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 Long, NSFW IM chat. How big is she??

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 12:29 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I was just having fun with this one for the hell of it Twisted Evil

Remember kids, it's only funny cos it's really a male scammer pretending to be a girl. In real life I'm a perfect gentleman who would NEVER dream of talking to a woman like this.

[19:51] becky_williams_baby: Hi David
[19:51] xxxxxx: how're you doing?
[19:52] becky_williams_baby: am fine and you?
[19:52] xxxxxx: not bad. very tired though
[19:52] becky_williams_baby: i guessed you are busy
[19:53] xxxxxx: i was getting a beer from the fridge
[19:53] becky_williams_baby: ok
[19:54] becky_williams_baby: i was talking to you online lastnight and you are not talking to me
[19:54] xxxxxx: what did you do today?
[19:54] xxxxxx: i wasn't here last night
[19:54] becky_williams_baby: notting much just get online to check if you'll be online
[19:55] xxxxxx: it was saturday night last night. i was out with friends
[19:55] becky_williams_baby: but your system id on
[19:55] xxxxxx: my pc is always on
[19:56] becky_williams_baby: ok
[19:56] becky_williams_baby: hw was your night?
[19:57] xxxxxx: pretty good
[19:57] becky_williams_baby: k
[19:57] becky_williams_baby: David,i'll still like to know more about ya cuz i'll be back to state notting less than a week and 4 days now
[19:58] xxxxxx: well feel free to ask
[19:58] becky_williams_baby: are you married,kids?
[19:59] xxxxxx: no and no
[19:59] xxxxxx: you?
[19:59] becky_williams_baby: k
[19:59] becky_williams_baby: no i don't
[19:59] becky_williams_baby: am single and no kids
[19:59] xxxxxx: ok. have to be sure of these things
[19:59] xxxxxx: what else do you want to know?
[19:59] becky_williams_baby: yeah i have to be sure yoou
[20:00] becky_williams_baby: too
[20:00] becky_williams_baby: what do you do for living?
[20:01] xxxxxx: i told you that already. i write computer routines
[20:01] becky_williams_baby: yeah babe
[20:02] becky_williams_baby: just want to be sure cuz i don't want to be heart broken any more in mylife
[20:02] xxxxxx: what do you do?
[20:03] becky_williams_baby: just graduated
[20:03] becky_williams_baby: before coming down here for my Inheritance
[20:03] xxxxxx: graduated? what were you studying?
[20:03] becky_williams_baby: Mass Communication
[20:04] becky_williams_baby: in England
[20:04] becky_williams_baby: i told ya all this before
[20:04] becky_williams_baby: where are you now?
[20:05] xxxxxx: no you never told me that. so what exactly is mass communication
[20:05] becky_williams_baby: ok
[20:06] becky_williams_baby: i want to be a succesful Reporter
[20:06] xxxxxx: ok. so mass communication is something to do with journalism?
[20:07] becky_williams_baby: yeah babe
[20:07] becky_williams_baby: you're right
[20:07] xxxxxx: ok. i'd never heard of that before.
[20:08] becky_williams_baby: ok
[20:08] becky_williams_baby: so do you have any more q's for me?

[20:09] xxxxxx: i'm happy for you to ask me them seeing as i'm the person you'll be trusting not to murder you in the night Wink
[20:10] becky_williams_baby: wow
[20:10] becky_williams_baby: lol
[20:10] becky_williams_baby: babe you sound funny
[20:11] xxxxxx: feel free to ask any questions about anything. i'm an open book
[20:13] becky_williams_baby: ok babe
[20:14] becky_williams_baby: what do you want in a woman?
[20:14] xxxxxx: ok.
[20:14] xxxxxx: umm, has to be physically attractive
[20:14] xxxxxx: good sense of humour
[20:14] xxxxxx: willing to experiment in the kitchen
[20:14] xxxxxx: willing to experiment in bed
[20:15] xxxxxx: HAS to be intelligent
[20:15] becky_williams_baby: kay babe
[20:15] becky_williams_baby: but hw do you handle your woman?
[20:16] xxxxxx: what do you mean by that?
[20:18] becky_williams_baby: i mean on bed
[20:20] xxxxxx: oic. well it depends on what the woman likes. i'd never do anything she wasn't agreeable to
[20:21] becky_williams_baby: ok good babe
[20:21] becky_williams_baby: i pray you'll be like this inperson when we meet
[20:22] becky_williams_baby: hello
[20:22] xxxxxx: still here. i am as i sound. i don't hide behind any pretences
[20:23] becky_williams_baby: ok Dave
[20:23] becky_williams_baby: so what do ya have for lunch today?
