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 A brief Romance with Susi Abudu

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Wed May 07, 2014 10:17 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

So I get this random from a little minx named Susi Abudu- stranded in a refugee home with her sister and unable to release the millions in funds her father had left for her etc etc ...
So, the conversation goes like this..
From [email protected]

Dearest Beloved one,

I write to intimate you of a matter that requires an
urgent attention. But briefly, I am Susi ABUDU, i am
20yrs old the Daughter of late Dr John D Abudu he was
thechairman/CEO of the LIBERIAN national Gold &
Diamond Mining Corporation.

It is my pleasure communicating with you for the first
time and believing that it will lead to a better
relationship between us. I also hope you will not
impede this trust and confidence I repose in you.

I am sending this letter from LIBERIA where I have an
official refugee status with my younger sister Adama
After leaving our country due to an event that took
place on Febuary 2003 which led to the arrest and
detention of my father and six other men after a face
off with the LIBERIA government on allegation of
subversive activities and treasonable offences which
was nothing but a mere political persecution.

After five months in the military detention camp my
father was announced dead by the government special
press release. Though I do not know to what extent you
are familiar with the event and crisis in LIBERIA,
however during the disturbance and prior to my
father's death he gave me all the documents for the
secret loged he made in a fidiciary company here in
Dakar. he loged in €5.2 Million dollar, as personal
effect .

However I have gone to the bank to confirm the deposit
and establish ownership, please I need your assistance
urgently in moving this fund abroad for
investment,when the fund is properly secured we will
jointly invest in any business you consider

I will be glad for your resolved assistance, I will
kindly appreciate if we can talk and emerge words with
action. With all honesty to the stated data in my
message,i assure you of the genuity of this proposal

I will particularly be happy if you can handle this
transaction in the most confidential manner since the
rest of my life solely depends on this fund.

It is the fear of betrayal from anyone around us here
that confirms my decision to contact a neutral
individual like you, and I want you to educate me on
investment potential in your country since I would not
like to invest or stay in any of the African
country,except otherwise.

I will not hesitate to give you 15% or negotiable of
the total sum for your assistance. So if you will be
able to assist me, please do urgently reply me for
further clarification and confirmation .

Thank for your anticipated co-operation, May God bless

Your Sincerely,
Susi Abudu

End Message

Hmmm, very intriguing.
here's my reply under my non de plume, Rob Memunny..owner and CEO of the Butt Plug Spark Plug Company, Seattle.

My Dear Ms Abudu,
I was a little intrigued and concerned by your unexpected email.
I was also shocked at your current predicament, which is an unfortunate one for a person as young as yourself
As a gentleman, it was my upbringing which leads me to respond to a damsel in distress at any given opportunity.
How may I be if service to you and your sister?
Perhaps I should tell you a little about myself.
For the last seven years since the demise of my good lady wife, I have thrown myself heart and soul into my business.
I am the CEO of a company here in Seattle - The Butt Plug Spark Plug Company.
We are the largest US exporter of spark plugs and various car accessories.
You appear to have a business problem - one in which I am willing and ready to assist if at all possible.
I do hope I can help but I must admit I am at a loss as to know in what way I can help you.
Robert Memunny
CEO Butt Plug Spark Plugs

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="company logo photo companylogo.jpg"/></a>
So here is the little filly's response...

Dear Mr Robert Memunny.
Thanks for your kind and sincere concern towards proposal .me and my Sister are very happy after reading your email and sincerely words is also noted.Meanwhile,How is your day!!hope all is moving find? Please we are very sorry to hear about your Wife.

We are real and factual with every single word we have ever stated in our previous mail and because we are certain and sincere to co-operate with you in this regards of doing business with you.we are very open to you and as such we will like to note every word of your mail to me to be truthfulness and sincere so that we can be able to proceed in this transaction with trust and sincerely mind.

