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 Car Scammers Safari in England

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2007 10:35 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I have not been to visit this site for a very long time but felt I needed to come back and let some of you know of my chance encounter with a scammer and a nice little safari.
I was looking through the Auto Trader magazine for a BMW 320 diesel car up to 2 years old ( Yorkshire Edition prestige section page 132 ) or web link:


I came across an advert for a new shape BMW SE Auto with full cream leather, satnav, upgraded alloys etc etc..for an amazing price of 14750, now bearing in mind that this cars value is approx 20000 I was intrigued.

But then I remembered seeing in the news recent accounts of a car scam where cars are advertised at a tantalising low price to attract floods of buyers, the buyer is then asked to come to a location which is not the sellers address and when you turn up you are promptly mugged by several men who are carrying knives and guns, this is a more lucrative type of mugging for the crooks because mugging someone randomly in the street will net then a mobile, approx 30 cash and some credit cards but in this type of mugging they know that the victim will be carrying thousands of pounds in cash to secure the amazing deal. Sometimes they will tell you that the car is currently 100's of miles away from where you the buyer are and as a favour they will bring the car to you and they will try to arrange a meeting in a car park of some MacDonalds or similar premises.

When I rang this seller 2 days after publication he promptly told me that the car was still available which is amazing because having been in the car trade many years ago I know that when a car is advertised as much as 500 below book value it is snapped up by traders as early as 9am on day of publication; this car was advertised 5000 below book value.
He then told me that he was a trader and the car was in Birmingham. I asked him why he had advertised it as a private sale in Wakefield, but he said his brother in law was looking after it for him.
He asked if could go to Birmingham but by now I had realised what the scam was and thought why not mess them about, I told him that I was in Halifax and he would have to bring the car closer to me and if he did so I would pay the full asking price of 14750 in cash, he agreed to drive to meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield and meet in car park at 6pm.

I then called a friend of mine and told him what had happened and asked him to also ring him, my friend called him and was immediately informed that yes the car was available , my friend then negotiated the price down to a ridiculous 12000, he told them that he was in YORK and was willing to drive to Leeds to meet them and they agreed to meet in the car park of Showcase cinemas off the M62 motorway at 5pm.

I then received a call from the scammers telling me that they were willing to help me by reducing my travel time and asked if I could meet then in Leeds at 6pm. I told them that this was not possible and we would meet as agreed in Sheffield.

Anyway my friend kept them waiting in Leeds for more than an hour with numerous excuses before finally switching his phone.
The scammers then called me and asked if I was on time for the meeting, I told them I was running half an hour late but to please wait for me. After 45 minutes they told me they were waiting in the car park of a Burger King Restaurant outside MeadowHall Centre in Sheffield. They then rang me every 15 minutes and I kept apologising and telling them that I was on the way. After 1 more hour I started to ignore their calls and 20 minutes later I got the text message "YOU FUCKING WANKER". I immediately called them back and asked them what did they mean by this outrage, he told me "you made us drive up from Birmingham for nothing" it was then that i told him that I knew all the time that they were scammers and after an exchange of various swearing I told them to enjoy their drive back to Birmingham.

If anyone wants to ring them and do the same please note, if you with-hold your number when calling them they will immediately ask for your number so they can call you back, give them a mobile number only preferably pay as you go (which is what they use), they will ask if you are a trader or private buyer, better to say you are private as they know that traders are wise to these scams. Always tell them you are in a town very far from Birmingham and agree to meet half way that way they have to waste half a day in travelling. Make various offers eg offer 5000 in cash and part exchange of the car you will bring, 3000 cash and the rest in a bank draft etc.. etc..
His telephone number is 07804 888491

Homer I tell you so many time I dont know about if we have good donuts shop in Nigeria I will try to investigate for this but pleas try remember that now transaction is important thing not donut

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2007 10:56 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hey Homer, how are ya? Could you edit your link since it causes forum blow-out? It will be an easier read if it fits my screen. To shorten URL links use this code without the spaces:
[ URL = putyoursuperlonglinkyhere ] new title [ / URL ]

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2007 11:19 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Laughing Nice one Homer!! I love it when they have to travel....and the waiting ..Ohh I do hope it was a rainey & windy day Twisted Evil

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2007 11:21 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hahaha, nice work Homer! Nice to know the scammers closer to home aren't being ignored. Although if you do it in future, perhaps you shouldn't burn them, possibly leaving them open to further baiting? Laughing

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