[20:23] xxxxxx: i just made a few rolls. i didn't feel like anything big
[20:23] becky_williams_baby: ok
[20:24] becky_williams_baby: where is mine?lol
[20:24] xxxxxx: i should have had a proper meal but just didn't feel like one today
[20:25] becky_williams_baby: ok babe
[20:25] xxxxxx: so tell me, what is it you like int he bedroom?
[20:26] becky_williams_baby: i like to be with a man of mine and give him all what he wants
[20:26] becky_williams_baby: what is your favorite sexual position
[20:27] xxxxxx: i love for a woman to sit on my lap and slip my dick in her pussy
[20:28] becky_williams_baby: wow babe
[20:28] becky_williams_baby: but you know that will be painful to me cuz it's been long i had sex last
[20:28] xxxxxx: or even let me slip my dick in her ass and use a vibrator on her pussy. ever tried that?
[20:29] becky_williams_baby: no have not
[20:29] xxxxxx: would you like to?
[20:30] becky_williams_baby: yeah babe but i was told by some of my friends that it's painful
[20:31] xxxxxx: only if you rush it. it has to be taken slowly
[20:31] becky_williams_baby: ok babe
[20:31] becky_williams_baby: your favorite way to be touched
[20:32] xxxxxx: definately with a woman's tongue. and you?
[20:32] becky_williams_baby: wow
[20:32] becky_williams_baby: i can't say for now cuz it's been long i had one last
[20:33] xxxxxx: but whqat would you want?
[20:33] becky_williams_baby: to be with you and do anything you want me to do
[20:34] becky_williams_baby: so what are you doing now
[20:35] xxxxxx: chatting to you.
[20:35] becky_williams_baby: ok
[20:35] xxxxxx: so tell me, what parts of your body do you like to be touched?#
[20:36] becky_williams_baby: breast
[20:36] xxxxxx: breasts or nipples?
[20:36] becky_williams_baby: you?
[20:37] xxxxxx: i asked you
[20:38] becky_williams_baby: yeah boot babe
[20:38] xxxxxx: boot?
[20:43] becky_williams_baby: <ding>

[ Zone Labs Security alert: Session not encrypted because becky_williams_baby is not protected by IM Security ]
[20:43] becky_williams_baby: am back
[20:43] xxxxxx: wb. so what did you mean by boot?
[20:45] becky_williams_baby: i mean my breast and my nipples
[20:45] xxxxxx: ohh. what are your nipples like?
[20:46] becky_williams_baby: lol
[20:47] becky_williams_baby: Dave,,i can say it till you see it yaself
[20:48] xxxxxx: but surely you can describe them to me. do you have big nipples? cos i love a woman with big nipples
[20:48] becky_williams_baby: yea thats wat i have Dave
[20:49] becky_williams_baby: what about ya dick?
[20:49] xxxxxx: nice. my dick is big enough. about 7 inches and fat
[20:49] xxxxxx: how would that fit into your pussy?
[20:51] becky_williams_baby: babe,it will be painful
[20:51] xxxxxx: you have a tight pussy then?
[20:52] becky_williams_baby: yeah
[20:52] becky_williams_baby: i told you it's been long i hard sex last
[20:53] xxxxxx: nice. do you shave it?
[20:54] becky_williams_baby: yes i do
[20:54] becky_williams_baby: i did that this morning as well
[20:55] xxxxxx: very nice. do you shave it all or leave a strip?
[20:56] becky_williams_baby: yeah all babe
[20:56] becky_williams_baby: i don't like to leave some
[20:56] xxxxxx: that's good. what about your pussy lips. are they big or small?
[20:57] becky_williams_baby: big babe
[20:57] xxxxxx: how big?
[20:57] becky_williams_baby: yeah
[20:58] becky_williams_baby: i'll be back in an hour after my dinner
[20:59] xxxxxx: ok
[20:59] becky_williams_baby: k babe
[20:59] becky_williams_baby: go offline as soon as am off here
[21:00] xxxxxx: my pc is online 24/7
[21:00] becky_williams_baby: ok babe
[21:00] becky_williams_baby: but i don't want to you talk to any women
[21:00] xxxxxx: i won't
[21:00] becky_williams_baby: you sure?
[21:01] xxxxxx: maybe
[21:01] becky_williams_baby: ok thanks
[21:06] *** "becky_williams_baby" signed off at Sun Mar 11 21:06:57 2007.
