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 Attack of the Babelfish?

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 7:07 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I received a scam email in French yesterday - my French is rusty but I could spot all the elements of a scam.

Permettez-moi s'il vous plad'괲e en relation d'affaire avec vous.j'ai besoin dans ce domaine de vos conseil. Je souhaiterais que vous supervisiez tous les domaines o?part de cet argent pourrait 괲e investie.

je suis un gar篮 de 23 ans. Mon nom est mae , Je suis le fils de feu .Mon p貥 鴡it un homme tr賠riche et actif dans la politique alors j'esp貥 que l'on donnera une attention urgente et prompte ࠣe courrier.

Pour 괲e sinc貥, j'ai obtenu votre contact aupr賠d'amis au cours d'un voyage aventureux la saison derni貥 quand notre pays 鴡it en paix. S'il vous plaje suis dans un momment difficile. Je voudrais que vous m'aidiez ࠴ransf鲥r cet argent dans votre pays.

Ainsi pour davantage de confiance et sincerite, je vous enverrai tous les documents pour mener ࠢien la transaction. Le montant total impliqu頰our le transf貥 (

Cependant, mon p貥 a 鴩 tu頬e 19 septembre 2002 par un groupe d'hommes qui n'ont pas 鴩 identifi鳮 Quant aux crises politiques ici en Afrique,et surtout en C?d'Ivoire, je crois que vous 괲e au faite de l'actualit頰ar CNN, B.B.C.

je dois ajouter que tous les investisseurs 鴲angers ont anbandonn鳠les villes, pour cette raison la privation s'est install頤ans le pays. je dois vous avouer que la s飵rit頤es populations n'est plus assur饳. Les rebelles s'鴡nt empar頤'une certaine partie du pays depuis quelques mois maintenant.

c'est la raison pour laquelle tous les leaders africains et la communaut銩nternationale sont impliqu鳠dans la crise de notre pays.
Afin d'aider ࠳auvegarder notre d魯cratie. Donc, le probl譥 ici dans notre pays est le tribalsme. ?

Et cela n'a pas 鴩 correctement compris par ceux qui prennent des d飩sions politiques y compris la communaut頩nternationale.

Mon cher, je doit en finir ici mais je m'attends ࠲ecevoir des nouvelles de vous quant ࠣette transaction. Votre part sera de 10%Plus 5% pour les frais que vous aurez engagez.
Vous 鴡nt reconnaissant d'avance.

sinc貥ment votre,
michael Johnson

I had doubts about it being written by a native French speaker - for example, he shoudl have said "Je m'appelle" rather than "Mon nom est".

Pressed to reply in English, he sent this:

Good day to you ,
I got your mail and i understand english.
This is the content of the mail.

Permettez me please to be in business connection with you i need in this field for your council. I would wish that you supervise all the fields where my share of this money could be invested.

I am 23 year old boy. My name is a , I am the son of Chef Richard Raymond.

My father was a very rich man and active in the policy then I hope that one will give an urgent and prompt attention to this mail.

To be sincere, I obtained your contact from friends during an adventurous voyage last season when our country was in peace.

Please I am in momment difficult. I would like that you help me to transfer this money in your country. for more confidence and sincerity, I will send all the documents to you to conclude the transaction. The total amount implied for transfers ( Cependant, my father was killed on September 19, 2002 by a group of men who were not identified.

As for the political crises here in Africa, and especially in Coast-in Ivoire, I believe that you with to be made topicality by CNN, B.B.C I must add that all the foreign investors anbandonn鳠the cities, for this reason the deprivation settled in the country. I must acknowledge you that the safety of the populations is not assured any more.

Rebels being seized a certain part of the country since a few months now. this is why all the African leaders and the international community are implied in the crisis of our country. In order to help to safeguard our democracy.

Therefore, the problem here in our country is the tribalsme. ? And that was not correctly included/understood by those which make political decisions including the international community. My expensive, I must finish some here but I expect to receive news of you as for this transaction. Your share will be of 10%Plus 5% for the expenses which you will have engage. Being recognizing to you in advance.

I am waiting for your soonest respond so that i will send the whole ducment and informations to you about who to transfar the money to your contry. for the investment poppoes.

sincerely yours,

"My expensive?"

I think whoever did the translation cleaned up a couple of things; a straight Babelfish version of the phrase "Je suis le fils de feu is "I am the son of fire Chef " (rather than "late Chief").

I plan to bait him using a lot of slang..

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

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