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 millions of $$ (im a new baiter tell me wat u think)

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 30 Jan 2007
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Location: GERMANY

PostPosted: Tue Jan 30, 2007 8:12 pm Reply with quoteBack to top


"Engr M.Ngo" <[email protected]> wrote:
> Attention please,
> Keep this mail and information very confidential.
> I am the new Information and Database analyst of the
> Treasury/Payment
> Investigation Department of the Central Bank of
> Nigeria. The earlier you
> pay candid attention to this particular email, the
> better for you. I
> noticed this just last week when I was going through
> several out-going
> payment files on my desk to mark the last payment
> quarter of CBN.
> In the process of cross -checking payment files
> inherited from previous
> head of this department I realized two particular
> payment files:(a) The
> one with series of complicated abnormal entries of a
> beneficiary who had
> made efforts towards getting the funds but to no
> avail, (b) The other with
> an outstanding contract amount.I then decided to
> investigate
> the genesis of the difficulties /hitches to the
> release of the said funds
> I found out these: The owners of the fund are late
> without a will and a
> mistake was made by the previous secretary who filed
> the particulars.
> I'm contacting you: (1.) To stop you from any
> further contact if you have
> already made to anybody whatsoever because your
> financial interest here is
> not protected. (2) To contact you so that you can
> claim this outstanding
> contact amount as the bonafide next of kin knowing
> fully well that the
> principal owner died intestate. (3) To inform you
> that CBN as the Apex
> Bank of Federal Republic of Nigeria has intercepted
> your fund as a result
> of fraudulent activities noticed among those that
> claim to be helping you.
> I am pushed to CONTACT you because from what is
> going on here, if
> appropriate step is not taken, you will end up
> making the biggest mistake
> of your life if I fail to bring this important
> message concerning the
> position of your fund to you. Take heed to my mail
> and its content it will
> help and avoid you from making a mistake. I am out
> to help you.
> I want you to lay claim to this money as the
> principal benefactor through
> me so that I would guide you on how to get your fund
> directly transferred
> to your own nominated account at ease. I will
> personally get any
> complications corrected at my own expense as soon as
> possible so that
> legal transfer of the fund to your account would
> commence.
> A stitch in time they say saves nine. This is the
> only reliable channel
> for you otherwise all other efforts MUST be in vain.
> Engr.Muhammad Ngo Hasan
> (CBN).

Hallo Sir,
Thank you for the email im more than suprised to hear
this considering the hard time ive been going through
lately.Let me know what should be done and how can i
receive the amount as soon as possible,
Thank you.

--- Muhammad Ngo <[email protected]> wrote:

> Dear Mutani Prisca,
> Thanks very much for youre mail.I have not beenm
> able to reply you because I have been saddled with
> a lot responsibilities in the office.
> For your information,the Central Bank of Nigeria
> (CBN) has intercepted the transfer of your fund due
> to some irregulariries and other abnomalities
> noticed in the course transferring your fund.CBN
> which is the apex bank of Nigeria has suspended your
> transfer and as I am writing to you,your transaction
> file is laying on my desk and to tell you the simple
> truth,you may end up not getting your fund if
> appropriate steps are not taken and also you should
> not fail to listern to my advice and instruction.
> I sent my previous mail to you just to assist you
> get your money transferred to you at ease.I am the
> Chief Database system analyst of CBN and I am ready
> to make sure that you get your fund to your account
> without any hitch.I am the only person legally
> authorised by the CBN to make all the neccessary
> correction to affect the transfer of your fund so
> the earlier you pay attention,the better for you or
> else you are going to make the worst mistake of your
> life if you keep on responding to those that claimed
> to be helping you.
> I can only assist you if you should stop further
> contact with those that claimed to be assisting
> you.This is because CBN has the supreme power over
> them and so long as your fund has been intercepted
> by CBN,those people cannot do anything to salvage
> this situation.I am out to help you get your fund
> without any hitch.I will carry out an autnentication
> in all the database system network of CBN in your
> name and favour so that your fund can be perfectly
> transferred to your nominated bank account but you
> must be faithful,honest and sincere to me in other
> to have a perfect execution of the transaction.
> Let me hear from you as soon as possible so that I
> can direct you on what to do.
> Engr.Muhammad.
> Dear Mutani Prisca,
> Thanks for your mail.At this point in time,it is
> very important to authenticate the database system
> network of the CBN with your name and other
> neccessary information to commence the transfer
> process.Do forward the following information to me
> so as to carry out the authentication proccess
> immediately:
> 1.Your full name,contact address and country of
> origin.
> 2.Your age,marital status and occupation.
> 3.Your private phone and fax numbers for effective
> communication.
> 4.Your nominated bank account where this fund will
> be transferred:
> (a).The account name
> (b).The bank name and address
> (c).The account number
> (d).The routine number and swift code (if any)
> Please do not make any mistake while forwarding the
> above information and make sure that you provide
> correct information because once the above
> information is authenticated in the database system
> network of CBN,it will be difficult if not
> impossible to change.
> Let me hear from you immediately.
> Regards,
> Engr.Muhammad Ngo Hasan
> (CBN).