We are currently with our love to you,also we are in a mission house where our life is full with predicament.Earlier before now, We have being in closer contact with the Bank where this deposit is laying under their costudy for safe keeping FIX DEPOSIT which the financial controller promise me and my Sister on our constant contact with the bank concerning this deposit to transfer it to any of our desired we need your help to transfer this fund into your account then me and my sister will join you to further my education and for the investment purpose please send us you full contacts details so that i will fax the related documents to you as a proof of the deposit

Because of the agreement my late father had with the Bank durring the time he made the deposit in their bank demands a reliable person who will stand and have this deposit in his position to avoid mismanagement of the inheritance.We need you to stand on our behalf as foreign partner whom i want him to secure this deposit in his position pending on our arrivel to join you in your country and start a business
with the fund as you may advise me on lucrative ventures in your country. joining you will not cost any harm to you or your family but rader bring more joy and happiness to your entire family.

We need more word of assurance from you bacause this is only what we are holding in life and it means the whole world to me and my Sister.Promise us that your full support shall be forthcoming till you receive this deposit in your position successfully and after the long run you will not betray me and my sister .we are looking forward to hear from your positive response and upon your reply,I will furnish you with the details of the deposit to enable you have direct contact with the Bank on our behalf and request the modalities their will need from you to effect the transfer to your bank account,or immediate release of the deposition any of your provided information.We wishes you the goodies of today.

Yours Truly One
Susi and Sister Adama.

Note!% 5 percent is for the expenses that may incur during the transfer and % 30 Percent will be for your help transferring this money to your account and investing this fund for me and my sister because what we want is for us to live with you in UNITED STATE and further our education in your country through your assistance
We will give you the bank contacts informations immediately we hear back from you with the details as required in the transaction,note that we are not living so fine here so if there is any help that you will give me and my sister at this point for us to rent out a room where we will stay until youfinalize the transfer please advise me and my sister in our suggestion.our pictures are attached to this mail.
With Love and Hug Kisssssss.

Hugs and kisses?
Whoa, this girl moves fast, doesn't she?
She backs the hugs up with a rather interesting photo of herself...

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo ADAMA_PICTURE.jpg"/></a>

And of course, her darling sister Adama,

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="adama mugu photo SUSI.jpg"/></a>

How could I resist???
So I fire off..

My dearest Susi,
How delighted I was to receive your speedy reply!
I would be more than willing to assist you in any way possible - how could I resist the charms of such a beautiful young woman.
Your proposal got me very excited - especially your picture.
Could you please send me any more photos of yourself and your beautiful sister for my perusal?
Let me tell you a little about myself.
I am the owner and CEO of a spark plug company based here in Seattle.
I am in a good position to assist you in any business venture you care to indulge in - my business experience extends over the last thirty years.
I didn't get to where I am today by being a fool in business!
I understand you are twenty years of age.
How old is your sister?
Is she above the legal age?
The thought of, ahem, getting together with the two of you excites me a lot.
Please let me know what I need to do for you.

Rob Memunny

Don't forget those extra photos!

And she says...

Dear Mr Robert Memunny.
Thank you very much for your response and willingness to asist me and my Sister transfer our late Father's fund into your bank account,attach are our other pictures this is the resent pictures, now this will show you how critical condition and problems that we are facing here in refugee camp after the death of our beloved late father,the other pictures we sent you yesterday was our past picture before the War of our country so please see those pictures and hurry up for our life care because you are now our last hope of living the camp soonest

I am 20yrs old why my Sister is 18 yrs old below my age,in business area me and my Sister will like Real estate investment or transportation business but will be very happy if you will advise us in the best and profitable business in your country?

Note that the whole fund will be invested under your company because this is our first business venture and we dont know anything about business and investment so please we most trust and repose all our hope in each other which me and my sister did repose all our trust in you,our most important thing is for us to further our education in your country through your wise advise

Dear Mr Robert Memunny.we first need your help for us to rent a house where we will stay until you finish the transfer arrangement with the bank because here in refugee camp there are many poeples here and poeples are dieing here everyday so please the help we need now is about $ 1000.00 USDollars for us to rest out a house and buy some foods please use the below informations and send us the money through Western Union Money Transfer so that we can get a house for the sake of our life safety

Here are the Informations
Name:Miss Susan Abudu
Address:Rue 22 X 33 Medina
Country:Dakar Senegal
Tell + 221 518 1350

Please use the informations and send us the money in your next mail and please dont forget to send us your telephone and fax number your house address so that we can fax you some important documents that related to the transaction

We wait to hear back from you soonest
Greettings from my Sister Adama and hoping to meet you face to face
With Love and Hug Kisssssssssssssss
Susan and Sister Adama.

