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 Anyone use Yahoo Chat?

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 20, 2007 4:18 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Im having great fun collecting Mugus on in Yahoo chatrooms at the moment and having quick fixes of fun. Is there anyone else out there who likes doing this and would like to team up with me occasionally? I usually start off as a naiive businessman who has a few to invest and wants to make a quick buck overseas until Ive hooked a few prospective baitees then bin them off when I get bored.

If anyone is interested in maybe forming a team please pm me! Wink
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Yes, quite a lot of us have done YIM baiting, romance scammers often put their webcams on, it's great fun baiting live, just the other day I had a nice chat with a ladette, it was fun with the poor fool Laughing, it's a laugh when you conference chat with about 4 baiters and 1 lad, great fun Twisted Evil:

This chatlog contains a little NSFW language.

Scam Patroller: Hi
Scam Patroller: A/S/L ?
Dumb Mugu: Hi
Dumb Mugu: how are you doing?
Scam Patroller: i am good thanks, how are you today?
Dumb Mugu: i'm doing good
Dumb Mugu: thanks
Scam Patroller: cool
Dumb Mugu: if i may ask,who are you?
Scam Patroller: I'm adam
Scam Patroller: pleased to meet you
Scam Patroller: did we used to chat before?
Dumb Mugu: You welcome
Dumb Mugu: no
Scam Patroller: you sure?
Dumb Mugu: where did you get my ID?
Dumb Mugu: i'm very sure
Scam Patroller: must be from a dating site i think
Dumb Mugu: cool
Dumb Mugu: if i may ask,which dating site precisely?
Scam Patroller: how old are you?
Dumb Mugu: ??
Scam Patroller: not sure, i have been a member of hundreds of sites over the years
Scam Patroller: but if you dont want to chat, that's cool
Dumb Mugu: it's ok
Dumb Mugu: i just wann find out where
Dumb Mugu: wanna
Scam Patroller: i dont want to appear pushy
Dumb Mugu: but it's my pleasure to have you on here
Dumb Mugu: i understand
Scam Patroller: that's all good then Smile
Dumb Mugu: i'm 27 years old
Dumb Mugu: what about you?
Scam Patroller: i'm 40, probably too old for you I guess
Dumb Mugu: no
Dumb Mugu: age is noting
Dumb Mugu: age is just a number
Scam Patroller: i agree, it is but a number
Dumb Mugu: what's really important is self displine,honesty & trust
Scam Patroller: where are you from, i m ain the UK
Scam Patroller: exactly
Scam Patroller: *I'm in
Dumb Mugu: i'm in Nicosia ,Cyprus
Scam Patroller: nice place
Dumb Mugu: I've my profile at two dating sirte
Dumb Mugu: 1............
Dumb Mugu: ctholicpeople meet
Dumb Mugu: catholic*
Dumb Mugu: 2............
Dumb Mugu: love-town
Dumb Mugu: where in UK are you from?
Scam Patroller: i was at a catholic site for a while, so it may have been that one, i never did meet anyone through the site though
Scam Patroller: i am in London
Scam Patroller: I'm at work at the moment
Dumb Mugu: at work?
Scam Patroller: late shidft 10:00pm - 7:00am
Dumb Mugu: what do you do for living?
Scam Patroller: i am a controller at victoria train station, controlling trains
Dumb Mugu: do you have pics of you?
Scam Patroller: not at work i dont, on my home computer i do
Dumb Mugu: cool
Dumb Mugu: what's your full name?
Scam Patroller: if you are on here during the day tomorrow, i will be at home on my computer and will show you my photo
Scam Patroller: Adam V
Dumb Mugu: cool
Dumb Mugu: my name is Victoria Joy
Scam Patroller: sweet name
Dumb Mugu: I'm a british girl
Dumb Mugu: My dad was a british man,
Scam Patroller: are youm, thought you were from Cyprus?
Scam Patroller: ahhh
Dumb Mugu: he gave up to the ghost some years ago
Scam Patroller: sorry to hear that
Scam Patroller: my father also passed away
Dumb Mugu: My mom is from the Cherooke tribe in USA
Dumb Mugu: it ok
Scam Patroller: cherookie indian?
Dumb Mugu: sorry to hear that you dad has pased away too
Scam Patroller: thanks
Dumb Mugu: No
Dumb Mugu: Native america
Dumb Mugu: You welcome
Scam Patroller: that's what I meant, native american indian from the cherookie tribe!
Dumb Mugu: I said i reside in Cyprus
Scam Patroller: i see
Dumb Mugu: i'm a business woman
