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 My first bait

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2007 1:44 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Yay my first bait as followed,

*Note I seemed to have misplaced his first spam email..meh


So my first email is just wow im interested in your deal email me please..yadadad

and so it begins...


for your swift repond in this transaction As I did explain to you on my first message this fund is the excess of the profit made here in my branch .It might interest you to know that I have already submitted an approved Financial report of the year and my Head office and the entire Bank will never know of this excess.

The transfer is bank-to bank and should be made to your chosen foreign account from my head office here in Accra.The modalities that have mapped out to actualize
the transfer of the fund involves the following steps:

Step1: I will program your full names and address on the entire BARCLAYS BANK OF GHANA database as the depositor and the beneficiary of the fund.
Step2: I shall issue a backdated deposit slip of the fund to your name.
Step3: I shall provide you with a draft of an application for transfer that you are going to forward to my Head office since all International transfers are carried out from there.

With the above steps, my head office will immediately carry out the transfer of the fund to your chosen bank account. Such transfers from my Head Office takes not more than 72hrs.I would like to stress that this transaction is 100% free risky and would cause no grief to either of us.
The scenario involved here is similar to that of a person who banks with a particular bank and at a point in time, wishes to close his account or transfer the fund to another bank of his choice. With your names duly programmed on the Database of the bank, you are practically a customer of our bank. Bear this in mind.

In your response, please your full contact details, including your full names, your complete physical country address and your direct telephone and fax numbers.I would need them in all the above steps.You can call me on my mobile phone number:00-233-249-333-478. Your earliest response would be appreciated.

Your's Sincerity,

Dr James Osie.


Wow sounds fun,


Dear Dr Osie,

Thankyou for your reply I will be glad to receive the money,
my fulls names isess xxxxxxxx my adress is:

14 Knucleduster Rd
Yourface,2222 SA

Unfourtantly due to bad accident in my childhood (involves landing on
my ear while trying to jump from a building). I am 96.7% deaf so
communicating with you by phone will be near impossible.



He feels sorry for me isnt that nice, but its not the end of the world for me


Dr xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks alot for your mail i understood your feelings but reason why i ask your telephone number because by the time you will contacted our head office its be obiveouse that them will need it crucial so sorry about the condition but I want to tell you that is not the end of the world because when thereís life thereís hope am sorry my good brother for what happened.

There is know problem about that hance you can write to us thatís more batter,please my good brother thereís something reft behind which is very important for the programming of your name and also inclouded. send your international passport or your photo pictureif you dont have international passport try to send it tomorrow so that I will use it for programming after I finished the programming Iím going to send you an Application which you will fill and send to our head office.

Thanks and have a nice day

Dr james osie,

Barclays bank Ghana ltd.

Wants a passport, hell get a lovely error message image...

Dear Dr James Osie,

I will of course send you my passport if it is required please find it attached to this email

Thank you so much


(attached is an error image about having to install vista to view)


Thanks for you mail and your understanding in this fund transfer transaction.
As i told you i have suceeded in programming your name as the original depositor of this $5.60, dollars here in my branch, below is the application letter that you will forward to our head office for immediate transfer of you fund.
kindly forward it to my head office and give me a phone call or you can write a mail to me so that i can monitor our head office on the transfer process.
Please my dear this is our opportunity i dont what you to make any mistake in any angle of this fund transfer transaction,What i am saying is please send it today so that tommorrow morning their write a mail to you and please as you are sending this letter of application to our head office any mail you recive from them ,You have to let me know before replying them to aviod mistake.
i have tried to open the passport which you esnd to my box but hardly for me to open it kindly check it weather if there's virus or other thing i want you to check it and know were the problem from send it back to my inbox. Dr James Osie
Branch Manager....(M.G)

(some application asking full name, address,age etc.)

Aww poor babie cant open the passport, and he keeps pestering me about that phone..tsk tsk

Dear Dr,

How many times do I have to say this I am deaf, yet you continue to
ignore that crucial fact, I am deaf so I cannot talk to you on the
phone, are you purposely mocking me about it because that's the
message I'm getting from you. I am still suffering to this day but you
have no care in the world about it please do not mention speaking via
the phone again.

Plus it is not my fault you cannot open the passport file I scanned
for viruses at least 5 times before sending it to you it works
perfectly on my computer so it should on yours.


Hes very sorry to keep mentioning it...

Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
greetins to you.

not that am mocking at you but is just for understanding there's know much problem about that but what i want you to do is this fill that APPLICATION send it to OUR HEAD OFFICE try to explain to them your filling and let them know that you will always communicating with them through computer for easy understanding.

if you have send the APPLICATION try to update me so that i will know and keep mornitoring for the file.

Dr James Osie,
Branch (M.G)
It's my first bait plus im bored... so I think il do something very drastic and stupid...
My dear turd,

I am sorry but I do not accept that pitiful apology, you have mocked me about my disability time and time again so before I make any more emails to your bank I want a full apology. You may think this ridiculous but I take my disabilty seriously.

I would like a HANDWRITTEN apology to me about continuely referring to communications by phone, this apology should be written on LINED PAPER with a minimum of 10 sentences. Once you write this and scan it to your computer and send it to me I will be extremely happy and I will do everything you ask without hesitation as I would know you are a good person. If however you disagree with my request I will no longer continue communications with you. As I said before I take my disability seriously and I have plenty of money to share with other business partners.

God Bless

Still waiting for his reply, only been 2 days I think

So opinions? I know I prob shoudnt have gone with the apology but meh I was bored... plus I have other baits going heheeh Cool
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Mad Max
Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2007 12:45 am Reply with quoteBack to top

It is possible you could suddenly have your hearing recover and offer him a phone number
Here's how!

First, get a spare sim for your mobile, usually free sims available, try Try for the same company as your current sim then no need to unlock the phone. Then go to to a site that offers free 'personal phone numbers, such as (check that they do free diverts to mobiles).
Next, put the sim into your phone and either set up a real answer message (using your baiting name, or set up the answerphone so it looks like you are there, eg'hello...pause.... yes.... long pause..... pardon?..... pause.... what?.....'
you get the picture
Then you can replace your regular sim and every now and again put in the new sim to either listen to the messages (and reply via email, or just have a laugh at the scammers trying to have a conversation with a machine!
The reason these phone numbers are offered free of charge is because it costs the caller eg. scammer, upwards of 35p/minute to call them!

Have fun, and remember not to give out your real details.

I have had a guy on the phone 4 times today, getting rather irate as I kept asking him to repeat things over and over and over again. Very restrained but then again he thinks I've been trying to send him £4,500 via good old western union!
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