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 First attempt, comments welcome

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 19 Apr 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2007 8:25 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

ok guys, this is my first go at this kinda thing, its only 2 mails (each) into it, so in early days yet, any comments on how I am doing so far are much appreciated.

first contact

From : williams renny <[email protected]>
Reply-To : [email protected]
Sent : 18 April 2007 09:18:36
Subject : urgently reply if you can handle it.

Attn: Please,
I am so very sorry if I pried into your privacy but it was due to the confidentiality attach to this medium and I am convinced that you will aid this project. My name is Renny Williams of Will's legal Consultant in Dakar Senegal. I am writing you in regards to my late client Mrs.Jessica Lesniewski,a single mother of two and a successful businesswoman from your country who base here in Senegal. She died unfortunately with her two kids and her driver in a car accident in Nov 2004.

The very reason I am contacting you now is to legally identify you to the London bank as her only relation to effect claim of her deposited assets and accrued interest valued at Ten Million Pounds before it gets confiscated by the British Government.The deposited bank in London has written us (Her legal Consultant) servaral times in the past two years but this year issued a final notice to provide any of her relatives for payment or have the assets channel to the Government Treasury as unclaimed fund within the next 14 days.

Since there was no relative or Next of Kin left in our record, I seek your sincere consent to present you as her only surviving relative and a beneficiary, so that this funds can be transfer to your bank account since Iíve been unlucky locating any of her relatives for 2years now. My aim now is to usher you in legally as her relative since you are of the same Nationality so we can benefit from this funds.

On confirmation of your positive interest to work with me, I propose you inherit 45% of this fund for your help and sincerity,50% for my firm while 5% for the refunds of processing expenses and to pay tax in your country (if any) prior to the successful confirmation of this funds in your bank account. All I require from you is your honest co-operation to enable us see this transaction through. I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of law.

Please urgently reply if you can handle it.

Best Regards,
Mr.Renny Williams (MD)
Will's Consultant, Rue 8x Av Dakar Senegal.

I set it up that I own my own company, so I will have the funds to pay, but my company, sadly, isn't doing too well at the moment so the cash has my attention, but I voice concerns as the upstanding pillar of the comunity that I am

RE: urgently reply if you can handle it.‎
From: Brrrr (<snip>) I messed up the name at first Sad
Sent: 18 April 2007 12:08:10
To: [email protected]

Dear Mr.Renny Williams (MD),

it was with great interest that I read your email, but I couldn't help but wonder how on earth you came across my email address to contact me with this incredible offer. It really does seem to good to be true and I normally wouldn't respond, but I own a small firework company in the tiny village of Upyachuffa that is under some considerable financial strain at the moment and I'm sure that a cash injection of such magnitude would help to see my company into the next decade.

I do have some concerns about the publicity that this amount of money would bring, and I am wondering how could I pull off pretending to be a relative of the late Mrs. Lesniewski. I fear that if I am found out legal proceedings would be taken out against me and I could find myself in a lot of trouble with a possible prison sentence. My main concern is that my company, Fockers Fireworks, would be left in the hands of my manager, Mr Fawkes, if I had to fight a lengthy legal battle. Mr Fawkes has some strange ideas about fireworks and I think his liberal thinking would put my business in jeopardy.

I hope you can put my mind at rest as I am very interested in your proposal.


Aaron Focker
CEO Fockers Fireworks

I get the usual scripted reply

Thank you‎
From: WILLIAMS RENNY ([email protected])
Sent: 19 April 2007 01:45:50
To: Aaron Focker

Dear Aaron Focker ,
Thanks for replying. I appreciate your sincerity to work with me for the success of this deal.All that is needed here is to build up trust within ourselfs and present you legally to the London bank as her extended relative so that it will be easier for the paying bank to approve payment to you as a beneficiary and her relation.

You must see this claim as your legal inheritance as it will be executed legally since the payment will be by telegraphic transfer as soon as I submit your legal Affidavit which will be process here in your name as her relation and a beneficiary to this fund.