Scam Patroller: what do you do?
Dumb Mugu: i do sell textile material
Dumb Mugu: although i'm a graduate from the SBU university
Dumb Mugu: I study accountancy
Dumb Mugu: i work as a business woman
Scam Patroller: by textiles, you mean you deal in fabrics like silk etc?
Dumb Mugu: I do sell textile fabric
Dumb Mugu: fabris*
Dumb Mugu: you're right
Scam Patroller: cool i love satin and silk for sheets
Dumb Mugu: fabrics*
Scam Patroller: gotya
Dumb Mugu: thats sound good
Dumb Mugu: what's your marital status?
Scam Patroller: i love the feel of them againt my body in bed
Scam Patroller: *against
Scam Patroller: i'm single, never married
Scam Patroller: no kids either, how about you
Dumb Mugu: i'm single also
Dumb Mugu: I don't have kid,but i'm looking to a day when i'm gonna have one
Dumb Mugu: I love children ,because they are the heritage of life
Scam Patroller: yes, we continue to live through children after our time here is done, i will like to have kids one day
Dumb Mugu: good
Dumb Mugu: what do you like most about your job?
Scam Patroller: the money lol
Scam Patroller: and free use of the computer Smile
Dumb Mugu: that's good
Dumb Mugu: what do you like least about it?
Scam Patroller: the odd shift hours, like nights at the moment
Dumb Mugu: hahahahha
Dumb Mugu: that's will be stressful i think
Dumb Mugu: well,i pray that God will be with you
Scam Patroller: it's hard to sleep during the day after working at night, then when i am back on day shift, it's hard to sleep at night
Scam Patroller: thank you
Dumb Mugu: you welcome
Dumb Mugu: what do you do for fun?
Scam Patroller: i play a lot of pool
Dumb Mugu: cool
Dumb Mugu: i like to swimming,dancing,listening to music,hanging out with friends,reading poem & writting poem also
Scam Patroller: all nice things to do, not a big fan of poetry though
Dumb Mugu: huh
Scam Patroller: where di you live in the UK?
Dumb Mugu: what's your favourite colour?
Dumb Mugu: London
Scam Patroller: black and dark blue
Dumb Mugu: At Borough road
Scam Patroller: sweet, whereabouts in london?
Dumb Mugu: wow
Dumb Mugu: thats my colour also
Scam Patroller: ahhh, I used to live in new Cross, just down the old kent road from bourough
Dumb Mugu: thats wonderful
Dumb Mugu: amazing
Scam Patroller: are you a fat girl?
Dumb Mugu: do you know waterloo?
Scam Patroller: yes
Dumb Mugu: i'm not a fat girl
Scam Patroller: ok, my wife to be was fat
Dumb Mugu: cool
Scam Patroller: i miss her now she has passed away
Dumb Mugu: no
Dumb Mugu: i'm sorry to hear that
Scam Patroller: yes, it was a ghastly accident
Dumb Mugu: that's a sad memory
Scam Patroller: i was at church waiting for her to arrive and marry me, she was killed in the car on the way to the church
Dumb Mugu: ohhhhhhhh no
Dumb Mugu: it's ok
Scam Patroller: she was nearly at the church, i heard the crash, it was only 50 yards from the church, a lorry hit her car
Scam Patroller: she was decapitated in the crash, her head was in the road
Dumb Mugu: i'm sorr to hear that
Scam Patroller: i nearly killed the lorry driver
Scam Patroller: i picked up her head and ran away with it, i took it home and put in in my freezer, i didn't want to lose her
Scam Patroller: i wasn't thinkng straight at the time, as you can imagine
Dumb Mugu: i don't even know what to say again
Scam Patroller: it was a moment of extreme anguish
Dumb Mugu: becuase i'm sorry to hear that
Dumb Mugu: it was a bad experience
Scam Patroller: i told the police i didn't know what i did with her head
Dumb Mugu: i pray that such a thing will not happen to you anymore
Scam Patroller: they looked for it but could not find it
Dumb Mugu: thats weird
Scam Patroller: luckily, they did not look in my freezer, i still have her head, and it has been in my freezer for the lst 6 years
Dumb Mugu: no....i'm possible
Dumb Mugu: till now?
Scam Patroller: yes, i will never let anyone know i have still got her head, i can't bear to not see her again
Dumb Mugu: ok
Scam Patroller: every year on the anniversary of our due wedding day, i take her head out of the freezer and put it on the table, and we drink champagne together just like we would have after the wedding
Scam Patroller: then i put her back in the freezer before she defrosts

