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 a short weird one.

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Dr Hugh G Rection
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 11, 2004 4:33 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I received this email from a mugu...the weird thing is he is saying thank you for my e mail...but I never sent him one. I was like...huh?

>From: "cole lunge" <[email protected]>
>To: drhughgrection
>Subject: Further Details!!!
>Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 14:41:47 +0200
>Dear Hugh,
>I received your e-mail and I wish to thank you immensely
>for your kind interest, your willingness and support to
>assist me in this Transaction. Please, find hereunder the
>details of the transaction for better understanding.
> Actually, this transaction is absolute
>real and risk free and does not relate to any breach of law
>or proceed from drugs. It is a matter of necessity to
>contact you for this transaction without further
>investigation about your person, as I view you to be a
>more responsible personality.
>It is therefore necessary that you tell me a little about
>yourself. I hope you would not betray me. As of Trust, it
>is a given thing that trust is earned, it is not given out
>lightly. however, because I need a foreigner in this
>transaction, I must give you my TRUST it is worth 40% of
>this money. I believe that this will keep you from refusing
>to give my own share of the money if the transaction is
>All you need to do is just to provide an account in any
>part of the world where you want this money to be
>transferred. Upon receipt of this Account details, I shall
>immediately begin the processing of documentations which
>will be done by the Attorney we shall appoint. We shall
>make use of an Accredited Attorney as mention earlier.
>The Accredited Attorney will draft a WILL which will name
>you as the beneficiary/sole executor of the ?WILL?. This
>?WILL? will be back-dated to purport that it had been
>written and signed by Mr. Barry Gangshyan himself. The
>Attorney will file in the Federal High Court of Justice
>with an appropriate affidavit in order to secure a Letter
>of Probate empowering you as the next of kin/Sole
>Beneficiary and Trustee/Sole Executor of the Estate of Mr.
>Barry Gangshyan which includes the sum of US$16.37m lying
>in the Account Number which I shall give you. The essence
>of an Accredited Attorney is to make sure that all paper
>works are secured on your behalf to suit the claim as the
>next of kin to Mr. Barry Gangshyan and also he serves as
>your lawyer until the money leaves for your account, though
>he is not aware of this deal. The copy of the Certificate
>of Fixed Deposit will be sent to you via attachment/fax
>for your record and better understanding. Upon the
>successful approvals of the WILL documents, the final
>payment will be made through one of the International
>Investment Banking Corporation in Canada, Zurich, Europe
>or Bahamas which represents our paying/Correspondence Bank
>All these processes will be accomplished within 7 working
>days, because all modalities have been put in place. The
>very good thing about this transaction is that it will be
>done in a very proper and legal manner. I request your
>assistance as a foreigner to provide
>a Personal Account or Company Account with the information
>as follows:-
>Your Name & Address; Your Bank Name and Address, Your
>Account Name and Account Number; Your ABA Number and Swift
>Code if any.
>On completion of this transaction, you will be required to
>hold this funds in your Account until I come over to your
>country for the sharing of the money.
>I would like you to make available to me your cell/mobile
>telephone number so that we can discuss. Here is the
>Certificate of Fixed Deposit for your assurance that this
>is a genuine transaction and I want you to take it very
>seriously. Please confirm your willingness by Providing
> All the requested information above. All modalities for
>the successful of this transaction has been mapped out
>provided that you maintain Absolute confidentiality and
>keep to my instructions.
>Cole lunge.
>For super low premiums ,click here

OK, if this retard wants to think I emailed him, so be it. I respond:

Dear Coal Lung,

How can you prove your trustworthiness to me?
Hugh G Rection

Mr Lung responds, and send me a document:

>From: "cole lunge" <[email protected]>
>To: "Dr Hugh G. Rection" <>
>Subject: Re: Further Details!!!
>Date: Sat, 05 Jun 2004 14:13:56 +0200
>Dear DR.Hugh,
>I can understand you. But i know with this documents i send
>now to you, we must understand ourself and do this
>transaction with all our trust beacuse i don't want someone
>to us us here and after when fund has been transfer to his
>account he will put us out of this deal.
>Here is the certificate of deposite and the death
>certificate and my ID card, all you have to do now is to
>print them out and open a file for the please and make sure
>that you keep them in a safe place where only you have the
>means of reaching.
>Download the attachment and print out.
>Send me your fill information so that the Attorney will use
>for the paper work and your telephone and fax numbers and
>address, beacuse we would send you fax copies of all
>document on this transaction.
>I expect you send them to me a soon as possible.
>Dr.Cole Lunge.
>For super low premiums ,click here

Here's the death certificate. The strange thing is, it's not even the correct name!

I reply:

coal lung,

this looks like a cheap fraud. Now I'm really suspicious


well, he never responded... Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

AKA Mugu named Tony Ovie
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