[22:07] *** "becky_williams_baby" signed on at Sun Mar 11 22:07:28 2007.
[22:36] becky_williams_baby: hi dave

[ Zone Labs Security alert: Session not encrypted because becky_williams_baby is not protected by IM Security ]
[22:36] *** Auto-response sent to becky_williams_baby: I am currently idle.
[22:40] xxxxxx: hi again
[22:41] becky_williams_baby: hi dave
[22:42] xxxxxx: hi
[22:42] becky_williams_baby: what are you doing?
[22:43] xxxxxx: just chatting
[22:44] becky_williams_baby: ok with who?
[22:44] becky_williams_baby: i told you to go offline
[22:45] xxxxxx: a woman called kelly
[22:46] becky_williams_baby: and hw is she to you?
[22:46] xxxxxx: someone i met online today
[22:48] becky_williams_baby: Dave
[22:48] becky_williams_baby: i don't get ya
[22:48] becky_williams_baby: so you have someone else right?
[22:48] xxxxxx: you're not the only person i talk to
[22:50] becky_williams_baby: yeah i no
[22:50] becky_williams_baby: i mean you dating her or what>?
[22:51] xxxxxx: no. just flirting. playing around. may meet her. who knows
[22:53] becky_williams_baby: ok
[22:53] becky_williams_baby: so what are you up to?
[22:53] xxxxxx: what do you mean?
[22:54] xxxxxx: you're not jealous are you?
[22:55] becky_williams_baby: yeah i am\
[22:55] becky_williams_baby: hw will you feel if i tell you am having another man?
[22:55] xxxxxx: i'd be cool with it. it's not like we're married or anything is it?
[22:56] becky_williams_baby: no it's not
[22:56] becky_williams_baby: but this is what am talking about
[22:57] becky_williams_baby: men are wicked
[22:57] becky_williams_baby: theres no way you'll not have any woman when we meet inperson
[22:58] xxxxxx: we're not in any kind of committed relationship are we? it's not liek i've seen you naked or anything. nothing that personal yet
[23:00] xxxxxx: still there?
[23:01] becky_williams_baby: yeah am here
[23:01] becky_williams_baby: notting like that yet,i no.....thats why am trying to know more about ya
[23:02] xxxxxx: of course. but that takes time. and i have to cover all bases just in case
[23:03] becky_williams_baby: lol
[23:03] becky_williams_baby: in case of what?
[23:03] becky_williams_baby: me guiling you?
[23:03] xxxxxx: in case we don;t get along as well as we hoped
[23:04] xxxxxx: there's no guarantee we'll click when we meet in the flesh is there?
[23:06] becky_williams_baby: why did you say so?
[23:07] xxxxxx: well we still don't know each other well enough to be sure. and let's be honest, i'm not getting any younger
[23:07] becky_williams_baby: yes me too
[23:07] xxxxxx: so you understand my point?
[23:09] becky_williams_baby: yeah babe
[23:09] becky_williams_baby: so tell me more about yourself
[23:10] xxxxxx: what would you like to know?
[23:10] becky_williams_baby: is there any way for you not to cheat on a woman when you get married?
[23:11] xxxxxx: of course. once i'm married it's for life.
[23:13] becky_williams_baby: ok good
[23:13] becky_williams_baby: is there any q's for me?
[23:13] xxxxxx: you were describing your body to me. tell me more about it
[23:14] becky_williams_baby: lol
[23:14] xxxxxx: i know about your breasts and your pussy. what about your ass?
[23:15] becky_williams_baby: medium
[23:15] becky_williams_baby: yours?
[23:15] xxxxxx: about average i'd say. what kind of underwear do you like to wear?
[23:16] becky_williams_baby: thoung
[23:16] xxxxxx: what colour do you usually wear?
[23:17] becky_williams_baby: pink
[23:18] xxxxxx: hmm. i had you down as black or red
[23:19] becky_williams_baby: why?
[23:19] xxxxxx: you just look that type. something silky and black
[23:19] becky_williams_baby: wow
[23:19] becky_williams_baby: really?
[23:20] xxxxxx: yeah. you'll be telling me you wear cotton next
[23:20] becky_williams_baby: i don't get ya
[23:21] xxxxxx: pink. that's the kind of colour you get cotten underwear in
[23:21] becky_williams_baby: yeah babe
[23:22] becky_williams_baby: lol
[23:22] xxxxxx: you don't wear cotton do you?