Scam Patroller: I hope I never have to go through anything like that again
Dumb Mugu: :-O
Dumb Mugu: i hope so too
Scam Patroller: can i ask you a question?
Dumb Mugu: what
Dumb Mugu: ???
Scam Patroller: if we were a couple, would you let me keep her head, she is very special to me, would you let me keep it in the freezer, i must mention, that it's in a seperate freezer from the frozen food!
Dumb Mugu: once she was the one you throughly love
Dumb Mugu: & more also,for you to keep here head will be what would make you happy,why not?
Dumb Mugu: once you gonna keep it in a seperate freezer,no problem

Scam Patroller: oh you are such a wonderful person!!!!!!!!!!
Scam Patroller: thank you very much, and if you ever died, i would keep your head alongside her head so you can keep each other company
Dumb Mugu: you're not serious
Scam Patroller: yes, but only if you had an accident, if you are alive it's not a problem

Dumb Mugu: if i may ask,what are you looking for on here?
Dumb Mugu: God forbid
Scam Patroller: looking for a long term partner, and hopefully someone who will last longer than the wedding
Dumb Mugu: col
Dumb Mugu: have you ever been into online relationship before?
Scam Patroller: yes, 2 times before I have been out with ladies i met online
Dumb Mugu: how does it go?
Scam Patroller: i met barbara, she was 25 years older than me and very wealthy, she owned a lot of houses and businesses
Scam Patroller: i was with her until she died
Dumb Mugu: when was that?
Scam Patroller: that was 2 years ago when she died
Dumb Mugu: ok
Dumb Mugu: what about the second woman
Dumb Mugu: ???
Scam Patroller: she had just made her will and stated that I would get 2 of her houses when she died
Dumb Mugu: good of you
Scam Patroller: the second woman was betty, she was also a lot older than me
Scam Patroller: i hadto get those houses once i knew i was in her will
Dumb Mugu: did you ever meet here in person?
Scam Patroller: yes, i met both of them, we were lovers
Dumb Mugu: cool
Dumb Mugu: what's your favourit food?
Scam Patroller: otherwise how would I have given her the poison!!!
Dumb Mugu: favourite*
Scam Patroller: i like road kill best
Scam Patroller: badgers are my favourite
Dumb Mugu: you mean you gave her poison?
Scam Patroller: yes, but only once i knew she had put me in her will with the 2 houses
Dumb Mugu: that's too bad of you
Dumb Mugu: how dare you?
Scam Patroller: well, the houses are worth a lot of money
Scam Patroller: nearly �500,000 each
Dumb Mugu: you killed a human being fellow like you
Dumb Mugu: that's too bad
Scam Patroller: no, she killed herself with the poison
Dumb Mugu: why?
Dumb Mugu: i need to know
Scam Patroller: because i put it in her drink, and she drank it, so it's not my fault
Dumb Mugu: becuase i'm feeeling septical about you now
Dumb Mugu: you intentionally put it there or not?
Dumb Mugu: talk to me now
Scam Patroller: i sort of put it there on purpose, but only bcause of the 2 houses worth nearlt �1 million pounds
Scam Patroller: would younot do the same for �1 millin pounds
Scam Patroller: i better not tell you what happened to betty then?
Dumb Mugu: because of money you killed a fellow human being like you,that's too bad
Scam Patroller: that is life
Dumb Mugu: if you like you can tell me,if you don't like,don't tell me
Scam Patroller: but at least i got away with it, and now have a lot of money
Dumb Mugu: i see
Scam Patroller: betty was a lovely woman, i really loved her
Dumb Mugu: good of you
Dumb Mugu: go ahead
Scam Patroller: until her little accident
Dumb Mugu: then what happened after the accident
Dumb Mugu: ??
Scam Patroller: betty lived in a place called Dover, have you heard of it, there are big cliffs there?
Scam Patroller: me an betty used to go to the cliff top and have a picnic, it was our favourite place
Dumb Mugu: yes,i do
Dumb Mugu: i'm listening
Dumb Mugu: [-(
Scam Patroller: one day i turned up at her house in dover to surprise her, she didn't know i was visiting her that day, but she was not in, i asked her neighbour if he had seen her, he said he saw her driving up to the clifftop with a man
Dumb Mugu: [-(
