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 Well, this ended quick...

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 1:05 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This bait didn't last too long, although once things went sour, they were sure to email me from a different address the next morning with a different scam. It was most definately the same person. Anyway, the original email I got was about selling a "diemond" as he/she put it...


I want this diamond you speak of. I'm very interested in buying it for
either me or my daughter since she's graduating from college soon. Now,
I don't know who you are though, how did you get my email address? And
honey, do you have a picture of this diamond? I'm gonna need to see it
before I pay for it. And also, do you happen to have any sales on any
other diamonds you might have? I'm on a limited budget. Thank you honey.

Joanne Anderson

thanks,so hear the photo of the diemond if you will like to reply me soon

Kim, honey, I was very interested in that diemond until I saw the
picture you sent me. You call that a diemond? Honey, I thought you were
telling me about a diemond ring! Where are the carats? Honey, I love
gold, sell me gold. This is America, we get what we pay for. I can't buy
that diemond, it's not my style. Do you have anything else you could
sell me? How bout a leather jacket? I loooove my leather jackets. And
maybe throw in some virginia slims, I LOOOOVE my virginia slims. Have
you ever been to virgina?

so honey, what else are you selling? Let's talk

Joanne Anderson (but you can call me JoJo)

okay if you need gold.i hope you like reply me soon.
{sent crappy pictures of crap gold jewelry off ebay}

Oh HONEY it's FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that guold!!!! It's
perrrrrrfect. Oh, honey, I just don't know which ones I want, they're
all so sparkling with guold!

I need a list of prices to go with the pictures, honey. But Kim, thank
you for your speedy reply. You're a true business woman.

Although you still never answered me as to how you got my email address?
How did you? And honey, I need to see more pictures of this guold. I
want to see pictures of you with this guold so that I know you really
have them in your possession, cuz honey, those pictures look like they
were just taken from ebay. I'm no fool, you can't fool joanne anderson,
I come from a long line of anderson's. We drink, and we have fun, but
we're also very business savvy. We always get what we want at a fraction
of the cost. So Kim, all I'm asking is for a picture with you and these
lovely guold pieces, just so that I know you really have them. Can you
do that for me hon? Thank you honey. Buh bye.


each prize of the gold rings is $300 per each.i am sorry i dont have any more pic to send you.

Well then honey I don't know what to tell you. I guess the deal is off
then. I can't just send you $300 if you don't have any more pictures. I
want to see a picture of YOU and the GUOLDDDDDDDDDD. Can you do that for
me? If not, I'll spend my $300 elsewhere.

And let me just say, that's a great bargain price you got there, I would
have bought four or five of them at that price, but if you can't send me
more pictures, I'll just have to go to KMart.


thnaks,no problme.

Honey, have you been drinking? Your spelling is awful. You know I'm a
recovering alcoholic myself. I remember the days when I would just get
my bottles of booze and head down to the city and experience the night
life. I once got pulled over for doing 3 miles per hour on the
highwayyyyy!!!! I thought I was going 100!!!! If you ever need to talk
to someone about recovery, I'm here for you.

Anyway, Kim, I don't think you understand me. I said I would only buy
four or five of your gold goodies if you sent me pictures of YOU WITH

In the meantime honey, go get yourself into an alcohol treatment center.
I know a nice place where you can go and the people are very nice.


it is out of law in my company to send out photo,i am sorry for that.if you wnat to order,order and the company will ship out your order.

Honey, that's absurd. You already sent me pictures of the gold, I just
want MORE of them with YOU in them, so I know I'm not getting ripped
off. What kind of company do you work for? Something's not right here,
if I cant get what I want, I'll spend my thousand dollar allowance at
Target or KMart


thanks,no problem,you can contact other company.

Ok then, I am going to Walmart tonight to spend my thousand dollars.
Sorry it didn't work out.

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