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 doctor antics

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Dr Hugh G Rection
*** BANNED ***

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 09, 2004 2:19 am Reply with quoteBack to top

typical mugu mail...

>From: glen johnson <[email protected]>
>Reply-To: glen johnson <[email protected]>
>Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 04:49:50 +0200 (CEST)
>reply to [email protected]
>Dear sir or madam,
>I know this letter will come to you as a surprise but
>providence has made it so. Your contact was given to
>me by a worker at your countries chamber of commerce
>in Cotonou capital of Benin I requested
>from him a trustworthy person I can do business with.
>Before I proceed let me first introduce myself, my
>name is Glen johnson the director of solid minerals
>Due to the war going on in Liberia now between the Charles
>Taylor's troop and the rebels of the Liberian United
>for reconciliation and democracy troops. An order was
>passed by United Nation to the Banks in Switzerland
>and other Banks in Europe to freeze the accounts
>President Charles Taylor and his associates which I am
>among. On the receipt of this information, I concealed
>the sum of US$20m in a box with the help of my
>friend to a security company in holland through their
>branch office in Cotonou Republic of Benin.
>Though the security company did not know the contents
>of the box since it was tagged "Family
>Treasure". And I cannot claim this money on my own
>because of the pressure now in Liberia. Please I need
>your help to transfer this money into your account for
>our mutual benefit. Your compensation for this noble
>assistance will be 25% for you, 70% for me and my
>families while 5% will be for any expenses that might
>be incurred in the cause of this transaction.
>Finally, more details on the transaction including the
>name of the security company where the box was
>deposited, the pin number of the box will be given
>to you as soon as I received your acceptance letter to
>assist me. Do not forget the confidentiality
>surrounding this transaction.
>Waiting for your urgent
>[email protected]
>Thank you and God bless you.
>Best regards,
>5 důvodů, proč se připojit k internetu přes

so, i reply:

My company can help. Please send info.

mugu reply:>From: [email protected]
>To: drhughgrection
>Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 00:01:41 -0400
>Dear Dr Hugh,
>thanks for your mail ,
>well i appreciate your concern in my plight. as i told you in my earlier mail i was a former government official and i laboured hard to make this money but due to the war here in liberia and subsequent collapse of the government which i worked an order was passed for the freezing of accounts of all former serving officials of which i was among, hence i concealed this money in a box and and sent it to a security company in amterdam through a friend for safe keeping and i do not want to loose this money which is why i asked for your help to help me keep this money safe in your account till i am cleared to travel.
>all i need is your honesty as a huge amount is involved and that is all i have got to fall back on with my family.i will want you to also help me invest my share in any viable business in your country prior to your advise.once you have collected this money my wife and children will travel over while i will come over when i have been cleared to travel.
>you need not worry as this is a honest transaction and i beleive God gave me your contact it is the beginning of a lasting friendship for us.
>all you will do is to contact the security company in amsterdam so that they will release the consignment{funds} to you.if you indicate your honesty and seriosness i shall send down the relevant documents for the lodgement to you and they include the certificate of deposit,certificate of ownership and the deed of lodge.i shall also prepare a power of attorney with your name which shall empower you to collect the consignment on my behalf.
>the security company do not know the content of the box as i tagged it familytreasure /diplomatic documents and i will send down the pin code of the box for you to open it.
>please send down your phone number so that i can call you and explain better as for security reasons i cannot receive calls here.
>awaiting your urgent response
>thanks and God bless.
>dr glen johnson

yeah, whatever, so i reply:

Dear Dr. Johnson,

Thank you for your e mail.

A little about myself and my company: My name is Dr. Hugh G. Rection. I am CEO of the NY Gastroentereological Group, a high technology research facility. Among other endeavours, we are dedicated to the eradication of colon cancer, a very dread disease. My company netted over 9 million dollars in profits the last fiscal year. We are also extremely interested in foreign investment, and my colleague Dr. Buster Hyman, who is the Investment Committee Chairman of my company in addition to being the Finance Officer of Dewey, Cheetam, and Howe Fiduciary Trust believes this proposal of yours to be a very lucrative investment.

Please send us all necessary documentation. You stated earlier that 5% of the funds will be used for legal fees...will there be other fees that I will need to pay? If so, please send me your Western Union contact information.

I must let you know that I am hearing-impaired, so I am unable to use a regular telephone. Do you have access to a text-phone?

I hope we can establish a trusting relationship, which is of primary importance in business deals. I think we should use a password phrase in our business dealings. I suggest my company slogan: "Hugh G. Rection for MY colon!"

We are going to require some sort of identification or photo from you. This will reassure the Investment Committee that you are not trying to defraud us. As you know, passports and ID cards are easily forged, so what can you suggest as a method to assure us of your truthfulness? Dr. Hyman suggested that you send a photo of yourself holding a sign with our secret password phrase. What do you think? I thought it was a pretty good idea.

Well, my new friend and prospective partner, have a great day, and blessings to you and your family.


Dr. Hugh G. Rection, M.D., Phd, CEO
NY Gastroentereological Group
Fighting colon cancer, saving lives.
"Hugh G. Rection for MY colon!"

mugu reply:

>From: [email protected]
>To: drhughgrection
>Subject: URGENT
>Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 01:17:49 -0400
>Dear Dr Hugh, please is there no way i can
>communicate with you through phone because
>this is a very serious transactin, that i
>just have to explain to you in detains.
>awaits your urgent response.
>dr glen johnson

you can awaits all you want, me mugu bugger, cause you ain't gettin my phone number!

Dear Dr. Johnson,

We are going to have to rely on email, for as I have stated I am hearing impaired and can only utilize a text-phone.

Dr. Hugh G. Rection, M.D., Phd., CEO
NY Gastroentereology Group
Fighting colon cancer, saving lives.
"Hugh G. Rection for MY colon!"

alas...he never replied to this. Oh well, win some, lose some

AKA Mugu named Tony Ovie
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