[23:24] becky_williams_baby: i do
[23:24] becky_williams_baby: do you like that?
[23:24] xxxxxx: not really. cotton always reminds me of schoolgirls
[23:26] becky_williams_baby: lol
[23:26] xxxxxx: now silk is what a WOMAN should be wearing
[23:27] becky_williams_baby: ok
[23:27] becky_williams_baby: is that what you want?
[23:27] xxxxxx: of course. a woman should be like a woman
[23:28] xxxxxx: something silky and lacey
[23:28] becky_williams_baby: ok good
[23:28] becky_williams_baby: np with that
[23:28] becky_williams_baby: if thats wht ya want
[23:28] xxxxxx: do you have any?
[23:29] becky_williams_baby: yeah i do
[23:29] xxxxxx: ok that's good. what colours? and don't say pink
[23:30] becky_williams_baby: no i have black for that
[23:31] xxxxxx: ok that's good. so black lacey thongs? what size bra do you wear?
[23:34] becky_williams_baby: 34
[23:34] xxxxxx: 34 what?
[23:35] becky_williams_baby: my size
[23:36] xxxxxx: yeah. 34 what?
[23:37] becky_williams_baby: medium
[23:37] xxxxxx: what cup?
[23:38] becky_williams_baby: normal size 34 mediu,m
[23:39] xxxxxx: but what cup?
[23:40] becky_williams_baby: i don't get the cup
[23:41] xxxxxx: what cup size are you? how big are your breasts?
[23:41] becky_williams_baby: i told ya it's big
[23:41] becky_williams_baby: you forget mucg about me
[23:42] xxxxxx: you say you're a 34, but a 34 what?
[23:44] xxxxxx: are you an e, f or g?
[23:46] xxxxxx: you still there?
[23:48] becky_williams_baby: <ding>

[ Zone Labs Security alert: Session not encrypted because becky_williams_baby is not protected by IM Security ]
[23:48] xxxxxx: still here. are you an e, f or g cup?
[23:49] becky_williams_baby: ok
[23:49] becky_williams_baby: g cup
[23:50] xxxxxx: ok. so now i know what size to buy you. how about thong size?
[23:51] becky_williams_baby: thats 32
[23:52] xxxxxx: you're a size 32?
[23:52] becky_williams_baby: yeah babe
[23:52] xxxxxx: very nice
[23:53] becky_williams_baby: are you sure you going to buy them for me when i get back to state and meet ya?
[23:54] xxxxxx: yeah. what colour do you want?
[23:54] becky_williams_baby: any colour tht is okay for you
[23:54] xxxxxx: ok. black, red and white i think
[23:55] becky_williams_baby: ok babe
[23:55] becky_williams_baby: i will be okay with that
[23:55] xxxxxx: so what type are you wearing now?
[23:56] becky_williams_baby: am on black now
[23:56] xxxxxx: nice. lacy?
[23:57] becky_williams_baby: yep
[23:57] xxxxxx: ever wear stockings and suspenders?
[23:58] becky_williams_baby: only stockings
[23:59] xxxxxx: ok. why not suspenders?
[00:00] becky_williams_baby: cuz i don't have it
[00:01] xxxxxx: so it's not that you don't like them, just you don't have one
[00:02] becky_williams_baby: actually i don't like it but i have no option if you said you want it for me
[00:03] xxxxxx: so you're the submissive type then?
[00:05] becky_williams_baby: yeah
[00:05] becky_williams_baby: anything my man want,and i'll do it
[00:05] xxxxxx: well that's good to hear.
[00:05] becky_williams_baby: k
[00:06] xxxxxx: do you have any other pictures of yourself?
[00:07] becky_williams_baby: yeah
[00:07] xxxxxx: i'd love to see them then
[00:08] becky_williams_baby: whats your email address so that i can send them to you
[00:08] xxxxxx: [email protected]
[00:09] becky_williams_baby: k
[00:10] xxxxxx: will you send them now?
[00:10] becky_williams_baby: yes
[00:10] becky_williams_baby: you get them?
[00:10] xxxxxx: yeah. but you already sent me those ones. do you have any more?