Scam Patroller: so i went to the clifftop and hid behind a hedge, i saw her with a man in her car, they started kissing, then they got in the back seat and started having sex, while they were having sex, i ran up to the car and took the handbrak off while the were busy and didnt notice me
Scam Patroller: i went behind the car and pushed it, it rolled over the clifftop and they plunged to their deaths, i don't like women who shag behind my back!!!!
Dumb Mugu: Confused
Scam Patroller: you would not do that to me would you?
Scam Patroller: i like you Victoria, i like you a lot
Dumb Mugu: we haven't get to know each other better
Scam Patroller: we can get to know eah other, i think we are perfect for each other
Dumb Mugu: but you said you like,you've not see my pics
Scam Patroller: i can see your pic on here with the blonde hair
Dumb Mugu: why did you said that?
Dumb Mugu: cool
Dumb Mugu: may i have your email address?
Dumb Mugu: here is mine........Dumb
Scam Patroller: sure
Dumb Mugu: i need to see your pics
Scam Patroller: Scam
Dumb Mugu: i like the way you talk to me
Scam Patroller: do you, you sexy little fucker you
Dumb Mugu: becuase you're straight forwrd with your words
Scam Patroller: yes, i would like to fuck you up the arse
Scam Patroller: DO YOU WANT IT BABY
Dumb Mugu: you better stop the fuck now
Scam Patroller: will you put me in your will?
Scam Patroller: i thought you sid youliked the way I talked?
Dumb Mugu: is that what oyu're up to?
Scam Patroller: what?
Dumb Mugu: you're*
Dumb Mugu: the will
Scam Patroller: i want more than sex if thats what you mean
Scam Patroller: no
Scam Patroller: that was just an old habit with the wills, i wont do that again
Scam Patroller: , not unless you shag a man in our car
Dumb Mugu: hahahhahhaha
Dumb Mugu: you're funny
Scam Patroller: than you
Dumb Mugu: you wanna kill the person you love with all you heart.huh?
Scam Patroller: no, i don't want your heart, just your head will do
Scam Patroller: if you love me with all your heart, i will love you back and not give you arsenic in your drink
Dumb Mugu: it sems you're playing head game with me here
Dumb Mugu: i gotta go
Scam Patroller: no head games
Scam Patroller: wait, i love you
Scam Patroller: i want you
Scam Patroller: pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Scam Patroller: waitttttttttttttttt
Scam Patroller: lets start over
Scam Patroller: from scrathc again
Dumb Mugu: then what's the meaning of what you'r esaying
Scam Patroller: *scratch
Scam Patroller: i just want to make sure you are not going to hurt me
Dumb Mugu: brb
Scam Patroller: ok
Dumb Mugu: i'm gonna be back in a jiffy
Scam Patroller: what do you want in a man
Scam Patroller: ok
Scam Patroller: i'm here
Dumb Mugu: I'm back
Dumb Mugu: are you still there?
Scam Patroller: yes, good to have you back, what do you like in a man?
Dumb Mugu: cool
Dumb Mugu: ??
Dumb Mugu: what i want in a man his honesty,trust,affectionate,sexy,humble,loyal,repectful,caring loving,hardworking ,goodlooking,sexy & educated man
Scam Patroller: i am honest, affectionate, sexy, humble, loyal, respectful, caring, loving, hardworking, good looking and educated, although i am hardworking i dont actually need to work, i only work for something to do, i give a lot of my wages away to charity, i have the 2 houses that i sold, so money is not a problem for me
Scam Patroller: would you marry me?
Dumb Mugu: good of you
Scam Patroller: oh no, i just realised, your second name is joy
Dumb Mugu: but i'm not after money,what i'm after is person that will love me with all is heart
Scam Patroller: i will love you
Scam Patroller: i hope you will get closer to the church than my bride to be got
Scam Patroller: i have been very unlucky in love
Scam Patroller: just another 50 yards and she would have got to the church, damn it
Dumb Mugu: why?
Dumb Mugu: becuase of my name??
Dumb Mugu: that's too bad
Scam Patroller: i am going to tell her about you when i get home
Scam Patroller: yes, her middle name was joy
Dumb Mugu: it's ok
Dumb Mugu: what do you think about online relationship?
Scam Patroller: i think it's a great way to meet ladies
Scam Patroller: then when we meet and make love
Scam Patroller: i will be horny like a goats horn, have you ever had the pleasure of watching goats have sex? It is a beautiful thing.