Engr.Muhammad Ngo Hasan,
Thank you for urs of today Sir.The information that
you required from me are as follow,

1.Country of Origin ,Germany.

Angie Prisca Mutani,
Wolfgang Strasse 89,
48902 Hamburg.

2.Age :36years,
Sex :Female,
Maritual Stutus:Single,
Occupation :Architecture.

3.Cell phone :+49 1520 7491 164,
Fax nr :+49 2032 3789 225

4.Account Details,
Angie Prisca Mutani,
Deutsche Bank Gmbh,
Acc nr:376628172072
Swift code:380124985.
I think i provided all that is needed by you for the
appoval.Now due to certain circumstances i would like
you to let me atleast trust you by sending me a
picture or whatever that can prove to me that im realy
dealing with someone responsible.As i told you i will
do all to make sure that i get those funds.If its ok
just send me a picture of yourself holding a sign of
my name ANGIE so that we can continue with this thing
as fast as possile i hope you understand its not good
doing bussness with someone you dont realy know.
Thank you for your understanding,

The attachment is my photo

the money hunter repleid 2day
Dear Angie,
> I have seen the information and I will be starting
> the authentication process as soon as possible.
> I want you to understand the nature of business we
> are doing and let it be known to you that I am just
> doing this business with you base on trust so I will
> want you to treat this transaction with utmost good
> care.
> I am a civil servant working under the Central
> Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and I will not compromise
> anything funny from you and I assure you that you
> will perfectly get your fund if only you can follow
> my instructions and directives squarely.
> For your information,I can only compromise sending
> my official work ID to you so that you will know the
> person you are dealing with.Moreso,I have tried to
> call you with the phone number you sent to me but
> the number is not connecting.
> Let me hear from you immediately.
> Engr.Muhammad Ngo Hasan..


Engr.Muhammad Ngo Hasan..
Thanks for yours of today.Well i needed the photo of you with a sign and my name on it as to know that i am dealing with a real person thats all.Now if you think that was making funny of you then apologies.Just send me the picture then we will move on with any instruction that you will give at the meantime understand the my fear.
Hope to hear from you asap,


im new here and i get this kind of mails evryday ,want to try c if i can play with their heads

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Elite Baiter

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 31, 2007 9:26 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I think you've gone for a trophy a bit quick. He doesn't yet REALLY have the scent of money wafting up his nostrils Smile

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419Eater is my life

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 12:02 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I agree with Chester. You have to go through the initial requests for money, being passed over to a barrister and at least a couple of months of straight baiting before you will have a chance at a trophy.

Mortar x6
Dear Dr.
You have written me several of this mail with language I do not understand
but know they are insultive

I really want to know why you have picked on email and keep writing me with all these abusive and embarrassing words

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Nick L Cadmium
Master Baiter

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 1:46 am Reply with quoteBack to top

The old hands here make it look really easy to get a magnificent trophy pic from lads like this, but it isn't (I know!).

Start out a bit slower and just try and waste his time for a bit, then you'll get an idea of how far you can push your luck.

Sorry if it seems as if everyone is throwing cold water over your efforts.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 7:30 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I got the response below after two e-mails from me. You need the right lad, the right proposition and to hit him at a funny angle (if you know what I mean)

Thanks for your reply, I have a Goldsmith who can do a nice work for you, all you need to do is to send me the sample of the work you need;and also i will like to know if you can come down here for us to agree on the price, You can call me on this line +233 xxxxxxx for more information, i will also like to have your phone number.

Remain blessed,

I'll probably still mess it up - but getting him off his script and onto mine is a major step, and he has not a jot of my info and I am in control. Now I can trophy bargain hard. I want a golden goat papier mache statue by the way (piccies !!!) and I have a trip as back up - from 2 e-mails.

I admire straight baiting and I want to do some to test myself, but it is quite a hard mental discipline to develop and refine - not suited to my wild imagination, but I'll try.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 9:01 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

For a trophy, I suggest waiting until after the Mugu has asked you for your passport photo/driver's license or whatever. Then turn the tables on him by saying, basically, 'you go first. I do not want to see a passport. I want to see documentation of the transaction (whatever that may be - depends on the type of bait you are involved in) and I want a photo of you holding the documentation, and I want a photo of you holding today's Lagos (or wherever) newspaper."

This will give you some basic trophies to start off with. Then, make all the usual excuses why you cannot reciprocate with your passport/driver's license (remember, we do not give the Mugu's passports and other documents that they can use on victims).

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