[00:11] becky_williams_baby: oh no i don't have
[00:11] xxxxxx: that's a shame. i would have loved to have seen more of you
[00:13] becky_williams_baby: oh sorry for that babe
[00:13] becky_williams_baby: but you'll see me soon
[00:13] xxxxxx: ok. well i need to get to bed now. i'll speak t you again tomorrow
[00:14] becky_williams_baby: ok babe\

So a 34g bra and a size 32? For those not in the know, the average woman in the UK is a size 14 to 16 and the average bra size is 36c

Mortar x56
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After telling me not to talk to anyone else I decided to do just that. This is a LONG IM session, and one of the reasons people don't post them up. It shows what I'm working up to though, by introducing what could be a second lad trying to work me as well. Put a little doubt in the lad's mind and see if we can make him work a little harder Wink

[19:08] becky_williams_baby: hi xxxxxx
[ Zone Labs Security alert: Session not encrypted because becky_williams_baby is not protected by IM Security ]
[19:12] xxxxxx: hi there
[19:12] becky_williams_baby: hw was your night?
[19:12] xxxxxx: it was good. yours?
[19:13] becky_williams_baby: fine
[19:13] becky_williams_baby: so where are you
[19:13] xxxxxx: at home
[19:13] becky_williams_baby: ok
[19:13] becky_williams_baby: are you not going to work today?
[19:13] xxxxxx: it's gone 7pm. i'm done for the day
[19:14] becky_williams_baby: wow babe
[19:14] becky_williams_baby: you at home now?
[19:14] xxxxxx: yeah
[19:15] becky_williams_baby: so what do ya have for breakfast and lunch today?
[19:15] xxxxxx: toast for breakfast, sausage and chips for lunch. may grab a sandwich later too
[19:16] becky_williams_baby: wow babe
[19:16] becky_williams_baby: where is mine?
[19:16] xxxxxx: brb. phone
[19:17] becky_williams_baby: ok
[19:22] xxxxxx: ok back
[19:23] becky_williams_baby: k
[19:23] becky_williams_baby: who's on the phone with ya?
[19:23] xxxxxx: friend
[19:24] becky_williams_baby: ok
[19:24] becky_williams_baby: so babe
[19:25] becky_williams_baby: can you put your real pic on here so that i can see it?
[19:25] xxxxxx: i've shown you my real pic
[19:26] becky_williams_baby: yeah i still want you to put it on for me babe
[19:26] becky_williams_baby: i want to be looking at ya on hre when am taking to yu
[19:27] xxxxxx: you mean a cam? don't have one here. what's up? don't you believe me when i showed you my pics?
[19:27] xxxxxx: do you have one?
[19:27] becky_williams_baby: no i do
[19:27] becky_williams_baby: i mean i want you to put your pic on here
[19:28] becky_williams_baby: just want to be looking at your pics
[19:28] xxxxxx: ok hold on. let me see if i can do it
[19:28] becky_williams_baby: as you are seeing mine
[19:28] becky_williams_baby: thats what i mean
[19:28] becky_williams_baby: ok
[19:29] xxxxxx: did that work?
[19:32] xxxxxx: still there?
[19:33] becky_williams_baby: am here
[19:33] becky_williams_baby: can't see your pic on
[19:33] xxxxxx: i can see it here
[19:34] xxxxxx: things work differently on this program. i don't use yahoo
[19:35] becky_williams_baby: ok
[19:35] becky_williams_baby: am only seeing the eye something you put on
[19:35] becky_williams_baby: it's okay
[19:36] xxxxxx: ok. so what did you do today?
[19:36] becky_williams_baby: notting much babe
[19:36] becky_williams_baby: just get back from the meeting with the lawyer
[19:36] xxxxxx: how did it go?
[19:37] becky_williams_baby: i'll be giving all the land documents and the house documents as well
[19:37] becky_williams_baby: for me to take them with me when am going back to state on friday
[19:37] xxxxxx: right. good news then
[19:38] becky_williams_baby: thanks
[19:38] becky_williams_baby: i don't know what am going to do with the land and the house,i guessed when i get back to you in uk,we tak about this cuz the lawyer said if i can sell the land it will be up to $25,000
[19:39] becky_williams_baby: minus the house
[19:39] xxxxxx: how big is the land? here that'll hardly buy you a plot big enough to put a shed on nowdays
[19:42] becky_williams_baby: yeah it's 12 plots
[19:42] becky_williams_baby: in a good area called GRA
[19:43] xxxxxx: that's pretty good then. it'll set you up quite nicely i'd imagine
[19:44] becky_williams_baby: thanks
[19:44] becky_williams_baby: babe,i don't know what to do with the land
[19:44] becky_williams_baby: i guessed when i get back to state,i will talk to suvuy people
[19:46] xxxxxx: i have no idea what you can do. i know i paid 150,000 for the plot of land my house is on though
[19:46] becky_williams_baby: abe
[19:46] becky_williams_baby: babe
[19:47] becky_williams_baby: hw many plot is that?
