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 The church of the Holly Rollers

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There is a Mugu that calls himmself Valentina, In the ad in cliams to be from the Bronx, New York, and in the emails "she" says hat "she" is in Ghana..
She claims also to be black and her photos show that she is the whitest black I have ever seen, you can see the photos here.
I have baited her and now she wants to join our charity, teh Church of the Holly Rollers, this on epromises a lot of fun and trophies.
So if anyone wants to play Bishop or the brother in charge of admitions do let me know.


Thank You For you The Mail You Sent me...I will Like To tell You Something
About Myself...Am Valentina by name...Am 30 years of age...Am a Lady who is
Honest...Carring...faithful and also Open Minded Person....
Annual income 200k
Horoscope Sign Pisces
Height 5' 7"
Ethnicity American/Africa
Marital status Single
Have children? No
Want children? Undecided
Body Average
Hair Balck
Eyes Gray
Physical appearance Good looking
Smoking? Don't smoke
Drinking? DOnt Drink
Dear I will Like to Tell You Something Brif About My Family...My Dad Was An
American And He Came To Ghana For Tour When He Came To Ghana For He Saw My
Mum And Prosse To Her And My Mum Allow Him So They Got Married...And After
they Got Married A Year Later My Mum Gave Birth to Me And Am The Only Born
Of teh Family And My Dad Return To Usa.. But Am Sorry To Tell You That My
Dad Is Gone I Mean He IS Dead But Dear Dont Worry About That Is All Part Of
Life....Dear This Is Just A Little Brife About Me And My Family....Thank
You The Intreset You Have For Me....Hope To Hear From you Soon
Take Care And Stay Bless..Those Pictures Are Mine....



Dear This My E-mail Address [email protected]

Please try to send em some of your pictures as soon as possible..


I send her my photo again as the first got lost Smile


I am sorry my photo got lost in space
I hope this time you will get it
let me know if you do
would you like to come to Europe
I alm President of a charity that builds
clinics and gives medical attention to those
in need all over Africa.
We are called the Church of the Holly Rollers as we use a lot
of roller blades in the wards to move faster and
keep the patients happy and amused.
Our members can get frants of up to $10.000 every three months, these funds must be used in social works in the country the memeber is stationed, and we also reward memebers with a finders fee of 150 $ for each new member they bring into the folds of our Holly Roler Church.
We know that $ 150 per nerw member is not a lot, but if you can get the ocal football team to join then it is 11 players, 4 or 5 spare players, the ater carrier lad, the medical team etc, you can see that it soon ads up to a lt of money.
This is to reward our members that bring new memebers to iour church and there is an extra reward of 5000 $ (once a year) to the memeber thatbrings tyhe most members in our church.
Perhaps you could help us.

"she" replied at once:)


How do I join your holly church

I will make her wait a bit now to make her real hungry Smile


I will soon send you the forms that need to be filled in by you and I will speak with our Bishop in charge of new members, he is he Holly Roller Bishop Buggery.

So if anyone wants to help with the forms or initiation rituals to our church he is welcome to submit the ideas.


We have emailed her the admition questionaire Smile

Dear Valentina beloved sister in love
Please find enclosed the questionnaire that you must fill to join our Holly Church
We will need to know to whom must we send the funds if you are accepted.
Hoping that you will be one of our members and Roll away the word of God
and our founder.
I also want to get to know you well as you are very pretty and sometimes the life
of a man of God can be very lonely.
A big hug
Ps. The document is in Microsoft word, must be printed, filled by hand, signed and scanned and emailed to us as fast as possible.


Admittance questionnaire

Full Name
Date of birth
Name of father
Name of mother
Date and place of marriage
Are you a virgin?
Do you love God?
Do you pray?
Do you practice coitus interruptus?
Size of feet
Size of breasts and Cup
Can you boogey
Can you cook?
Do you wear lots of make up?
Are you allergic to BS?
Do you have piercings?
Do you have tattoos?
Would you tattoo our holly wheel on your body?
Date of last period?
Do your bowels work with regularity?
Do you practice safe sex?
Are you smart, do you protect yourself?
Do you use condoms?
Do you do sports?
What colour was the white horse of Napoleon?
What do you think of Bush?
Do you have a Brazilian or a landing strip?
Are you a Homo sapiens?
Do you know what Pi is?
Do you cook?
What is your favorite food?
Do you like fur burgers or hair pies?
Are you vaccinated against halitosis?
Is your impetigo normal?
Are you a member of Al Qaeda?
Do you shag every day?
Will you spend the money we give you to help others?
Will you spread our faith and bring new members?
Will you spread your arms with love for our founder?
Will you spread your legs also for our founder?
What time is it over there now?
Do you own a dildo?

Do you lap dance?
Do you table dance?
Would you be a model for our church?
Would you come to Europe for training?
Do you go to the beach top less?
Do you suffer from jungle rot?
How would you like the money to be sent once you are accepted in our church?
How many new members do you think you can bring to our church?
Tell us why should we accept you in our church and give you $ 10.000 several times a year and $ 150 for every member you bring to our church (this must be shown to be real by each new member filling this form and sending a photo holding a sign saying “I AM A HOLLY ROLLER WANKER”)

Once this form is examined and depending on how complete and honest is your reply and if you are accepted we would send you the initial working funds deposit of $ 25.000 and the first $ 10.000 for your social work, the $ 25.000 is only paid once but for every new project presented to us by different church members we can consider donating $ 25.000 for those new projects as well of course as the $ 10.000 several times a year.

Yours in the arms of our founder the honorable Gupta Rigormortis,

The examining admittance Bishop Paul Gonads.

Of course it was sent on letter head paper of our church Smile
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