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 Gold Powder (first bait....ongoing, now with pics)

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2007 12:45 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi Everyone, glad to be here! This is one of my first baits... I have another one going as well, I will post that later. [edit: I've been a little too pushy to start off with; I think I might have lost the other one] Any suggestions and help is greatly appreciated.

From Dr. Will*iams Gl*ass
To Le*ster Birming*ham
Dr. Glass,

Dear Sir/Madam,
In line with your profile we got on the search engine during our search for
business opportunities and relationship. We write to solicit your partner
and investment relation on gold and diamond crude oil timber honey and many
other natural mineral resources you may think of obtaining in African sub

The globe union is a consultant firm base in Conakry guinea we represents
artisans and local mining and producers of many mineral resources you may
think off in African continent.

We arrange and sale our products on local and international price list How
ever we do arrange some of the time on mutual agreements and understanding
provided it will benefit all concern.

Currently we have 2.700 kilos of gold dust 850 carat of diamond and barrel’s
of crude oil honey and tones of timber products to sale how ever we well
come trade representative on our items in exchange of finish goods African
population need.

We also well come trade representative on any vital area you may think to
deal with us as we have work with many foreign companies and individuals on
many products and professional understandings.

We hereby urge you to bring forward your ideas and your interest based on
our proposal to

you. We well come to hear the area you think to deal with our firm to inform
you more details.

We look forward to you response.


Best regards

Dr Willia*ms Gl*ass
Public relation officer.
00224 xx xxxxx


From Les*ter Birmin*gham
To Dr. Gl*ass
Date March/18/07

Dr. Gl*ass,

I am considerably interested in your proposal. Please send me some more information....


Les*ter Birmi*ngham

From Dr. Gl*ass
To Lest*er Birming*ham
Date March/18/07
Subject THANKS FOR YOUR RESPONSE more detaild await you

Dear Lester,

I thank for your response.I hope to know the areas you are interested to deal with our organisation.

How ever the globe union sales and export mejor natural minerals resources you may think of obtaining in african continent we all so work on trade relationship on any finish goods you may can arrange in exchange of our products.

I urge to call me during our office working hours 00224 xx xxxxx for further details.And more i need your full contact informations for it will help and enable us have faster communication in our relationship.

We are looking forward to your response.


Dr Willia*ms Gl*ass.


From Lest*er Birming*ham
To Dr. Gl*ass
Date March/18/07
Subject Re:THANKS FOR YOUR RESPONSE more detaild await you

Dr. Glass,

I would like to express interest in the gold powder that you claim to have. I would like to know a price quote. I would also like to know what timber products you sell.

I work on the construction and development of may condominiums and apartment buildings in many different cities in Canada and the US. I am interested in the powdered gold specifically because it can be used in paint to provide our more luxurious residences with gorgeous gold paint detail on the walls and other features of the apartments (not the whole wall of course!). This, I am sure, will be a very popular style among our more prestigious clients. I know this because I have this in my own apartment, though it was very expensive. I hope you can provide me with a decent (cash) price on this as I am unwilling to trade for finished products.. if you are only willing to trade for it, then I will unfortunately be unwilling to do business with you.

Please get back to me as soon as possible on this. I would like to hear from you again before we open a more permanent line of communication.

I would prefer for you to refer to me as Mr. Birmingham in these initial correspondences. I feel we should get to know each other more before we enjoy a first-name basis of relations.




From Dr. Gl*ass
To Lest*er Birming*ham
Date March/18/07
Subject waiting to hear from you soonest

Dear Mr Birmingham,

I thank you for your mail and hope to apologise to you on the first reference I made on your name. How ever I hope we can go far in our relationship on any level you may think off.

But first I do not agree with you on the word of (gold powder that you claim) How ever I see you do not trust and believe on the globe union co. for as I did mentioned on our proposal so every thing be the only thing is,Are you capable to deal and buy our products for as I did mentioned we represent artisan and local miners and producers on every given products I did mentioned to you.

In any case I hope we should start moving forward and on the aspect of the gold powder you indicates more interest on I hope we can arrange on that faster because we have them at hand now the only thing is make your request on the quantities you need we can supply them immediately to you provided you really want to deal with the globe uinon co.

The price we can understand with you is on local price bases for as you express your self to us makes you look very serious to deal with.

We can arrange the gold dust to you on $11,500.00 but you should take all charges of the shipment and tax clearance of the goods the only thing is we will be here working to make sure that your goods land to your country with out any problem.