[19:47] becky_williams_baby: ok a plot
[19:47] xxxxxx: that's just 1 plot. 10 acres of land
[19:48] becky_williams_baby: Dave,i need to think about this as soon as i get back to state cuz you knw it will be stressful for me to be coming down here always
[19:48] becky_williams_baby: i guessed i have to see the suvey when i get back to state
[19:48] becky_williams_baby: after i left your place
[19:48] becky_williams_baby: or what do ya think?
[19:48] xxxxxx: there are people who know what to do when it comes to that. i had to get advice myself before i bought mine
[19:50] becky_williams_baby: ok good
[19:50] becky_williams_baby: so who do you seek the advice from?
[19:51] xxxxxx: you'll have to check when you get back to the states. no doubt it'll be all different there.
[19:52] becky_williams_baby: ok Dave
[19:52] becky_williams_baby: you are sweet
[19:52] xxxxxx: and what will you do with the money?
[19:53] becky_williams_baby: Dave,i guessed you have to tell me that
[19:53] xxxxxx: well that would be your choice
[19:53] becky_williams_baby: cuz am still thinking about that
[19:53] becky_williams_baby: it's ours not mine alone
[19:53] xxxxxx: oh no. it's your money
[19:54] becky_williams_baby: maybe i'll put it in a fix deposit account
[19:55] xxxxxx: that would be your choice.
[19:55] becky_williams_baby: ok dave
[19:55] becky_williams_baby: Dave,what are we going to have for dinner when you pick me up at the airport?
[19:55] xxxxxx: no idea. what would you like?
[19:55] becky_williams_baby: anything you have,i will have
[19:56] becky_williams_baby: cuz you know i'll be very tried when you pick me up
[19:56] xxxxxx: of course
[19:56] becky_williams_baby: k
[19:57] becky_williams_baby: so babe
[19:57] becky_williams_baby: i will be getting my flight ticket tomorrow
[19:57] xxxxxx: ok. looking forward to it
[19:58] becky_williams_baby: ok bab
[19:58] becky_williams_baby: babe
[19:59] becky_williams_baby: any q's for me?
[19:59] xxxxxx: how long will the flight be?
[19:59] becky_williams_baby: a day
[20:00] xxxxxx: ok
[20:01] becky_williams_baby: i will give you the flight informations tomorrow for you to know the time for you to pickme up at the airport
[20:01] xxxxxx: ok. no problem
[20:01] becky_williams_baby: k
[20:01] becky_williams_baby: so where are you going to take me to at weekends?
[20:01] xxxxxx: i have no idea yet. it's mothers day sunday so a lot of places are booked up already
[20:02] becky_williams_baby: oh Dave
[20:02] becky_williams_baby: then you'll take me to another place
[20:02] becky_williams_baby: i don't want to be indoor at the weekends
[20:03] becky_williams_baby: <ding>
[20:03] xxxxxx: no? i'm sure i can find us somewhere
[20:03] becky_williams_baby: ok good
[20:03] xxxxxx: brb
[20:03] becky_williams_baby: thanks
[20:03] becky_williams_baby: babe,i will be back online after my dinner
[20:04] becky_williams_baby: <ding>
[20:05] becky_williams_baby: <ding>
[20:05] becky_williams_baby: @};-
[20:06] becky_williams_baby: Dave,i'll be back after my dinner
[20:06] *** "becky_williams_baby" signed off at Mon Mar 12 20:06:29 2007.
[22:44] *** "becky_williams_baby" signed on at Mon Mar 12 22:44:48 2007.
[22:45] becky_williams_baby: hi Dave
[22:46] xxxxxx: hi again
[22:46] becky_williams_baby: [ Zone Labs Security alert: Session not encrypted because becky_williams_baby is not protected by IM Security ]
[22:46] becky_williams_baby: what's up
[22:46] xxxxxx: not much. you?
[22:48] becky_williams_baby: same
[22:48] becky_williams_baby: just get online and meet ya
[22:49] xxxxxx: ok. i was still online when you were gone
[22:50] becky_williams_baby: ok babe
[22:50] becky_williams_baby: talking to another ladies?
[22:50] becky_williams_baby: lol
[22:50] xxxxxx: well i was talking to one yeah
[22:52] becky_williams_baby: ok
[22:52] becky_williams_baby: so babe
[22:52] becky_williams_baby: what are you going to have for dinner?