Note please any thing else that you dont understand you are free to call with the refugee camp number + 221 518 1350 for more explanations

And sends more pics, for some reason, on one of them she has a tree growing up her arse.
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo MEANDMYSISTER.jpg"/></a>

So I send the usual replies about wanting to help her and her sister out and all that stuff, and she starts getting persistent about needing the money, sister is sick, need medicine, etc etc.

Of course, I invite her to call my premium line number to discuss the deal..

Dear Susi,
I'm afraid I may have misunderstood your instruction, please contact me as soon as you can on my private Seattle number
The number is +1 206 202 1686.
I was so excited when you mentioned in your letter that you and your sister want to go to bed with me - I;m looking forward to it very much.
Please call me as soon as you can.
I'm sorry you can't contact me by fax numver - I don't use faxes - all of my correspondence is scanned and e mailsed these days - faxes are a thing of the past, you know.
I'll email you seperately about our little arrangement - I do like to keep business and pleasure seperate.

Rob Memunny

So I leave her sweating for a while, and ignore a few emails...

Then I contact her again and explain that before we could get together she will need to become a member of my church congregation- "The Church of the Holy Naturist", and of course, I need a naked photo of her to show to my pastor.

My Darling Susi,

If we are to be together and we are to have a future together, there are certain things I need.
I am a member of the Church Of the Holy Naturist.
Our core beliefs are that humans are beautiful, as made by God and we always conduct our church ceremonies naked, as God intended.
It is considered a sin by my church to deface, scar or otherwise tattoo the body in any way, as it as seen as interfering with God's Will.
If we are to be together, then I must be able to assure my Pastor that you are indeed without blemish, and have no tattoos on your body whatsoever.
I am afraid that we cannot continue our relationship until I have been assured that your body is perfect and suitable for presenting at the church.
I cannot tell you how liberating it is to face God and praise him naked.
If you need any further instructions about what to do, I can get my Pastor, the Reverend Wilma Flintstone to contact you and tell you exactly what will be needed.
It breaks my heart to have to leave you and poor Adema in this condition, my darling, but I cannot see any future for us if you are unable to join my church.

Yours brokenheartedly,
Your loving husband to be (I hope)

Of course Susi is finding it a little difficult to get hold of a naked pic of whatever Nigerian model she has sent me, and goes into quiet mode.So I send her a picture of myself...
Of course by now, she has left a very expensive message on my answering service, and has probably just realised how much it cost.

Darling Susi,
I have tried to contact Revd Flinstone but she is not available.
I have been in touch with the Reverend Buggermeflock and have asked him to contact you as an emergency.
I also received your telephone message but unfortunately, as it is Sunday, I was at church giving praise in the buff.
I cannot tell you what a joy it was to hear your sweet, beautiful voice.
While the reverend is waitng for your photos, please write back to me soon and tell me how much you love me.
I was thinking of you in church today -my cock is already hard in anticipation of your coming here to see me, which is a little embarrassing when you worship naked.
Mrs Bechovski from the pew in front of mine kept thinking I was tapping her on the shoulder!!
Ha hah ha ha!!
Just a little joke, my darling, I only get wood for you of course,
Now I think is the time for me to send you my picture.
I have withheld doing it until now because I was afraid you would not find me attractive.
Some girls think I'm not too bad, but I'm not too sure.
Mrs Bechovski thinks I look a little like a young Tom hanks - I'm not so sure!
So, take a look at my picture and please let me know if I flick your switch.

Love and kisses


Of course, not forgetting a picture of my handsome features...

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo rob.jpg"/></a>

Obviously, the photo didn't impress her much, so I email to her in desperation ..


Haven't heard from you for days.
I hope you and Adema are OK.
I have some money here for you now - I could only get $1000 together at short notice.
I'll send it to you straight away if you tell me where.

Your Future

PS. It was the photo - It's put you off, hasn't it?

To which I eventually receive the glorious reply from my lad in disguise...

pissss offffff
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Alas her love was fleeting.... Very Happy

Just an observation, but when the lad asked you to send the grand to help out by might have asked for a bank account to transfer the money to instead.

Then you could have reported the bank account to a Mod here and put pink piggy in your siggy!

Nice bit of baiting and welcome to Eater!

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