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This forum is for completed baits only!

If you would like comments and feedback regarding ongoing baits, please post them in Scambaiting Help, Hints & Tips instead.


Please do not leet names and ordinary words (including, for example, Western Union). When leeting "baiters' secrets" you will only need to change one letter in one of the words, for example Security $hield. Keep it as easy-as-possible to read!

It is preferable to include your Lad's email address and the name he uses, so that it can be googled by victims or potential victims. But if you prefer, you can omit his email address, and, if his name is distinctive, change his character's name to a more common one - like John or Ruth. Likewise, if your baiting character has a distinctive name and you don't want to risk it being googled, then change it to Sarah or Peter or similar.

If the humour of your bait depends upon the funny name of your character but you want to hide your spelling of that name, then, again, instead of leeting it, change it slightly, making Ivor Stiffwun into Ivor Stiffwon or Ivor Hardwun.

Copying your emails into a text document and then selecting Edit...Replace will make this a much less tedious task!


There is no fixed style of presentation that you are required to use. Aim for readability!

Here are some examples:

With quote boxes and commentary

With quote boxes, colours, and commentary

Plain, with colours

Plain, and partly created by voice recognition software

With a link to the published bait

There is a useful Email Parser download here, providing an easy way to add coloured text, bold, italics, and underlining, as well as arranging the emails in a clear and readable way.

Or, if you prefer to add your tags yourself, the following may be helpful:

[b]This text is bold[/b]

This text is bold

[i]This text is italic[/i]

This text is italic

[u]This text is underlined[/u]

This text is underlined

[quote]This text is in a quote box[/quote]

This text is in a quote box

[color=blue]This text is blue[/color]

This text is blue

[color=darkred]This text is dark red[/color]

This text is dark red

[color=indigo]This text is indigo[/color]

This text is indigo

[color=blue][u][i]You can, of course, combine them[/u][/i][/color]

You can, of course, combine them


Please make sure that your images are no more than 600 pixels wide if you are posting them on this forum. You will need to host them first at ImageShack or Upload Eater or Photobucket.

To post them here:

[img]Your link here[/img]


Or you can add a link (also suitable for images over 600 pixels wide):

[url=]At the bar[/url]

At the bar

Purple Flower Mc Fry Sand Timer x13

It is your first time to use western union so therefore none can blame you. It is always like this at the first experience. - Yes lad, and at the second, and the third... you'll see.
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