[22:52] xxxxxx: it's too late for dinner now
[22:53] becky_williams_baby: what do you have?
[22:53] becky_williams_baby: just want to know
[22:53] xxxxxx: i had a salad
[22:54] becky_williams_baby: k
[22:54] becky_williams_baby: where is mine?lol
[22:55] becky_williams_baby: <ding>
[22:55] xxxxxx: still here
[22:55] xxxxxx: what did you have?
[22:56] becky_williams_baby: i have a food called Iyan
[22:56] xxxxxx: what's that?
[22:56] becky_williams_baby: it's an african food
[22:57] xxxxxx: how far from you is ghana?
[22:57] becky_williams_baby: oh i don't know
[22:57] becky_williams_baby: why?
[22:58] xxxxxx: i was talking to someone that said they were going to visit there for their holiday
[22:58] becky_williams_baby: ok
[22:58] becky_williams_baby: i don't know hw far it is
[22:59] xxxxxx: ok, no matter. was just curious
[22:59] becky_williams_baby: ok
[22:59] becky_williams_baby: what are you putting on tonight?
[22:59] xxxxxx: what do you mean?
[22:59] becky_williams_baby: just want to know cuz am on my PJM
[23:00] xxxxxx: pjm?
[23:00] becky_williams_baby: yeah
[23:00] becky_williams_baby: my night gar n
[23:00] xxxxxx: oic. pyjamas
[23:01] becky_williams_baby: yep
[23:01] becky_williams_baby: you don't get my short cut
[23:01] xxxxxx: i do now
[23:02] becky_williams_baby: ok
[23:02] xxxxxx: what type?
[23:03] becky_williams_baby: straight down
[23:03] becky_williams_baby: you
[23:03] becky_williams_baby: what are you putting on?
[23:04] xxxxxx: i'm in bxers and a tee shirt
[23:05] becky_williams_baby: ok
[23:06] xxxxxx: what do you mean by straight down?
[23:06] becky_williams_baby: i mean all down is my PJM
[23:06] becky_williams_baby: don't ya get me?
[23:07] xxxxxx: you mean all you have on are your pyjamas?
[23:08] becky_williams_baby: yeah babe
[23:08] xxxxxx: but what type are they?
[23:09] becky_williams_baby: have told yuo
[23:09] becky_williams_baby: you
[23:09] becky_williams_baby: it's all down with a t.shirt
[23:09] xxxxxx: so it's just a tee shirt?
[23:10] becky_williams_baby: yeah babe
[23:10] xxxxxx: you mean the long tee shirt type?
[23:11] becky_williams_baby: yes babe
[23:12] xxxxxx: ok now i understand. what colour is it?
[23:12] xxxxxx: brb
[23:12] becky_williams_baby: ok
[23:12] becky_williams_baby: pink
[23:27] xxxxxx: ok back
[23:27] becky_williams_baby: k
[23:28] becky_williams_baby: where did you go to?
[23:28] xxxxxx: had a phone call
[23:28] becky_williams_baby: ok
[23:29] becky_williams_baby: so what are we saying
[23:29] xxxxxx: you were describing your pyjamas
[23:30] becky_williams_baby: ok
[23:30] becky_williams_baby: i said am putting on pink
[23:31] xxxxxx: ok. any patterns on it?
[23:31] becky_williams_baby: yeah
[23:31] xxxxxx: what ones?
[23:32] becky_williams_baby: i don't get ya\
[23:32] xxxxxx: what patterns are on it?
[23:33] becky_williams_baby: net
[23:34] becky_williams_baby: why?
[23:34] xxxxxx: because i'm curious
[23:35] becky_williams_baby: ok
[23:35] becky_williams_baby: so what are you doing now?
[23:35] xxxxxx: surfing and chatting
[23:36] becky_williams_baby: surfing for what?
[23:36] xxxxxx: just surfing. not looking for anything in particular
[23:37] becky_williams_baby: ok
[23:37] xxxxxx: and you?
[23:38] becky_williams_baby: notting just talking to ya
[23:39] xxxxxx: ok. no surfing or anything?
[23:39] becky_williams_baby: at all
[23:40] xxxxxx: chatting to anyone else too?
[23:41] becky_williams_baby: nop babe
[23:41] becky_williams_baby: you only
[23:42] xxxxxx: ok
[23:43] becky_williams_baby: k
[23:43] becky_williams_baby: so you have anything to tell me?