In other to start up this process, Please,send your full names/contact address, direct phone and fax numbers,with this informationís I will prepare a fund release application you will send to the London Bank for the processing of your inheritance while I will urgently swore an affidavit in your name and obtain court release order from the High Court before copies of the claim documents will be sent to you and to the bank for verification and transfer of the funds to your bank account.

The real facts is that the London bank can easilly approve this payment to you since I am presenting a foreign body like you.

Please,send these details now and I will call you so that we can discuss more on phone.

Thanks a lot for your understanding.
Mr.Renny Williams
Tel:+221 430 4431

My company gets a pretty big order, no doubt making his eyes light up thinking that I will certainly have the cash now. Voice more concerns so as not to seem to eager, gota get him hooked properly

RE: Thank you‎
From: Aaron Focker (<snip>)
Sent: 19 April 2007 15:15:45
To: WILLIAMS RENNY ([email protected])
Dear Mr Renny,

thank you for the fast reply, sorry to take so long in answering, things have been a little hectic
around here today. My firework company received a rather large order late last night for the town
of Upyachuffa's annual May Day celebration, and I have been busy trying to co-ordinate the work
load. The celebrations for May Day in our small village date back to pagan times but involve lots of
specialist fireworks these days, people are no longer satisfied with just burning large wicker effigies of
Morris Dancers, they want to see them explode in a shower of colours and sparks! This is good news
for my bank account, and for Mr. Fawkes's morale, the poor fellow was feeling a little down but the
prospect of testing new highly explosive fireworks has brought a smile to the mans face, he does
seem to delight in blowing things to pieces.

Now down to business. I am eager to get the ball rolling, but you have not entirely put my mind at rest
as to how I would pull this off. I am not well up with the ins and outs of international finance but surely they
would want some proof to my claim? Another thing that has been bothering me, why did the unfortunate late
Mrs. Lesniewski have all her money in a London bank when her base was in Senegal? Anyway, here is the
information that you requested:

Name: Aaron Focker

Address: Fullson Cottage, Thornyhurst Lane, Upyachuffa, Larnacshire, UK

Telephone/Fax:01925 54734

I would like to know a little more of who I am dealing with, I think mutual trust is essential in business deals,
as I have trusted you in giving you my personal details I would assume you have no problem doing the same.

I await your response.


Aaron Focker.

RE: Thank you
From: WILLIAMS RENNY ([email protected])
Sent:20 April 2007 03:07:12
To: Aaron Focker

Thanks,can I get you on this number you provided as I been trying to call but is not going through.I am preparing an application you will send to the bank.
Mr.RennyWill's Consultant,
Rue 8x Av Dakar Senegal.

RE: Thank you
From: Aaron Focker (<snip>)
Sent:20 April 2007 08:11:35
To: WILLIAMS RENNY ([email protected])

Dear Mr. Renny,

I am sorry to say that my telephone line is down at the moment, due to an unfortunate accident involving a few barrels of firework gun powder. Mr Fawkes said he was doing a trial run for the May Day celebrations. Why on earth he decided to place the barrels around the telegraph pole is beyond me. I'm not sure if I entirely believe him about this, I think he may be up to something. What do you think Mr Renny?

I have been in contact with the telephone company by email and at the moment I am waiting for them to replace the telegraph pole and telephone lines.

Aaron Focker

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 2:52 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Good Start. He is replying to you via script for now, so don't go crazy writing long replies. If I were you, I'd put him off about the phone thing. Perhaps you are deaf (pesky firework accidents) or had mouth cancer or tourette's.

Then start popping questions on at a time via e-mail. Questions will get him "off script" and waste his time.

Bait safe and keep up the good work Very Happy

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 19 Apr 2007
Posts: 8

PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 8:14 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I had all ready thought about an excuse for the telephone, as I knew he would try and phone it, and he did.... updates above
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