Dumb Mugu: tell a dead body about me?
Dumb Mugu: but joy is my surname
Dumb Mugu: cool
Dumb Mugu: what is your personal philosophy?
Scam Patroller: barbara used to like having sex with her dog, i used to film her in action, it was a rottweiler and it had a very big cock, she used to go crazy and barked like a dog when she came, she was mad, very mad, but i still oved her
Dumb Mugu: ????
Scam Patroller: my pilosophy is, do unto others as they do unto you, and live long and propser earthling
Dumb Mugu: mmy philosophy is "honesty is the best policy"
Scam Patroller: yes, but not tell her body about you, her body was buried 6 years ago, I only have har head now to tell her about you, we talk to each other a lot
Scam Patroller: yes, and since i am being honest with you, you can see i have a good policy!!!
Scam Patroller: why buzzing?
Scam Patroller: will you let me film you with my dog?
Scam Patroller: or i could even buy a goat for you.
Dumb Mugu: what the hell do you mean?
Dumb Mugu: to do what?
Scam Patroller: barbara like to have sex with her dog and i used to fild it on videocamera, can i film you having sex with my dog, or as i said, if you prefer a goat i will buy one for you to keep in our garden when we are married
Dumb Mugu: God forbid
Dumb Mugu: i'm not the type of lady you're looking for
Scam Patroller: i am going to pencil august 24th in to my diary for our wedding date, that was the day my wife to be died
Scam Patroller: you never know until you try it darling
Scam Patroller: dogs are very affectionate
Scam Patroller: did you know, alsations actually cuddle after sex?
Scam Patroller: a lot of men dont even do that
Dumb Mugu: i don't want to have anything to do with it
Dumb Mugu: okay
Scam Patroller: ok, no dogs for you then ok
Dumb Mugu: you're getting w
Dumb Mugu: you're getting me nervous now
Scam Patroller: w?
Scam Patroller: sorry
Scam Patroller: it's ok, if you dont want to do dogs, thats ok with me, i wont force you to do it
Dumb Mugu: becuase i don't like what you're saying now
Dumb Mugu: how dare you expect me to have sex with a animal
Dumb Mugu: come on
Scam Patroller: sorry, lots of women do it
Dumb Mugu: i'm not such type of useless bitch
Scam Patroller: did you know, the doberman pincer can do french kissing?
Scam Patroller: i bet you didn't know that
Scam Patroller: i perfectly understand if you dont want sex with a dog, it's not a problem
Scam Patroller: i would never force you to do anything you didn't want to do
Scam Patroller: are you there baby
Scam Patroller: i love you
Dumb Mugu: yes,i'm here
Scam Patroller: cool
Dumb Mugu: no
Dumb Mugu: you don't love me
Scam Patroller: i do, you have no idea, i can see your picture and i adore you
Dumb Mugu: suppose you love me,you won't said that such a ridiculous words to me
Scam Patroller: i only asked, as i said, a lot of women like sex with dogs
Dumb Mugu: it's ok
Scam Patroller: didnt mean to offend you
Scam Patroller: but what about the goat, will you do it with the goat?
Dumb Mugu: are you mad?
Dumb Mugu: get the fuck off here
Scam Patroller: ok, i wont mention it again, i thought you were just opposed to dogd, wasn't sure you had a problem with goats as wel
Scam Patroller: anyway, that's enough foreplay, can we fuck now?
Scam Patroller: how about tomorrow?

Then they signed out, immediately after that, she signed back in and we chatted for another 2 hours, until Adam was carted away by the nurse at Broadmoor mental hospital, then she chatted to the nurse, until he too went insane Laughing

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cornetto wrote:
Is there anyone else out there who likes doing this

Almost all my baiting time is spent on YIM. A few emails to the Vlads for a change of pace but otherwise YIM all the way.

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Laughing SP you've been watching too many horror films, like the part about the wedding anniversary Laughing Laughing

the doctor said that i think so much that was why i was badly attack by sickness


what i suggest we do is since you want to go into importation of drugs are you sure it is a good business venture to invests the funds in ?

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