guys. First of all, these businesses are usually operated by organized crime and they would not appreciate being put under surveillance. Second, many russian 'investigators' are former police and or KGB and are associated with organized crime. They will probably rip your friend off. Trust me, I am a private investigator here in Toronto and I know the industry well. They may well be operating a reverse-scam, what is known as a loss recovery scam. Further, if the guys running this scam are O/C and are well known/connected in Moscow, the investigators may tip them off that someone is trying to mess with them. Certainly not worth the several thousand dollars it would cost to have three days of surveillance done, especially given the fact that he supposedly didn't even send any money. Lastly, even if he does manage to find out who is behind this scam the Russian police probably won't do anything about it. They are thoroughly corrupt and lazy. They won't left a finger.

Best idea is to leave well enough alone. Trust me, I'm far from being one the more prudent members of this board - I give out my phone number and traceable email to African scammers all of the time for a good laugh because I don't really think they can do anything to me and would find it immensely entertaining to see them try. But this is a little different. You are talking about pursuing (not even just messing with but actually pursuing and attempting to prosecute) men who are likely Russian organzied crime figures here. Not worth it. PM me if you want to discuss it further.

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Sorry to hear you lost money to these b*****ds, darkpisces.

it wasn't me wrote:
Firstly, if you are sure this guy is scamming (paging Wayne...)
No need to page Wayne. This is absolutely standard modus operandi for love scammers. I've only done a couple of vlad love baits, and with women rather than men, but the one that went that far was identical to this one. I'm fairly sure it was a different gang than the one the OP is dealing with.

Elena Karamisheva wrote:
...they have told in travel office that I have to show paper that I booked tickets when I will visit embassy after tomorrow. People from embassy must be sure that I am not going to stay illegally and I have tickets with returning data. it is very strong rule.

I have some money but my flight from Barnaul to Moscow costed so much (about 400$) because so many kilometrs from there to Moscow. of course it is my fault because they told me that I have to keep money but I so much in a hurry.I had to use train instead plane to travel from my town to moscow but i have never fly.I think it is to late to sorry and one bad thing yet that prices of servise of aerflot got more expensive from New year because of high gasoline price.

I have to bye tickets till my intervew,because of such rule. May be you could borrow some money?I can't live here too long because every day I have to spend some money to live.Very expensive city.the cup of the tea costs about almost a half of dollar.

I think it is not too great amount I ask and I am sure I will be able to return it back in a few weeks after my arriving I will earn some money and at first to return all money to you.

in Agency they have told me that you may send it to use western union system because we have no a lot of time till my intervew,if everything will be all right I will get Saturday flight!

I have about 300 US dollars yet and I think I need about 850 US dollars from your side with all travel needs and living here till my flight! ...
(Paragraphing added to save the reader's sanity.)

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Actually this one is slightly more complex than most of the vlad baits we see. For one thing they've set up a fake web site to be able to use their email facility (something we don't see that often, but more frequently than say this time last year), plus they're not using The Bat!. Vlads are getting cleverer and learning new ways to fool victims and hide their identities. The rest of the scam is pretty standard though. As for the OP's comments and assumptions, so much of it is wrong I wouldn't know where to begin.....

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