We also will like to know if you are able to come down in Conakry guinea so that you can see things your self that what we are talking about is not joking matter.

Furthermore on aspect of timber products you mentioned we deal on that but that depends on your preparedness to work with us on that for we have a lot of timber processing firm on our list. So as we proceed on my dear as you did mentioned things will come to be clear to you as I did mentioned.

You just explain to us how many kilo of gold dust and tones of timber you may like to buy from us for us to start arranging them before your arrival.

I once more urge you to call me on my official phone line 00224 xx xxxxx for further clarifications.

We wait to hear from you soonest


Best Regards

Dr Willi*ams Gl*ass.


From Lest*er Birming*ham
To Dr. Gl*ass
Date March/18/07
Subject Re: waiting to hear from you soonest


How much for your entire supply of gold powder? I am excited about this, although I have been warned against it by some close associates. Please provide me with a picture of this gold powder.

I will need some more time to consider the timber.

Please respond immediately,



From Dr. Gl*ass
To Lest*er Birming*ham
Date March/19/07
Subject We are looking forward to your urgent response.

Dear Birmimgham,

You just indicates the quantity of the kilos you can afford to deal with us for us to start arranging them for you.

And i still need your contact informations and to talk with you on my official phone line as i did mentioned to you because you act like one who does not know what lucretives business is all about.The globe union works with artisan and local miners as we did mentioned to you our price looks very good to any of our prospective buyers provided is long time relationship as you may see in our proposal to you.

If some one is didcouraging you dealing with the globe uinon co just know it that the person does not mean good to you and he will not see you get great fortune.In any case we have nothing agenst consulting one into your business but not in very lucretive matter like this just be careful of the person you discuss this matter with for your own benefit.

Furthermore we will like to know the quntity of kilos of your demand to give you all the exmates and all what you are requesting for and more you should start arranging your self to come down here in conakry guinea to visit the globe house to see things your self for this is not a hidden business since you are capable of paying all the tax of all the valure of your goods as soon as we finalise sale with you.

We can supply you any picture of gold you needed but in globe house we advise our customers to come down and see things for them self,How ever we have to proceed first on the processes of selling and supplying of the goods to you.

Moreso we expect to hear your coming and arrival date to start arranging for your reception booking your accomudation and other thinghs that will make your visit well cordial.

On the aspect of the timber we will abide on your idea and suggestions but your visit here will help issues and accord you too to see and visit our timber whare house your self.

I urge you to commit your self fully with your partnership and investment programmes with the globe union co for better results.

We are looking forward to your urgent response.


Dr W Glass

From Lest*er Birming*ham
To Dr. Gl*ass
Date March/19/07
Subject Re: We are looking forward to your urgent response.

Where is the picture?

And the person who cautioned me was my brother... who is also a close business associate... you say he does not mean good to me?!?! he is my brother! how dare you?! You don't know me sir... and you would be well advised not to suggest that I don't know what lucrative business is all about... I know VERY well what it is about; I don't enjoy my success from just picking my ass. You angered me with the suggestion about my brother, and I am very tempted to insult you right now, though I will refrain. You will receive NO personal information from me, or any information regarding my plans to visit until I see a photo of the gold (with you in the picture) and you stop making pigshit bastard comments about my family. You are on thin ice with me, I have a very good mind to cancel these plans. Your next email better have picture and a huge apology... You are beginning to bring a very ugly side of me out... please fix this behavior and honor my request for a photo immediately. I am a busy man with little time...



From Lest*er Birming*ham
To Dr. Gl*ass
Date March/21/07
Subject are you ready to commence?

Dr. Glass,

Are you ready to commence this transaction? Please let me know ASAP....



From E*ng Fr*ancis
To Lest*er Birming*ham
Date March/22/07
Subject you are well come my good friend

Dear Mr Birmingham,

Good day to you. Hope you are okay today.

Well my good friend I am eng Francis nebes the director and Ceo of the globe union co, Dr w glass my public relation officer forward your information on my desk this morning and has fully explained every of your case to me.
I will ask you to kindly explain what really you needed from my firm for us to proceed and I wish to inform you that we carry out our business open minded here in globe house for we talk big in my organisation.

Now I need to know all information’s you needs to provide them to you with out further delay. I all so like to inform you that in business like this, Our clients come down here in Conakry guinea for us to see face to face to arrange things together and to see things them selves. So with out further delay I need to hear from you to be able to furnish you all information’s you required to proceed with my firm.