[23:44] xxxxxx: like what?
[23:44] becky_williams_baby: anything
[23:44] becky_williams_baby: to know more about me cuz i will ask you anthing
[23:44] becky_williams_baby: i don't want to be hurt anymore
[23:45] xxxxxx: that's fine. i mean we're getting together for a little fun, not getting married.
[23:46] becky_williams_baby: lol
[23:46] becky_williams_baby: why did you say so?
[23:47] xxxxxx: we still hardly know each other. if we meet and get on great then all's good and we may well get together more permenantly, but we'll see what happens
[23:48] becky_williams_baby: sure babe
[23:48] becky_williams_baby: all is left to ya
[23:48] xxxxxx: cool
[23:48] becky_williams_baby: ok
[23:50] becky_williams_baby: <ding>
[23:50] xxxxxx: still here
[23:50] becky_williams_baby: k
[23:50] becky_williams_baby: hw will you feel when we meet for the first time cuz i will be shy
[23:51] xxxxxx: i don't think here'll be a problem with shyness. we're just 2 people meeting up
[23:51] becky_williams_baby: yeah
[23:51] becky_williams_baby: i no
[23:52] becky_williams_baby: just that i will be
[23:52] xxxxxx: what side of the bed do you like to sleep on?
[23:53] becky_williams_baby: i don't get up?
[23:54] becky_williams_baby: pillow side of course
[23:54] becky_williams_baby: you?
[23:55] xxxxxx: i mean left or right?
[23:55] becky_williams_baby: ok
[23:55] becky_williams_baby: right
[23:55] becky_williams_baby: you?
[23:55] xxxxxx: right. so we have a problem. one of us has to switch sides
[23:57] becky_williams_baby: sure
[23:57] becky_williams_baby: you like right too?
[23:57] xxxxxx: yeah
[23:57] becky_williams_baby: k
[23:57] becky_williams_baby: but i can be at the left
[23:57] becky_williams_baby: if you want
[23:57] becky_williams_baby: or you go to the left
[23:58] becky_williams_baby: <ding>
[23:59] xxxxxx: you go left.
[23:59] becky_williams_baby: if thats what you want
[23:59] becky_williams_baby: fine i will
[00:00] becky_williams_baby: you busy
[00:00] becky_williams_baby: ?
[00:00] xxxxxx: it's ok. just holding 2 conversations down at once
[00:00] becky_williams_baby: lol
[00:01] xxxxxx: so tell me, do you wear panties under your pyjamas?
[00:02] becky_williams_baby: sure i do
[00:02] becky_williams_baby: all night
[00:02] xxxxxx: never go without them in bed?
[00:02] becky_williams_baby: no i don't
[00:02] becky_williams_baby: always on me
[00:03] becky_williams_baby: you know this is not my country and am in a motel as well
[00:03] xxxxxx: they change the sheets every day though
[00:03] becky_williams_baby: yes
[00:03] xxxxxx: and it's not like you're naked, just with no panties on under your pyjamas
[00:04] becky_williams_baby: yes am always with panties all night long
[00:04] becky_williams_baby: cuz this is not my home
[00:04] xxxxxx: and when you visit me?
[00:05] becky_williams_baby: so what if we be together,we you allow me to put panties on to bed?
[00:06] xxxxxx: well that's your choice of course
[00:07] becky_williams_baby: why do you always put things to me?
[00:07] becky_williams_baby: you are the man of the house
[00:07] xxxxxx: ok so spend the whole time naked then
[00:08] becky_williams_baby: lol
[00:08] xxxxxx: do what you want.
[00:08] xxxxxx: whatever you're happy doing
[00:10] becky_williams_baby: ok good
[00:10] becky_williams_baby: you just talk
[00:11] xxxxxx: what do you mean by that?
[00:11] becky_williams_baby: cuz you said anything am happy to do
[00:12] xxxxxx: yeah? and?
[00:12] becky_williams_baby: i will
[00:13] xxxxxx: ok good
[00:13] becky_williams_baby: k
[00:14] becky_williams_baby: any q's?
[00:14] xxxxxx: it's about time i got to bed.
[00:16] becky_williams_baby: oh babe
[00:16] becky_williams_baby: you always leave me here online
[00:16] xxxxxx: it's gone midnight and i have to be up for work in the morning.
[00:17] becky_williams_baby: ok babe
[00:17] becky_williams_baby: sweet dream
[00:17] xxxxxx: you too
[00:17] becky_williams_baby: k

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