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 Jenny the Check Mule Throws the Bait and Mugus Bite

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2007 12:49 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I did another ASEM from Jenny the Ditz, these were to know lads, addys harvested from my catcher account today. Jenny writes (all lads Bcced)
Mr. Txxlor

Good day to you sir. This is Jenny from xxx, and I recieved the checks from your associates and I will put them in the bank today. I just need you to explain what I do with the money now. Thanks for the opporuntity to work for your company. I really needed a job, and you helped me. I won't let you down, you can count on me Sir.


Here come the lads

Mark Dxxrn writes
Dear Jenny,

Feel free and go ahead with all instructions and deposit the checks with
your bank and expect you keep me posted of all proceedings.


Lotto Lad writes
As soon as they clear kindly inform us so we let you know how to transfer the funds after deducting your percentage.

Mr. Txxlor

Mrs. dying from cancer which has defiled all treatments writes
Dear Jenny,
Thank you very much,I am very happy you now have the check,so please be careful,once you cash the money,you are entitled to a certain percentage of the whole amount and the remaing shall be sent to our regional agent which we will tell you later.
Thank once again and please do keep in touch.
Yours faithfully

I never sent the e-mail to anyone names Taxxor, but gosh darn, one created a yahoo account with the name and hits me out of the blue

I know that by now you will be wondering why i have not called you it's because i was actacked by robbers and i lost every contact including your phone nurmber so please this why am using a new E_mail address to write you now i just found out that some people are after my life please i beg you inthe name of God not to reply to any body or answer any call from any body now . Please i ask that you give me your phone nurmber again so that i can call you my self (for security reasons .)
I have lodged the robbery case with the police and i believe that they wiil get them for me .
Please send me your phone nurmber now and Email only with this address [email protected] . urgently
Finally am happy that you have gotten the checks 1st i need you to send this sum of $2000 to my friends son ( Name> Exxon Sxxa --Address>Accra Ghana) as soon as the bank gives you the money he has to use it for some things . when i call you i tell you the next step to take onthe money.
Best regards
Mr Txxlor

Susan xxxxx writes

Dear Jenny,

I hope you are really srious, but you have to pay small fees to to activate the check and the pin code od the check will be released to you so that you can be able to cash the money in the check so if you are ready you let me know


A so-called Pastor replies

Hello Jenny,
How are you today and the family.Thank you for replying our today,how much do you recieve to day.Am glad you said you can work for the company.Just let me know so that i can tell you what to do.

A Jones writes

Thanks for the notification...You are to deposit the checks in your account,Am sure it will not take 1-2 working days to clear your bank...Once it clears notify me so i can funish you with our company secretary information where the money will be wired to via westernunion after the deduction of your 10%...
Hope this is okay with you..Awating Reply....

I'm really happy with this bunch, it only took me about 20 minutes to harvest thirty e-mails and write the ASEM. It looks like I will have plenty of fun baits working. Once they hear there were $42,000 in checks, they get really itchy. I'm going to start asking dumb questions, a few days worth, and then I will bust out the fake Money gram reciepts.

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