Please take note that I carry most of my business with phone for I am a very busy man as soon as you receive this message kindly call me on this numbers 00224 xxxxxxxx or 631xxxxx for easier and faster communication.

Note that this transaction takes effect as soon as we confirm your willingness to deal with us for as we did mentioned to you in our proposal so it is, but every thing relied on your capabilities to work in partnership with the globe union.


En*g Fra*ncis N
Director Ceo The Globe Union


From Lest*er Birming*ham
To En*g Fra*ncis
Date March/22/07
Subject Re: you are well come my good friend


Thank you for your response, I hope that now we can get the ball rolling on this arrangement. I am very interested in the gold… especially at the price which you offer. The current market price of a kilo of gold is $24,688 (Canadian), which is considerably higher than what you offer ( $11,500 for 2.7 kilos = $4,260 per kilo). While this price is extremely appealing (and I would be willing to purchase much more than 2.7 kilos at this price if all is in order), it almost seems too good to be true. I will most certainly need a copy of the certification of said gold regarding purity and content. As you must know, purity is of vital importance with powdered gold. As I stated earlier, I also require a photo of the gold as well.

In regards to traveling to Guinea, I will be more than happy to see your place of business when we get things sorted out. However, prior to making any arrangements, I would like an official apology from Dr. Glass; I took his (grossly uninformed) assumption about my brother very personally. This is all I will say regarding this issue.

As for personal info, I will provide you with some information about myself, as a sign of my intention to commence this business relationship. I will ask my secretary to schedule a phone meeting with you sometime next week.

Name: Lester Henry Birmingham
Age: 43
Occupation: Real Estate Developer/Development Consultant.
Education: LA, BA,MBA
Status: Single
Children: Maybe

Apt. 101
300-1333 8 Street SW,
Calgary, AB
E4T 4S5



PS: Are you male or female?

From E*ng Fr*ancis
To Lest*er Birming*ham
Date March/23/07
Subject Go through and get back to met

Dear Lester Henry Birmingham,
Good day, hope you are okay today.
My good friend I will first of all will tender my gross apology on behalf of my company and Dr W glass after I confided with him. You should extend this to your brother too we are very sorry my dear.
Secondly I understood you all in your mail and will like you to open up your mind with the globe union co let work together to achieve meaning result for our future. In any case I enclose the pictures of the goal and our mining site includes the certificate you’re requested for.
Furthermore my good friend every thing depend on you for as I did mentioned to you that we work here with open mind and we well come any prospective buyers who really want to deal with my firm in any level as far as natural mineral resources is consign. I do not believe in talking much but believe action most.
Now go through the document and photo you demanded let go straight to the business for as far I am consign we are capable of supplying as much as kilo’s of gold dust as you can purchase the only thing I needed from you is understanding and trust I think with this information the sky is our limit.
I hope to hear and speak with you on my line for it make me take one serious if you can understand my point Mr Birmingham, have a good weekend.
I wait to hear from you soonest
Eng Nebes.




Should I be writing 'fake' on these pics?

His attachment for the certificate didn't work...and just as I was considering slapping this lad... I got another email....


From E*ng Fr*ancis
To Lest*er Birming*ham
Date March/23/07
Subject the certificate

This is the certificate again there is little erro in attaching it.please confirm immediately you receive it.

Eng nebes.


So...its dated dec/06, and its certified by a notary for Nigeria, not Guinea... maybe I should complain about this later when I've got him a little excited about some $$$... I think I'll try to get a written apology for insulting my brother soon... that will make a nice first trophy... fingers crossed!


From Lest*er Birming*ham
To En*g Fra*ncis
Date March/23/07
Subject Re: the certificate

Mr./Mrs.(?) Eng,

I have recieved it, I will get back to you soon.



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419Eater is my life

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2007 10:30 am Reply with quoteBack to top

A good start.
You need to work towards getting the Anti-terrorist Certificate from the UN.
Also, gold must be certified, as to content and purity.
After your lad sends you these, (They are basic, he shold have them up and running in a day or two.)
then go for the WU anti-terror Certs. (Think NN) and WU forms.
Lads Love forms.

Mortar x6
Dear Dr.
You have written me several of this mail with language I do not understand
but know they are insultive

I really want to know why you have picked on email and keep writing me with all these abusive and embarrassing words

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